Mindset is Everything

With it being the start of a new year, I’ve started researching more thoroughly what it takes to “hustle”. I know, you can laugh. To some this might seem like a taboo subject, but stay with me and see if you really know what you think you know. I’ll state the disclaimer that I’m not speaking to everyone. Your “hustle” or your “grind” is probably completely different than mine, but I want to connect with you on the next level. The level where it doesn’t matter what it is you’re working towards, but how you are mentally approaching the challenges. This has become a key concept for me to grasp, understand, or even control. I’m extremely guilty of viewing my own personal obstacles as debilitating events in my life, becoming negative and feeling beaten by them. That is the very feeling I want to bash into the ground to show you how we CAN control our circumstances. It starts with the mindset.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but every day we wake up, our mind is thinking a way that we’ve accustomed it to. It is “who we are”, right?  That is because over time we have habitually created our own thought processes, whether good or bad. Thought processes can be influenced by many, many external things. Things like, who you hang out with, your job at the time, your boss, your parents, who you’re living with, what your room looks like, what type of car you drive, food you eat, alcohol you drink, or the music you listen to – I could go on and on. Those are only a few of our external surroundings that affect how we think about stuff. What I’m finding after listening to countless podcast episodes, reading books, talking to more experienced professionals – there is a much higher wavelength of thinking. If used to your advantage, it can be of great use to how you achieve the wants and desires you dream of in life. Learn to take control of that, your mindset, and suddenly good things start to happen.

I don’t mean this as a fool proof life hack of like, “hey, start thinking differently and your life will magically get better!”

No. Nothing works that way.

What works?


What comes with practice?

Forming habits.

Forming the familiarity with a new workout move or new software system at work, or a new mindset – with practice it can become easier and feel more natural. We must practice the mental workout. A workout of our thoughts, energies, feelings, and emotions – all of that. Changing the mindset from one state of thinking to the next takes practice. The more you work on it, the better it can get. This also takes the self-awareness concept to a whole new level. To change the way that you are viewing an obstacle as a threat versus an opportunity, becomes something you can control. A burden versus a good deed. An annoying customer versus a person in need. An embarrassing moment versus a chance for growth. These are sorts of situations when exercising the ability to alter our mindset, can we learn and understand how valuable this skill is to the advancement of our self.

I won’t say I’m the case study to prove this, but if you start paying attention to what these successful people are saying, this is a common trend among all of them. It’s because I feel we underestimate the power our mind has on the outcome of our actions. If we lose our self-awareness, or start to move through the motions on auto-pilot, eventually our actions lose intention. What we choose to do could be doing nothing to help our future self. Even worse, we could lose sight so much of what we are working towards that we fall behind and are hindering ourselves by not being aware of our perspective on our day-to-day actions.

Mindset is everything. By understanding this, you can start to work on two things at once: self-awareness and your mindset. I say both, because I think these two are very much dependent on each other. If you are not self-aware, then you cannot begin to analyze your train of thought, decision-making, and other pillars that make up your mindset. It’s a win-win if you choose to practice working on those because both are very difficult mental workouts. Becoming self-aware can be uncomfortable. You might have to confess to yourself and accept that you are making actions and thinking a certain way that is hindering your potential. You might come to realize your friends are really dragging you down, or your job, or your relationship. It can be a hard workout. But that’s the first step to making a change is becoming AWARE what needs to change.

Strengthening your self-awareness can help the workout of altering your mindset become easier. Throughout working on getting to know better what needs to change, then you know how to alter your mindset to start making those changes. Say you realize your job is really dragging you down or not enough pay, maybe there’s no room for growth in your position – now you are aware of this and you choose to look into other jobs available with better pay, or talk to your manager about your concerns with your job – RATHER than, complaining every day that you don’t make enough money or work for 3 more years in a role that plateaus your career when you could have been learning something new and advancing roles in another job maybe simply by asking your manager what growth opportunities there are for you. But, you had to make the decision, the mindset change, to realize that yes – you are ready to make a change in your daily habits, in your mindset, to get you a better paying job.

Let’s work through one more example. It’s the new year, there’s always a popular resolution about losing weight or gaining muscle. Working out has been the best metaphor I can relate to when thinking about a mindset change. Say your goal is to get six-pack abs. Sexy right? The end result will be totally worth all the work you have to put in to get those six-pack abs, right? YES. Ok, so are you ready for your 3 month makeover? Are you ready to fit gym into your schedule at least 4 days a week? Are you ready to ditch the take-out and cook for yourself at home? The lifestyle changes required for six-pack abs at minimum require 1hr gym sessions at least 4 days a week, clean-eating, and consistent effort to that 3 month long gym schedule. It’s a TOTAL lifestyle change. But that constant MENTAL effort to get to the gym, work through those painful workout sessions, fight the mind who says it’s so easy just to go get Taco Bell on my way home from work, but you have to say no. It’s a work in progress and consistent MENTAL workout you must practice to beat the temptations that will steer you away from your six-pack ab goal.

If you want six-packs abs, you WILL practice the mental workout and literally complete the physical workout. If you want more money in that bank account, you WILL practice the mental workout to strengthen your mindset to make day-to-day decisions that will help it grow. If you don’t want it that bad, don’t be surprised 3 months from now when you don’t have six pack abs. If you don’t want a lifestyle change that bad, don’t be surprised next year if your still broke AF.

I can’t resonate with enough the comparison of working on your body is so similar to working on your mind. You want to see change? YOU have to be the change. YOU have to put in the effort. YOU have to make the personal decision that you are going to learn what you need to do in order to exceed the status quo. You got to care enough about yourself and about your future to acknowledge that the time spent today, this week, this month can be spent working on improving your self so that in time, you will start to see results for the better.

To wrap this up and connect back to the beginning – what it takes to “hustle” is not some salesperson slogan to making racks that day on a big sale. It’s underestimated in its meaning by how much work it actually takes to embody the sense of “hustling” for yourself. To hustle is to have the courage, the confidence, and self belief to put your mind to something and work through the obstacles and push through the challenges until you find the opportunity you’ve been looking for. To consistently work on yourself, improve, learn, fail and try again. You got to have the mindset to know this is the journey you are embarking on, keeping the eye on the prize, knowing you’ll have resistance along the way, believing in yourself wholeheartedly that you deserve the fucking best for yourself and you’ll do everything you can to ensure that you push your limits beyond any boundary you think is there. There are no boundaries. You CAN control your circumstances. You CAN change. You just got to want it.


A Peek into Arcosanti

There has been more conversation lately about sustainable living. Among ideas of sustainable energy and being environmentally friendly, there is a lifestyle change that we all need to consider to make this happen. Climate change is right in front our face. Whether it is human caused or the course of an Earth cycle, in my opinion it is hard to ignore. Less than usual rain causing humungous wild fires and destruction, increasingly powerful tropical storms and hurricanes unlike anything we’ve seen, and more animal species threatened for extinction than we’ve ever recorded in history due to ecosystems degrading their ability to support life. The top of the food chain is humans – that’s the undeniable fact. In case it’s been awhile since you’ve been in a science class, if the bottom of the food chain is in trouble and diminishing, the top of the food chain might not feel the effect just yet, but it soon will. Either the top of the food chain dies off too, or has to adapt to another lifestyle in order to counteract that it’s current lifestyle is no longer sustainable. This appears to be the state of the Earth – right now.

Arcosanti Vaults Meeting Room Entrance

The incredible thing that we’ve underrated, is that WE have the power to make a difference. Humans are the most capable species on this Earth and we are abusing the privilege of living on a self-sustaining planet. We are exploiting our resources, polluting what is left of them, and ignoring the health and stability of the very system that allows us to have the lifestyle we have. It is incredible to me when it appears leaders, governments, and people of influence in this world are not putting more focus into sustaining the place that we live. Let alone that when the conversation starts talking about sustainability, environmentalism, or communal social groups, that those leaders carry an uninterested undertone. Those are the topics that should be the headlines of our news – the state of the very planet that is letting all of us live at the level we’re at.

Arcosanti Amphitheater: Soleri’s Room

There was one man who decided to do something about it and turn his idea for a solution into something real – Arcosanti. It is a micro-city built by Architect, Paolo Soleri, to test his ideas of restructuring the urban sprawl of cities. This resonated with me as I have been continuously thinking of how to rescue our oceans. The idea came to me various times that the issue is not necessarily top-down – governments laws and restrictions or industrial negative influences – but that it is primarily bottom-up. The individual population has a huge influence in consumer habits, waste production, and contribution to the need for more space, more resources, more of everything to sustain. We may think that growth is enabling us or that bigger is better, when really we are on the path to inhibiting ourselves. Wasted time, resources, and creating more and more waste:

The problem I am confronting is the present design of cities only a few stories high, stretching outward in unwieldy sprawl for miles. As a result, they literally transform the earth, turn farms into parking lots, wasting enormous amounts of time and energy transporting people, goods, & services over their expanses. My solution is urban implosion rather than explosion. –Paolo Soleri, 1977

I went and took a visit for myself. There was something that I observed instantly. It’s something that I feared in that moment, I knew would be so difficult to overcome. It would be one of the most difficult ideas to influence. It may be the very hindrance that contributes to the leaders of the world uninterested undertone. It’s that this lifestyle – although resourceful, communal, and simplistic – is not glamorous. It is not Lamborghini’s and designer handbags. It is not Starbucks and pumpkin spice lattes. It is not a desired lifestyle for many. It almost hurt me a little after seeing this lifestyle, that although this is one way that a community has tried to counter the destruction of the Earth by becoming more resourceful and mindful of the way they use their energy, food and mind – I wouldn’t want to live that way. Thus, because I have the opinion of myself that I am not overly needy of a glam lifestyle, it may have been a little shocking to me that I didn’t think I could live in that society. If I couldn’t, then how the hell am I going to try and convince others to do so?

Community Dining Hall

First of all, this is only one example of a community trying sustainable living. Yes, the architecture is interesting, the message is positive, and the people are absolutely the sweetest and most genuine – but I find it hard for a lot of people in this world to accept the truths behind living sustainably. Smaller living quarters, no exuberant materials, no 5-star restaurants, no shopping malls or massive gyms. The lifestyle is drastically different than what the norm has become, and the norm has unfortunately become a standard from a non-sustainable model.

Arcosanti Living Room

This is when I have to have hope that the people can harness empathy for the Earth and it’s inhabitants – including ourselves. Like I said earlier, this is a bottom-up project. This is going to require us to consider our lifestyle, our use of resources, and our effect to this planet. I have to hope that selfishness will not be the trait that destroys us. Sustainability, environmentalism, and community are not topics to be ignored. They should actually be the forefront of our efforts, they should be admirable, and they are not something to be ashamed of.

Arcosanti Vaults

Even if your daily efforts are to refuse the plastic straw at a restaurant, take your reusable bags to the grocery store, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, or carpool around your city – there are small, individual actions we can take to move towards a global solution. The first step to making a change is awareness – something I hope I’ve shared in this post.


Check out their blog written by the lovely lady in the picture above and leave a comment:


How Are You?

Good morning, good evening, or whatever time of day it is – I thank you for clicking on this link. Read the whole thing if you like. I hope you do, but if not, that’s ok. Out of a burst of inspiration I’ve decided to write this blog post a little differently. I’m going to flow with what comes to mind and if this works out, this will be published and you’ll be reading the flow right now. There’s a lot of content out there, so let me try to make this time spent on my blog worth your time – because it’s precious.

We’re approaching the new year, usually a time for personal reflection and goal-setting. Don’t get scared away just yet, I don’t want to preach about goal-setting or how to decipher how this past year transpired. I want to get real with the girls out there, or boys too, and ask the question of: how ARE you? Right now, in this week, this day, this moment. How are you? Like personally, like how is your mind-set? How have you reacted to today’s events, how are you in your space? It sounds like such a simple question, I know, but take a second to think about it. I promise I’m going somewhere with this.

For example, I’ll ask myself. Amanda, how are you? Today, I am trying to find the best way to solve a people problem at work. I am working to learn how other people can work well together. I am trying to bust a 10 year negative culture in the workplace with only 2 years of experience. Why? Because I am hopeful that I can turn my company culture around. How am I? I am optimistic, I am hopeful, I am thirsty for change, for improvement, for discovery. How I am today is the combination of this past years events. So really, if you can ask yourself and be honest with yourself how you are, TODAY, that might be the only question you need to ask – you’ll probably get the most relevant answer.

Because our time is so precious, I think that’s why we need more attention to the now, to the in the moment, to the what is coming up. What has happened in the past is already done. It’s gone. It’s all in your head, literally. It’s our time now to look around the corner, over the edge, between the lines. Today and tomorrow and the next day are really what need our attention. We need to be more thoughtful of how we are spending our time. We need to put more intention into what we spend our time on. If we’re more thoughtful and care about what we are putting our effort towards, which takes time, then we’re bound to have a better end result.

So ladies, if there is not a feeling in your gut that you want to succeed at something, that’s cool. You do you boo. But I have this gut wrenching feeling to make something of this time that we have. This sacred, precious time. It can be overwhelming, sad, hard, confusing, even discouraging – but that’s why we need to choose HOW to approach it, react to it, risk it, play with it, or love it. It’s up to us. Cheers to the girls who have spent their time helping BecauseGirls along the way – in our photo shoots, in our videos, in our crazy clothes – we love you. I want to keep up the positivity, the growth, and the inspiration from all the girls who have passed our way and who are to come. This was the insight into #SlayTribe, something that is only just beginning.

Thanks for reading. If you have a little extra time, answer the question in the comments: How are you? I hope you thoughtfully hop into your next moment with intention, with optimism, inspiration, and confidence. We got this. #slaytribe


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Black Friday 2017: Best Amazon Deals

How does it sound to get your Christmas shopping done early?! Take advantage of Black Friday deals and relax for ALL of December instead of just your holiday. The best Black Friday deals can be hard to find with every store throwing coupon ads at your face. You can thank us over fine wine and hot turkey because you don’t have to carb-load for the big day – we’ve done all the research for you! Browse the top finds for 2017 Amazon Black Friday deals and save some money this holiday season. Better yet, all your shopping can done be online. You don’t even have to worry about stepping foot into a store! Oh, and Amazon offers gift wrapping – this might be your easiest holiday season yet!

Let’s get these deals out of the way first. You’ll see in all the other Black Friday articles already that Amazon is really pushing their smart home products. TBH, I didn’t know what they were! You don’t either? Don’t worry I got you covered. If you DO know about Amazon’s tech, maybe your decision to gift some just got a little easier. What I hope you do know is Apple’s Siri function. Amazon pretty much copied Apple and created their own interactive character: Alexa. Just like Siri, you ask Alexa basic questions or say commands and the device performs the request without you having to press any buttons. Most of the time it works. I’m sure if you’ve experienced Siri before, you know what I mean. Amazon claims that Alexa, who “lives” within the Echo product line, learns over time your common questions or commands and will begin to better respond to your voice and how you say things. Pretty cool right? There are 5 different Echo products that all house Alexa (going from cheapest to most expensive): Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. Click here to find their comparison chart how each model out does the other, about half way down the page. Their biggest deal thus far is to start you off easy with the Echo Dot at approximately a 40% price break – that’s pretty good! You can get to know Alexa, tell her what music to play, tell her to order you a pizza, an Uber, or even turn your lights off for you if you have the nifty light bulbs. Echo Dot is also available in a whole bunch of colors to match any personality.

Aside from Amazon offering killer deals on their own products, Black Friday is usually known for being tech-savy with lots of deals on electronics like TVs and computers. However, let’s not be boring and check out some of their photography deals. Yes, real, hand-held photographs are back! For the creative people in your life, this is the coolest vintage camera turned not-so vintage at about 15% off. Meet the Fujifilm Instax Minis. The cute camera has quite a few features like auto-exposure so your pics aren’t too bright or too dark, LED flash, a macro adaptor for close-ups, 5 different camera colors to choose from, and let’s not forget the most important one: a selfie mirror. Yes, you can still take selfies with this thang! Let’s do a throwback and sh shh shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture! (Cue in OutKast)

OK boys, here’s where you can pay attention for a hot minute. Have no idea what to get your mom? Or even any female you know for that matter – here is the best holiday on a budget gift that they are sure to love. These essential oil diffusers are everywhere! Why? They are easy to maintain, super pretty, calming, and can make any room smell like any scent they want! You’ll have to accompany this diffuser with some essential oils to choose from, but they only use a few drops for every use so the little bottles last forever! Give the gift of serenity and you can’t go wrong, especially at discounts up to 40% off. There are a whole bunch of different designs at about the same price tag, so browse Amazons related products to find the perfect one for mom – anyone who needs a chill pill!


Who likes gifts that are for fun? This one is fun AND delicious. For the chocolate-lovers and most importantly, brownie edge-lovers, someone out there loved brownie edges so much that they made a pan that makes all your brownies have edges! It’s non-stick, includes a nylon spatula and brownie recipes for approximately 10% off. Add some candy-canes and these brownies can be considered Christmas cookies – check that off your holiday to-do list!

Just when you thought it was your cheat day, we’re here to remind you it can’t last forever! Amazon plans to give big discounts on New Balance shoes, up to 60% discounts. Don’t scroll just yet – we know it’s not Nike, but have you tried New Balance before? They’re on the come up! From personal experience, I’ve had a pair of New Balance shoe for over a year and I still love them. Here I displayed a pink model (#becausegirls) but there are a TON of New Balance shoes for girls and guys. They do have a sizing guide using length of your foot in inches so it should be easy to pick the size that fits your foot! If they’re not the right size, Amazon should be able to provide free shipping on returns and exchange for a different size. Let’s kick that new year body into shape!


Black Friday on Amazon is supposed to be BIG discounts for 720p, 4K, and smart TVs. Amazon hasn’t released the specific brands that will go on sale (think Samsung or Sony status), but we’re talking up to 60% off  those TVs that choose to offer the discounted listing price on the big day! Keep up to date with Amazon deal alerts through your Amazon app on your phone. Under settings, visit your notifications tab, turn on the “Your Watched and Waitlisted Deals” and get pinged when a product you’ve chosen to watch goes down in price!

If you’re not the TV type, let’s not forget Amazons key to holding all the libraries in the palm of your hand: The Kindle. Maybe you’ve overlooked this item before, but take a second to realize that instead of having to buy a bookstand for all your books and carry those heavy things around, you can have a whole library stored in something as big as a tablet! I’ve personally reconsidered this item because my bookstand is getting full and my luggage is not worth being over weight because I carry books around! Help out the readers in this world and hook them up with the modern way of reading. Amazon has 4 options: Kindle up to 35% off, Kindle Paperwhite up to 25% off, Kindle Voyage, and Kindle Oasis. All feature the no-glare screen, but Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular and Kindle Oasis is waterproof! (P.S. Amazon is going to have sales on Kindle books too! Duh)

What’s better than reading a book, but reading a book with a cup of coffee? I might have to answer with wine but Amazon doesn’t sell wine, YET. I digress – this coffee maker brand will offer up to 20% savings. Now this isn’t just any old coffee maker, this is the way of the future. Why? This coffee maker produces ZERO waste. Aside from your coffee grounds, which are compostable, this offers a method to making coffee without the hassle of coffee filters or those overpriced K-cups. It’s also college dorm size or if your looking to make more space on the kitchen counter. Let’s get caffeinated!

We already talked about vintage photography, how about modern photography? Another killer deal category is mirrorless digital cameras. Photographers are always looking for the next new lens to put their work on the next level, or upgrade their camera too! This bundle offers both. Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless digital camera is being raved about by photographers as an affordable camera that gives professional quality. On Black Friday you can get the camera and two lenses for up to 40% off the bundle. It really doesn’t get any better than that for a superb camera that will not disappoint.

For our next item, you probably have seen these before: Himalayan Salt Lamps. Granted, there is no scientific proof to the claims that Himalayan salt literally cures what you think it might or provide any literal health benefits, BUT, they can definitely help if you want it to. Think yoga meditation, late night pillow talks, calming bubble baths, a night light – these add a nice earthy touch to whatever soothing aura you want to create. Amazon is offering a 7-11 lb. size at about 50% off! I decided to order one up myself to add to my stone and crystal collection – no judging allowed.


There are so many Amazon deals going on for Black Friday! This list should give you a good starting point and capture most if not all of the Amazon Black Friday deals they highlighted for the big day. Amazon is in the know of most of their items, but there are also third party companies selling on Amazon that could advertise their own deals that aren’t publicized so far ahead. Nevertheless, I put together this variety in hopes that there’s something on here that relates to you or whom you’re trying to gift to.

Black Friday does offer some great opportunities to save money – but let’s not forget why we share gifts to our family, friends, and loved ones. This holiday isn’t shared all across the world, but in America it’s when we make exceptions to slow down life and bring everyone together. It’s a time to be thankful for who we have, what we have, and where we are going. We have gratitude for those around us and in turn want to gift to those whom make a difference in our life. Let gifts be a selfless act. They shouldn’t carry weight on your shoulders or break your bank – have Black Friday help just a little bit!

Happy Holidays from BecauseGirls



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The Strapless Bra Everyone Talks About

BecauseGirls Invisible Collection: The Strapless Bra

Calling all women of all ages! This strapless bra is the next underrated must-have wardrobe item! Don’t interpret my persuasiveness for undermining women confidence. Interpret my confidence in our next product as a tip to the women who struggle with fashion-forward outfit envy! I’m talking about backless tops and dresses. I’m talking about strapless tops and dresses when our girls need just a little help! Yes, I am talking about our boobies.

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Whether you have some or not, this sticky bra can really come in handy. You might be asking yourself, “C’mon, is it really that sticky?” … YAS MAMI it is!!! As soon as you know how to stick it specific to your mamas, you’ll be reppin’ some serious #slaygirl secrets behind those to-die-for outfits.

I’ll be specific that this bra isn’t for everyday wear. Let me tell you, I don’t want something stuck to my tits all day every day! This bra is for your Saturday nights with the ladies, this is for your weddings this season, this is for that hot date that you’ve been thinking about an outfit since last week. This is your must-have fashion piece for those moments where you need a solution to flaunt your beautiful boobies.

Another plus to this no-brainer wardrobe fix is that these are so affordable! BecauseGirls is offering a two-pack for under $20! You thought your happy hour with the girls was a little steep? Slow down on the cocktails and give these sticky bras a shot! Our two-pack, including a tan bra and black bra, will last you much longer than a gin martini. Your girls will thank you (wink wink)

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BecauseGirls Invisible Collection: The Strapless Bra




Rose Gold Gifts Galore

It’s official – holiday season is here and we’ve done the research for you to find the cutest rose gold gifts for your mom, cousin, sister, daughter-in-law and any female in the family. We love the trend even more because rose gold can sometimes be classified as pink, too! Get ready to add chic and class into their repertoire!

You can’t go wrong by adding style to how they stay on time. Accented Rose Gold-Tone Bangle Watch and Bracelets are the perfect pieces to level-up their Sunday brunch! They’ll also work well during the week to brighten up those AM meetings.

What’s even better than being on time? Having nice hot coffee right by their side. The Corkcicle Tumbler, Gloss Rose Quartz keeps beverages hot or cold. You can let them know Starbucks gives a discount on coffee if they use a reusable cup!



Did note-taking just become my best friend? Rose Gold Diamond Pens can give class a little sass, or provide a motivational vision to encourage putting those ideas to work! Sophisticated can still be sparkly, don’t you think!

These ideas are flowing nicely – partner them up with the Goal-Setter Pink Gold Notebook to house all their money-making ideas for the million-dollar questions. Planning in style is good luck for helping make those success dreams come true!

Watch how sly I am by sneaking in this necessary Wine Decanter. Only does the wine really turn it pink! That might be a reach, but let me promise you, this is the easiest kitchen item to have to come across as fancy. Cheers to that.


What makes a girls wine night even better? Being able to wear their chic, Faux Fur Fluffy Pink Sliders! These are extra special because they can still show off their new pedicure. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we don’t still go to the salon.



Here you go sister! You didn’t think an Apple Watch could be classy? Think again! With this Apple Watch Band, it couldn’t be classier. Rose gold and zirconia stone weave make it comfortable and oh-so cute for any occasion.


Never forget the saying, “Look good, Feel good” – just like how every girl should feel good working out. Give your female a boost in her gym wardrobe and add style with rose gold Wireless Headphones. Not a gym-goer? These have a built-in mic for women on-the-go.

Calling all beauty queens and wanna-be mermaids – Rose Gold Mermaid Brushes are the essential accent to a make-up vanity. Believe it or not, I have these brushes myself and they’re soft, easy to clean, and SUPER cute!


OK, so these are not rose gold. They were just too good to not add to this collection. The Gold Crystal Candle Holders illuminate the candlelight and makes any room just a bit more elegant. They’re the perfect touch of class.


Make your cousin a princess for the day or switch up your sisters “matte faux taupe latte macchiato” basic betch shade with a rose gold Sparkle Nail PolishThis is serious glitter polish guaranteed to sparkle up any gloomy winter day.

Even boss babes still need to sleep! Remind your too-busy family female to take a chill pill and relax with some hot tea in her Pink Eyelashes Coffee Mug. Yes, it can still hold coffee – but these cute eyelashes make a nap sound pretty good!


Help her decorate with modern, geometric rose gold Hanging Succulent Pots. The succulents don’t come with the holders, so you can choose any plant to put in there. However, succulents are a hot trend right now and they’re supposed to be easy to keep alive!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – Rose Gold Silverware. Dinner never tasted SO good before introducing rose gold silverware! Their kitchen will start to be even classier than yours!

To wrap up this rose gold gift list, pun intended, spice up her interior decor with the Luxury Black Marble Clock. Of course with rose gold accents, a clock is a timeless piece for adding luxury style to their home or office.


Remember that gift giving isn’t always about a holiday or having to make a good impression – gift giving is supposed to show your love and care for one another and the gratitude we have for what we do for each other out of love. During this holiday season, I hope you spend time with those you love and share kindness with everyone who comes your way. It’s the least we can do.

Xoxo – Slay Girl





Life Lessons from the Ocean

You might think life lessons from the ocean are a surfer’s excuse to the beach-bum lifestyle, when really the ocean could be wiser than you think. A body of water that is as old as time has made many impressions on human life. Get deep in this wave and see if you can feel the motion of the ocean. These 10 life lessons could be your next excuse to take that beach vacay get-away and learn how to surf:

  1. Be the Observer – To catch the big waves you need to get past the break, you watch for patterns in the waves and look for opportunities of the right time to go to conserve your energy rather than struggle in the break. This relates to life by how it’s important to listen and watch rather than act so your energy isn’t wasted on petty waves in your way. Using observance and introspection to analyze the situation can help make beneficial changes.
  2. It’s Tough Getting Started – Learning anything new takes time, effort, and some real will-power to get comfortable with the new skill. Waking up early to catch the good waves, forcing on a soaking wetsuit, and getting pummeled by some waves as your alarm clock isn’t always the ideal morning time ritual. Apply the struggle to learning other new things, don’t let those obstacles stand in your way to your goal. You’ll miss the best rides if you stay on the beach.
  3. Let Go of Control & Go With the Flow – The ocean rules the ocean and you can’t do anything about it. By accepting the flow and letting go the idea that you can control everything will help you apply this to other areas of your life. Sometimes the energy it takes to try and control an outcome is not worth the effort. Just float. 
  4. Reserve Your Energy & Wait for the Right Wave – Waves can be deceiving just like a lot of opportunities. Sometimes it looks like the perfect wave and you mad-hustle only for the wave to roll beneath and pass you by. If you try and catch every wave – that’s called burn out. Have patience and wait for the wave that feels good to you.
  5. You Have to Lean Over the Edge – When you catch a wave, you have to lean over the top edge of the wave. The wave won’t do all the work for you, you have to work the wave. The same goes for your ambition towards your goals. You can’t expect someone else to do the work for you, otherwise you’ll just be waiting out in that ocean.
  6. Get Back Up When You Fall – This is so true and applies in so many ways. You will fall…a lot. Don’t get down on yourself when this happens and expect it to happen. Then, you can learn from those falls and work to make a change in order to try and fix it.
  7. You Can’t Always Play it Safe – There are risks playing with the ocean. Just like everyday is a risk, trying new things are a risk, and getting out of our comfort zone can feel like a risk. You must take risks in order to reach higher rewards. Don’t be afraid to go for your dreams or an opportunity that seems scary. Normally those are what turn out the best. 
  8. There Are Sharks Out There – There are sharks in the ocean just like there are wolves on Wall Street. You’re probably safer in the ocean at this point. As long as you’re aware of your surroundings, you can’t let sharks stop you from pursuing your dream.
  9. Ground Yourself and Just Hold On – Sometimes you do get caught up in a wave and have no choice but grip as hard as you can into the ocean floor and let the wave crash over you. Hold on tight when things get rough and they will soon pass.
  10. Fully Commit to the Wave – You won’t catch the wave if you don’t decide to fully commit to the wave. If you don’t commit your heart, body, mind and soul into chasing your dreams, then you’ll never get a chance to catch them.


XOXO – Slay Girl



P.S. – This was an excerpt from


What I’ve Learned Two Years Out of College

Are you still in college? Keep reading. Did you not go to college and thinking about it? Still keep reading…

There is a huge misconception within modern society that not enough people are talking about: the modern education path is outdated.

Let me set some creditability real quick – I’m a Chemical Engineering graduate from an ABET accredited university (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) and just past my two years with my employer in the semiconductor industry. I’ve done my fair share of following modern educational paths to reach the “promised” destination: a job.

There might be some miscommunication by universities that if you follow their educational path that you’ll find happiness and wealth, when really, a job is a job and you could actually just be hardly getting by making it paycheck to paycheck. A mediocre job doesn’t promise you the lifestyle you might imagine. But unfortunately, most college degrees will put you into the mediocre genre.

All that studying, or not studying, will spit you out into a competitive and relentless world. Wake up, honey. You think you can get away with cheating off your partner in class and taking easy classes to get easy credits – you’ll really start to feel the reality of that out of college – it’s called a paycheck. Those big corporations won’t have time for the cheaters or the slackers.

So what’s a mediocre girl to do? First off – you’re not mediocre. You’re actually the most amazing female that has ever walked this Earth. Second, you better get to know yourself and what you’re willing to work for. That’s really the secret right there. In college, they preach to us that these classes are what you need to get a degree and that is what will bring you happiness. I’m calling that BS. A degree is a helping hand into a job. That job, whether it is well paying or not, is not your path to happiness – it’s the path to working for someone else. However, if you’re willing to not go the safe route or willing to go for a degree that isn’t the promised fat paycheck, you are bound to love more of what you do and thus gain more satisfaction with what or who you’re working for.

For example: If you are working towards a degree and you hate your classes, you better get use to it because those are your career options. Unless you are a mastermind at manipulating your resume to essentially fake your skills, you’re stuck with your degree hun. Now, if you love your classes, go you bae, you’re well on your way to being excited about your career after college. If you’re like me however, and are promised by choosing a particular degree that you’re promised a higher pay-out, be warned that you’ll have to learn to love it.

Disclaimer: Yes, you can work your way to change your career towards other avenues… but damn is it hard and damn is it long. You thought college was long? Guess what, people spend YEARS at companies until they get that big raise or get a big level change. Although I’ve been lucky enough to be placed in a company just at the right time to expedite my role a little faster than most, it took more than just 40 hours a week.

If you’re in college, don’t waste your time in bullshit courses. Take classes that actually interest you. Go for a degree that actually interests you. Don’t listen to your mom, your dad, your aunt – listen to yourself. Don’t waste your college tuition on courses that you hate. As long as that end goal is truly what you want, it’s easier to change within the modern education system rather than out of it.

If you’re a drop-out or never went to college, like I said above, a degree is a helping hand. But that doesn’t mean you are totally prohibited from being successful. The same values stand true. Figure out what you want to work for. Money will come later.

No matter your circumstance, your work ethic will rise above anyone who has less. Always strive for more and always strive for being a better you. In the end, there’s only one way to go: UP

Share your success story in the comments whether it be your experience after college or nothing to do with college, how the modern education “path” may have suited you or not, and how you’re making it in the real world. 

Much Love,

XOXO – Slay Girl



Be Addicted to Motivational People

Motivational people are easy to find these days: social media, podcasts, audio books, YouTube, and almost anywhere on the internet. Motivational speeches, discussions, visuals, and content of that nature can have some powerful meanings behind them if you let them.

Recently on my drive out to San Diego, I came across an interview on SoundCloud of Gary Vaynerchuk and Cy Wakeman. It’s about an hour long and I had some time to kill. I was so surprised how much I loved this interview. When I was just looking for some inspiration while driving through the desert wastelands, I came across a conversation between two very intuitive and motivational individuals. I’d highly suggest you take a listen for yourself, but I’ll share with you the highlights I noted during their conversation of leadership and reducing drama in the workplace:

the 5 aspects of being an effective leader

  • Adversity

You gotta have some thick skin, girl. Lessons will eventually teach you that having resilience in the face of adversity will be one of your more advantageous strengths. One step to gaining that resilience is knowing your own truth, and that is learning how to block out all the voices of the haters. You get decide whether you deserve your own circumstance. Drama is wasted mindful energy. Focus on results because what gets you success is usually what makes you happy.

  • Accountability

Different people could have a different idea of “what” to be accountable to, whether that be their boss, their mom, their own self; but what you must actually be accountable to is the truth. When people aren’t accountable to the truth, this is where their ego steps in. Ego is different than confidence. Ego is the filter that distorts reality and what creates judgement. Ego is the “creator” of all stories. You could be walking down the hall way and don’t smile at Jill, and she all of a sudden thinks you didn’t smile at her because she didn’t come to your employee lunch and thinks your mad. When really, you didn’t smile because you were on the phone with Joe closing a deal. Ego is different than confidence, where confidence is the “writer” of all stories. Confidence is positive when used correctly.

  • Trutality

I think trutality is a made up word, however, this ties into knowing the truth. You gain leverage as a leader by the historical correctiveness of your actions. This eliminates the situation of someone else using your actions against you. Doing the right thing is doing the right thing, and no one can dispute that. As a leader, you manage the energy of mindsets, not people. Create that leverage for your own interest. If you can practice trutality, you then are being accountable to the truth, and happiness is linked to accountability.

  • Self-Reflection

This is what I do when listening to motivational people. Once you get insight to new ideas or an opportunity to listen to examples of better ways of thinking, acting, working, spending time – then you can look inside yourself and see where you can make improvements. Leader’s have to work at a higher level of thought processes in order to help guide those under them.

  • Self-Awareness

This is the last trait in the conversation, which is sometimes the most difficult. Sometimes we have a hard time being honest with ourself to understand why we are not meeting our goals – like making excuses not to go to the gym, not speaking up in meetings with your boss, going out with friends and then get upset when you have a hangover in the morning – we might have an easy time deciding our flaws, but we’re never honest enough with ourselves to fix them. For example, venting is the “out” of self-reflection. It’s ego’s way of avoiding self-reflection and self-awareness. Self-reflection is how you reach self-awareness. Who would you be without your story? Without your drama story, who would you be? It’s definitely not something you decide overnight, but you can work to think in a reflective way to learn your habits, values, and become aware of how you are or are not using those to grow your own self.

The world is abundant. We have more information at our fingertips than ANY other generation. Become addicted to motivational people and learn your way to success. Hopefully I’ve provided a little step for you during your personal growth to truly believing you can be what you want to be.

XOXO – Slay Girl





Who Said Dumb Was Cute?

Being dumb isn’t cute. From someone who has spent countless hours with her head in books, hear this: believe it or not, your blog author here is an Engineer Lead in the semiconductor industry. That’s right – science nerd, study freak, lots of long nights in the library on the bottom floor – you name it. However, if you were to meet me for the first time, I bet that you’d never guess. Why? The personas and stereotypes of women in this field are so overrated. I have a hard time understanding why some people view engineering as this unfamiliar, mysterious way of life. Sure, school and classes are tough, but that’s why we are built to learn. You don’t have to be socially awkward to be able to understand science and math, nor to even just have the curiosity to learn something new.

What I’m trying to say is: you can still be beautiful, love makeup, love shopping, going out with the girls, workout, be all around sexy, and still have brains. Knowledge is not only useful, but it is powerful. You are growing by strides when you advance your knowledge. You are challenging yourself and your potential when you put yourself to the test of learning something new. What happens when you come out the other side? Experiences have been made, new ideas can come to fruition, and you are somewhere new that you haven’t been before.

Then what? You’ve already beaten one challenge, so what next? I will never forget the feeling when I graduated college. After 5 years (yes, it took five) I had finally passed all my classes to be deemed a Chemical Engineer. The weight off my shoulders was literally something I had never felt before. I had achieved something that I bled, sweat, and cried for (literally). I had grown beyond what people thought I couldn’t do and proved all of them wrong. If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you find something you want to achieve and do it. Beat it. Get to where you want to be. No matter how long it takes, as long as you work hard, stay consistent, and keep the vision – you WILL get there.

That may have been one of the greatest lessons from that experience. I want you to really examine yourself: think of your morals, gut-feelings, what makes you happy, how do you feel about where you’re exerting the most energy in your life, what is helping you grow (even if you might not like it), are you asking for help, maybe reach out to a close friend and hear yourself talk about your goals.

Light your fire and let it burn

We all have energy inside of us to get what we want. Find it and run with it, girl. I want you to feel that feeling, and I myself will keep moving towards reaching that feeling again too. Our time is so short, but our potential is SO huge.

XOXO – Amanda

Slay Girl