When Is It Time To Disconnect?

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog. These last few months have been interesting for me. After relentlessly working on this brand for the first half of the year, I hit a road block. It wasn’t necessarily because I ran out of steam or got burn out. It just seemed that I suddenly didn’t feel connected to the “why” I was doing what I was doing. Instead of being excited to create new topics and share my work, it started feeling forced. For any artist or creator, you might relate to this feeling of discouragement when your ideas feel forced instead of having a natural flow.

This ambition of wanting to create value and impact began to become a chore. Why am I doing this? Is this worth my time, my effort, my energy? Is anyone actually gaining anything from my insight? Do I even have the creditability to share my thoughts, let alone feel confident when someones reads them? The answers to my questions were shifting from yes’s… to no’s. I’m not looking for validation from anyone to keep going, rather just sharing this time in my life and why I chose to disconnect. Disconnect to reconnect.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out where I want to spend my energy. While I was holding myself to strong obligations of trying to write one blog every week to just keep pushing out content, it’s very time consuming and mentally draining. Why should I put out bullshit blog posts just to build a portfolio, while at the same time reducing the confidence in myself that I’m not bringing consistent value to my potential readers? Perhaps I’m too hard on myself, but that’s when I knew I had to take a step back.

When I started trying to observe what was worth my attention, I surprised myself of the things I unintentionally forgot about. Like, I didn’t even realize I had forgotten to post on the @becausegirls_ Instagram for an entire month. Who does that? Can you imagine forgetting for a whole month that you hadn’t posted to Instagram? Maybe if you’re not trying to be on social media, sure. But I had been really trying improve our following. I couldn’t believe I had totally shifted my attention elsewhere and literally forgot about the account.

Coming to the realization I had been that disconnected, and became so disconnected so easily – I knew with my heart and soul that it wasn’t worth my energy. I wasn’t soulfully invested to the success of the brand. And that realization really fuckin’ sucked. Now what? I tried to embody the brand, grow the brand, invest in the brand – and all of a sudden I try to shift focus and completely forget all the progress that I made, if any? It really makes you question your intention. That can be a scary thing.

What I chose to shift to my attention to was, myself. When I realized BecauseGirls wasn’t apart of my own focus, I knew I couldn’t progress the brand – at least not alone. BecauseGirls has had quite the journey. Starting out as a basic t-shirt brand, to turning into basic girl graphic tees with a subpar blog written by me, with a declining social media presence – the feeling of failure sets in. Because all of a sudden you realize it’s a one-woman show and no one else notices that the content flow stopped.

It’s in those moments you realize no one else is cheering you on. No one else is pushing you to succeed. No one else cares whether there’s a new blog post, a new social media post, or a new product being released. You are your own cheerleader. If there’s not a fire in your own heart to keep going, no one is going to throw more wood on your fire to help it burn. This was only one of the lessons I learned while taking a break from trying to grow a brand. You must carry your own discipline, your own motivation, and your own intention in what you are doing. If it’s not there, go back to the drawing board – disconnect to reconnect.

We’re in a time where being selfish shouldn’t be a negative thing. It is necessary. Being selfish isn’t the fact that you don’t care about others. It can be the act of having the intention and thoughtfulness to reconnect with your internal fire. If in those moments of selfishness, you can refocus your energy to help get back on track of how to serve yourself healthy and pure reasons of your actions. You can learn how to help serve others better. Or in my case, better serve myself. Like the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

When you’re focusing on something you’re not truly connected to, it drains your energy even faster. It becomes an internal battle of knowing you’re not serving yourself. It becomes an internal battle of holding back your true potential. Gut instincts and intuition are feelings that no one else understands but you. But those feelings are so pure that you know when you’re going against them. It’s completely draining. I’ve come to try and learn these signals to be able to differentiate between burn out, or that what I’m spending my energy on truly isn’t serving my purpose.

In these times, is the chance for growth. It’s the chance to start to learn more about yourself, what you desire, what you want, love, and need more of in your life. Being restless or dissatisfied with the current circumstances isn’t a bad thing. It’s the signal that things need to change – to listen to your intuition, listen your soul’s little voice saying hey, wake up and get after what you really want. Or it’s saying hey, don’t waste your energy on something that isn’t serving you, deeply. Disconnect to reconnect. Everything will still be there when you’re ready for it. At least that’s what I believe.

When you begin to have that level of respect for yourself, to really connect with your internal fire, your souls intuition, and the care you need to have for your own energy – it is then, when you can truly start to shine from the inside out. It is then, when things stop feeling so forced and fake. Protect your energy, enforce your own accountability to yourself, and don’t be ashamed to put yourself first.


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Summer Solstice Soul Searching

The Summer Solstice is totally underrated. We woke up today to the longest day of the year. It is the day when the Sun shines on the Earth the longest. It marks the journey of the Earth’s orbit around the sun; the changing of our seasons. Even though we consider June, July, and August core summer months, June 21st is when daylight begins to shorten again as we head into winter. Let me give you a little background and then we’ll get into why today is a great day to practice some soul searching.

I’ve always been interested in the Summer Solstice. Being that summer is probably my favorite season, I love enjoying long nights outside in the warm summer air. With the Earth’s position in front of the Sun allowing the most daylight to shine on us, it gives me a tingly feeling inside appreciating this beautiful summer day. After deciding to do some research, I’ve found more cultures actually have great celebrations to honor this day of the year. America’s traditions can seem so shallow after reading all of these wonderful ways other cultures praise the Sun and Earth on the Summer Solstice.

On the Summer Solstice, the sun is at its peak. Earth is as close as it possibly can be to the Sun. In ancient Nordic traditions – think Sweden, Norway, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and the like – they have a name for summer and the time to celebrate it’s warmth: Litha. Their ways of embracing Litha was to spend time outside, allowing the Sun to warm their bodies as they relax outdoors. Their day spent being grateful for the Sun is because the solstice marks this day that darkness will soon return. We are on an everlasting cycle of light and dark. The Summer Solstice is a time of celebrating the union of male and female deities, the Sun and the Earth gods. Celebrations around the globe are full of happiness, love, and lust. To me, that is just purely what summer is all about. It is a time to celebrate life and to celebrate love.

Today is a great day for some soul searching. Why you ask? The Summer Solstice is the point at which the life-giving Sun is at its strongest over the power of the darkness. This is the perfect time to bring light and hope into your life to get support for your toughest problems. As the Nordic traditions do, we can use this time of year to heighten our connection to the Sun and bring our awareness to the beauty and bounty of the Earth, and within us. We can use this time to look within ourselves and access our true abundance. By embracing Litha and letting ourselves time outside to relax in the warmth of the Sun, we can work to rekindle our internal fire and manifest our dreams. Here are a couple traditional Summer Solstice soul searching activities to help you embrace Litha, celebrate your life, and give a little love:

  1. Light Your Internal Fire: Decorate your room or house with candles and let those babies burn. But this time, think about your intention lighting those candles, like you are igniting the light within you and your surroundings
    • What do you need to release in order to manifest more?
    • What is lighting your fire?
    • How do you need to care for your fire in order to let it keep burning?
  2. Heighten Your Awareness of Beauty: Create something with flowers, or anything from nature. Get creative with this one. Make a piece of art with things you find in nature like flower mandalas and crystal grids. Be accepting that perfect does not exist, there is beauty in imperfection
    • What is causing you low self-esteem?
    • Where can you see beauty within your life?
    • What can you be thankful for?
  3. Soak in the Sun’s Abundance: This is a super easy way to take time to focus and look within yourself to tend your confidence and personal abundance. Find a comfy spot outside in the sun to lay down and take some time to let the Sun’s rays seep into your skin, embedding light’s love and healing energy – recharging your body and mind
    • What areas of your body are tired? Your heart? Your head?
    • Why are you doubting yourself?
    • What do you need to grow your confidence?
    • What is holding you back?
    • What support do you need?

Use Litha, the warmth of summer, to comfort your soul on your quest to your greatest desires. Be grateful and mindful of Mother Nature, make sure to spend time with her this summer. Let the light of the Sun bring you comfort and grace. Show the Sun your true self, and grow your confidence in your true abundance. Relax and enjoy this gracious day of summer. You deserve it.

Summer Solstice Prayer –

The Sun god reaches the height of his power,

As all of the plants are now in flower,

The longest day brings us strength and vigour,

As we pursue our aims and goals with rigour.

Love is fulfilled in the warmest of days,

Blessed by the fertilizing Sun god’s rays,

Summer fruits ripen and fill us with pleasure,

In carefree moments we will always treasure.

All of nature is filled with sweet bliss,

Fruitfulness blesses each honey-soaked kiss.

Now is the time of abundance and light,

We rejoice in days so happy and bright,

Knowing that we grow in wisdom and might.


In-Line Text Photo by Tiraya Adam on Unsplash | Cover Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Your Destress To-Do List

What’s causing you stress? What are those things that are making the mind boil and thoughts run wild? We need to figure out what those are first before we can figure out how to destress. Being stressed gets to be too much. It can be exhausting. Stress is also known to cause health problems! If we can figure out how to eliminate stress in our day-to-day, not only will we be happier but we will also benefit in all aspects of our life. We can be more productive, think more clearly, our body will function normally, and we can approach whatever shit life throws at us better.

One thing that causes me stress is my job. Engineering life moves fast, customers expect you to be at their beck and call, and starting my new position as engineering manager I have a lot of people depending on me to make sure things run smoothly. Another stress trigger is running this blog and our ecommerce store. With the pressures of keeping our social media flowing, trying to get you guys fresh content and valuable topics to read about, my plate gets full pretty quick. Not to mention keeping up with my relationship, my family, and myself. My blood pressure is rising just writing about it.

So, coming from a girl whose stress levels are fairly high, I’m always looking for ways to bring my stress levels down. I assume that lots of you also carry a heavy plate, so I wanted to compile my list of ways to destress. It’s imperative to our success to ensure we get a break. The last thing we need is to burn out. Feeling overwhelmed is the absolute worst. It’s mentally and physically draining when we feel like we just can’t do it all. But, I sincerely believe that we can. Doing a self-check from time to time can make all the difference keeping a positive mindset and an elevated motivation.

Your Destress To-Do List

  • Go on a walk – This is my number one go-to. When I can’t figure something out or my thoughts just aren’t flowing like I want them to, I take a break and walk my roommates dog or walk around my facility at work and talk to my technicians. It gives my mind a rest and I usually come back feeling refreshed, ready to take another stab at what I was working on
  • Take a shower, a nice long hot one – This is my number two go-to. There is something therapeutic about taking a moment to care for yourself. Get all the smells from your yummy soaps, hair products, and lather up in your favorite lotion afterwards. Just like trying to align your thoughts when they’re running too fast, cleaning up gives me a sense of starting again with a clean slate
  • Workout, no matter how short the session, just get moving – The mind needs to exercise too. The heart rate needs to elevate. Exercise is world renowned for releasing those feel-good endorphins. Let me tell you, it works every single time. Even if I could only fit in 30 minutes, I walk away from that workout thankful that I gave my body the time it needs away from sitting at a computer or on my phone. Oh, and the sauna afterwards is a dream. Sweat out all the bullshit
  • No shame, have a glass of wine or two – A couple glasses of wine aren’t gonna hurt ya. A nice bottle of red wine actually has some good antioxidants. Don’t beat yourself up treating that hard worked mind and body a little relaxation in a glass. Plus it feels pretty classy. Cheers to us
  • Put on some of your favorite music, the louder the better – Oh my gosh, what would I do without music!? Music is my mood-booster. Throw on the Beyonce, the Cardi B, the deep house beats. Fuel the soul with some good sounds, sing along, and shake that booty your momma gave you. I can’t go anywhere without some headphones
  • Cook yourself a healthy dinner, I highly recommend music to accompany your cook flow – Feeding your body good food feels amazing for all the senses. Your mind feels good knowing your feeding yourself quality fuel, your body feels good absorbing it, and I’m sure your kitchen will smell amazing. Try cooking something new or prep your lunch for the next day. Start a party for yourself and enjoy the time in the kitchen
  • Get those super fresh clean sheets from the dryer and make your bed – Getting into bed with fresh clean sheets is my absolute favorite. Not only do I think it helps me sleep better, there’s something about my dryer sheet scent that just lets me take a huge breath of release finally getting to lie down after a long day (Downy Botanical Mist is the current fav)
  • Go on a hike, get out in nature – Thank Mother Nature for the grand world around us. Getting out in nature is grounding. You get to feel the dirt beneath your feet, breathe in some fresh air, and get a change in scenery. Exploring is exciting and puts at ease all the other reality checks. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and soak in the beauty of our planet
  • Or, find your apartment hot tub & go for a swim – Another favorite of mine. I like to say I’m a part of the hot tub club. Who wants to be in my club?! Swimming is instant relaxation for me. It just feels good. Get that bikini on no matter the season and take a dip
  • Find somewhere in your town that is a prime spot to watch the sunset – Talk about a good time for self-reflection. Sunsets are beautiful. It marks a close to the day. I find that this is my favorite time to reflect on the day while admiring our beautiful sun. This is a good time to practice gratitude, an exercise that helps me accept all the craziness
  • Call your parents/siblings – If they are the kind that will calm you down, give them a ring. I know there are those family members that calling them might stress you out more – don’t do that. Haha. When I’m overflowing from every angle, I like to call my dad. He’s always so calm and makes me feel so much better after spending some time to talk together
  • Read a good book – Take a break from the scrolling and just take time to absorb what you’re reading. I’ve found that it feels amazing to slow down and read at my own pace. We’ve become so accustomed to the constant uploading, new posts, new IG stories – back to back to back. It never stops. Slow down and take in some educational reading. It feels really good
  • Listen to some podcasts – I find it relaxing hearing someone talk to me about something and I can just press play or pause. It also takes my mind off whatever I’m stressing about. I have another blog listing out podcasts I like to listen to. Finding podcasts with topics I enjoy helps me reset my thinking and get a little pep-talk
  • Organize your emails – This might just be me, but I hate having disorganized emails. Clear out that inbox, unsubscribe to those annoying promos and ads. Doing this helps me feel more centered with what I have going on and what I need to do
  • Sit down in a quiet space and write down what you need to do – Stress can sometimes be created unnecessarily. I’m totally guilty of overthinking everything and working myself up for the wrong reasons. Take just a few minutes to sit down with yourself, go through everything your stressing over, make a list, then prioritize and take action
  • Wake up early, like 5am – Okay, not like every morning. I can’t even do that. But, try it one morning. Since its summer, the sun rises pretty early. It’s light by 5:30am, at least here in AZ. Go to a local coffee shop to watch the sunrise and prepare yourself for the day with your beverage of choice, and a notebook or your laptop. Make that list of what you need to do and create an action plan for the day. Nothing feels better than getting a jump start. Plus, I think it’s a good #slaygirl trait to get in the habit of ♡ wink wink ♡

OK, ladies! You ready to lower those stress levels?! If you found this list helpful, I’d be more than happy to know. Better yet, what are some of your favorite ways to destress? Maybe BG should host a destress event. We could all meet up and do something off my list to help us reset. That’s another thing – girls are stronger in numbers. Put the catty shit aside, when like-minds come together and there’s some high quality discussion, count me in.

I’m wishing you all a calm and productive day. Believe in yourself. You can do whatever you put your mind to.


Cover Photo by Elisa Valdes

Stop Looking at Your Number, Start Looking at Your Shape

We all want to look a certain way. Surprisedly, it does not always correlate to a number on the scale. It’s much more effective to start looking at your shape to decide where you want to work on toning versus just going by the number on the scale to judge your own success in getting the body you want. Coming from a girl that has spent years going up and down with her weight, trying all sorts of different workout regimes to make the number on the scale stick – it just doesn’t work.

We are women, my ladies. Our bodies are constantly changing, especially throughout high school and college years when the pressure to be skinny and fit is at its peak. We have hormonal swings contributing to weight gain (or loss), we are trying new birth controls that will change how our body responds to weight gain, we are maturing in both boobs and ass – which is weight. We are growing into our bodies and you can’t put a number on how your body is going to mature. Granted, I understand that some industries like modeling, competition sports, and other professions that might require a strict weight range. However, for most of us, our body confidence should not be restricted by a number on the scale.

I’ve seen other articles that say a similar message – not to be concerned about your quantitative weight. What I haven’t seen is the alternative of how to judge your success in your fitness journey other than, just to “feel good”. I’ve tried that too, believe me, but it still wasn’t cutting it. In one of my many showers after the gym, usually where I do a lot of creative thinking, I had this epiphany, “I’m not chasing a number, I’m chasing a way I want to look. I want to have great abs and a great ass – it’s all about the actual shape of my body, not how much I weigh”. BOOM.

This concept is one that I feel a lot of us can relate to. We all want to look a certain way, but without proper knowledge of fitness most of us just think it’s about losing weight. No my friends, it’s about working the areas of your body with strength training. It’s about becoming strong. Does cardio and losing weight help? Yes, it sure does. But to get those amazing abs and juicy ass comes with another set of skills: concentrating your energy to putting those muscles to work. This is what I’ve started steering my attention towards and I feel like I have much more direction in knowing what I need to do.

Do you have some belly pudge you want to get rid of? Cardio and killer ab workouts. Do you have some thick thighs you want slimmed up? Cardio and some killer leg workouts. Do you want a nice bubble butt? Squats and lunges, honey. What is included in all of these body desires? Getting sore and moving some iron around. They have nothing to do with being “a certain weight”.

Ok, so now you know you need to start weight lifting – intimidating? Yes, it can be. You have all those muscle men in the weight area of your gym, you don’t know any of the moves or form – don’t let that stop you. Those guys, they are probably impressed to see you in the weight area. Your form, it will get better with practice. Do you need to start with baby weights? You might, but it’s better than not starting at all. There are HUNDREDS of weight training/body weight exercises on Pinterest to follow. There are even apps and YouTube videos that can walk you through a new workout, no problem. Nothing is stopping you, except you.

…stop looking at your weight and start looking at your shape…

Getting back to the main point of this post, stop looking at your weight and start looking at your shape. This is my alternative to stop being obsessed with meeting a certain number on the scale. When I started actually looking at my body and understanding where it needs work, I feel good. Since I’ve made this adjustment I’ve become much more aware of my workouts. I’m putting so much more intention into the moves knowing that I’m working the muscles groups I want to work. I feel more accomplished after the workout, and even the days following because I feel those areas of my body because they’re so SORE (hahaha).

If you’re having issues with finding your success in the gym, give this mindset a shot. It’s been working for me and I plan to continue using it. I want to know your input on this and what work or doesn’t work for you on your fitness journey. What are some of your favorite workouts? Maybe I’ll draft up my routine for you girls and see if you’re into it! Keep your head up darlings. Fitness is a lifestyle. It is a commitment to being your absolute best self. It takes time and patience. You have to enjoy the process.


Cover Photo: Photo by Becca Matimba on Unsplash




Your Next Obsession

Ladies, meet BUTI YOGA. This yoga style might be your next obsession. Buti is pronounced just like the infamous, “booty”. Perhaps you heard of it before and your impression was a little something like this, “booty what?!” – I had the same question! Little did I know that this new fitness craze goes deeper than just a catchy name. Buti yoga founded by the queen herself, Bizzie Gold, is a fast-paced and empowering tribal style yoga. It combines plyometrics (jumping), vinyasa yoga styles, and tribal dance – get ready to bring out that jungle woman hid deep inside of you!

With high intensity music and energetic instructors, this class is meant to make you SWEAT. The amount of confidence, stress relief, and overall mental high I had leaving that class – I couldn’t imagine not sharing this with other females. Not only is it a killer workout, the roots of this practice go so much deeper than just wanting to lose weight and get six pack abs.

What is Buti Yoga?

Buti is defined from its India descent as, “the cure to something hidden or kept secret”. This emerging practice is looking at traditional yoga a little differently. Instead of concentrating on strict poses, buti is a practice working to let you find your inner strength. The message the buti tribe is trying to release is complete confidence in who you are. All the bad and all the good. In these classes you can expect instructors to have their hair down, tossing it side to side in all its sweaty glory. You can expect women of all ages and all sizes in sports bras repping their belly rolls and stretch marks. This practice is the process of learning how to turn your vulnerability into power, feeling strong from the inside out, loving yourself more, and of course making new friends.

Learning to love the skin you’re in is a tough job. We are constantly observing, looking, comparing all over social media of all these influencers that we are dying to be. When your body is not where you want it or you’re dealing with another low self-esteem part of yourself, it can be exhausting. It’s almost more exhausting to keep wishing, comparing, and beating yourself up on how you’re not this gorgeous fitness model than actually putting that energy into loving yourself more!

Work on turning that negative energy you have against yourself into energy that will uplift you. Use your energy to say, “I have no control over where I am at today, but I can put all my energy towards improving myself from this day forward”. Everyone has a different path. Don’t let someone else’s waver your own. Keep in your lane and know what work YOU need to do.

I have no control over where I am at today, but I can put all my energy towards improving myself from this day forward

Why Do You Need Buti?

In a world overflowing with technology, how do you truly connect? Do you know who you are and who you are determined to become? When all the facades are stripped away and you look in the mirror, what do you see? Buti yoga is on a mission to help you find the cure to identify anything that’s holding you back from within. New students of buti say they find a part of themselves they didn’t know was missing. There’s a feeling created during this flow that emits this energy from a powerful place from within.

Using a spiral-structure technique (SST), buti implements moves and poses treating your body as a cylinder rather than a square. We spend so much time moving on a linear plane, overworking certain muscle groups, and overlooking the deep stabilizers that actually help our bodies move more fluidly and more gracefully. These untapped movements and strengthening flows truly impact our hormones, endocrine system and overall full-body health.

Buti asks each person to bring themselves into the room and try to get one step further along than before you stepped into that class. It’s all about boosting your confidence to the next level and transforming your body from the inside out. By improving how your skin feels against your own skin, you develop another channel to transform your life, let go, and let your body move how it wants to.

Afraid to Try Buti Yoga?

It truly is a tribal network of women making a loving connection to each other and themselves. There is a mutual respect for each others practice in that room and each woman on their own journey. Women want to feel connected and have this sisterhood that they biologically know they need to have. They call this Shakti – the feminine aspect of divine energy. Talk about #SlayTribe in full force!!!

In your first class, you might feel clumsy, uncoordinated, or uncomfortable to to take your shirt off. Keep going. With a room full of loud music and a strong supportive atmosphere, it will be hard to ignore the contagious energy of buti. With the outlook of this movement practice being a time to redefine yourself and connect yourself to your own internal primal energy, I encourage you to give this a shot.

There is no age limit, no size limit, or confidence limit to this practice. If it’s a challenge, you need it to thrive in your life. The older you are, the more important this practice is for you. Go at your own pace and go into it open minded! Discover your inner tribal energy and start making those steps to a more confident, more energetic, and of course – a more healthy YOU!



Can Crystals Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Crystals – mystifying, beautiful, and curiously enchanting. These gorgeous stones deserve some attention in my portfolio of raising awareness for self-improvement. I’ve talked about the #slay movement, mindset and manifestation, as well as the future is female trend. All of these topics circle back to a concentric message I’m working on defining. The message that we have our own power to control our own circumstances. The message that women of all ages can find the confidence and find the courage to follow their dreams. These blog topics are not just for my readers, but they are reflections of thoughts and exercises that I am personally exercising, too. Which leads me to this post I’ve been prolonging because of my hesitation to bring up the subject.

Stones and crystals sometimes get a bad rep. Whether that’s because they’re associated with hippy fads, creepy old ladies in boutique shops, or just a phony belief system in their energies. I hope you opened this post with an open mind because you’re curious. Maybe you’ve worked with them before, seen them window shopping, or never even held one in your hand. I’d like to enlighten anyone with all experiences with crystals why these can be added to your mastermind tool box.

Why Crystals?

There is a fascinating history behind crystals and stones. Their use in daily human interaction dates back to Egyptian Pharaoh rule and I’m sure even farther back than that. For hundreds and thousands of years crystals have been used to heal or enhance physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Our ancient ancestries somehow knew or felt that these stones brought about subtle energy influences to their state of mind.

Ancient Egyptians historically used crystals for protection and health. When burying their loved ones, they used to place quartz on their foreheads believing to help guide them on their path to the afterlife. Dancers would wear ruby stones on their belly buttons to enhance their sexuality. Crowns were worn to stimulate the third eye, your crown chakra. Quartz crystals in ancient japan were known to represent a dragon’s heart displaying wisdom and power. Native American Indians discovered the use of crystals for curing mental illnesses and healing powers. The Incas, otherwise famously recognized as descendants of Machu Picchu, considered emeralds so powerful that they would choose to die rather than give up the location of their emerald mines to their enemies.

Royals have used them in crowns, swords, thrones, and as rings and necklaces. There is some who think that maybe jewelry was invented to connect different healing stones to different energetic points on areas of the body. There is this repetitive evidence of their “power” being used across all locations of the globe and each culture separately discovering their use. Each culture found these stones at all different times during the age of the Earth and have used them for similar purposes. Coincidence? I think not.

Do They Actually Work?

Our entire body system is working off of energy, thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions are connected somehow to our body energy. So evidently, our thoughts are energies too. Crystals are known to be the most stable matter in the universe because of how they are formed. Over thousands of years, the underlying earth materials are moving, heating, cooling, and subjected to intense pressure. The Earth material mixtures create crystals inside rocks. Crystals are alive just like everything else in the universe. They grow over time, change shape and change color.

There are associated with healing energy and mindful energy because they are believed to have vibrations, just like the cells in our body. Through our energy centers (better known as, chakras) our bodies translate energies in different ways. Think of them like headaches, sadness, happiness, stress, pain, and thoughts. When we come into contact with a crystal, rumor has it that its vibrations interact with the energies in our body. Crystals are even known to have energies within the science community. Crystals are actually used in clocks, calculators, and laser equipment in the medical industry.

Some say the effects of crystals are pseudoscience (like the placebo effect) but I’m not convinced yet. There hasn’t been a lot of studies I’ve found that prove this hypothesis false, either. So, what’s a girl to do?! Totally believe that this energy thing is real and use it to her advantage.

How to Use Crystals

There are many different ways people use crystals. There are also tons of different crystals to work with. I’ve already done enough research (LOL) so I’m going to go off of personal experience here. Plus, I can’t give you advice on how crystals can help you achieve your goals if I have never tried it myself!

  1. Finding a rock you want to work with – If you’re going to try using crystals, you need some first. If you already have some, great. If not, here’s what I suggest. Either find your local rock shop (adventure time!) OR Etsy has some awesome small business owners with really cute collections. Choosing your rock is totally personal. Take a look at the list I linked up above for crystals meanings, or choose one simply because you like the way it looks. There’s spherical ones, pointy ones, small and large. I like palm sized stones because they fit in my purse.
  2. Get to know its meaning – Believe it or not, crystals tie into what some yogis might be familiar with: chakras. Chakras are our bodies energy centers. The meanings of crystals are related to them. (Coincidence? I think not!) By choosing the crystal with the energy of what you need more focus on, or the energy your need more support with, or simply just more ENERGY of – you can really focus on how that crystal’s energy can connect with yours. For example, Aventurine is known as an abundance stone. Whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I like to work with Aventurine to restore my energy of feeling abundant and whatever is out there waiting for me, I can go and find it.
  3. Use them to fucking SLAY THE DAY – This is the WHOLE POINT why I wanted to write about crystals. This is because I want to share that I’ve used them to get my mindset back on track and how I think you can use them to achieve your goals, too. I don’t know if it is a placebo effect or the energy actually works – I say yes, it does work. After you’ve found a rock you like, get to know it’s meaning and how you need it’s energy, then work with it. Keep it in your pocket, in your purse, or under your pillow. Fun fact: I sleep with my rocks sometimes. But this is a REALLY important part of the message I want you to understand. Whether it’s the energy of the rock or your constant mind-check knowing that the rock is around and emitting the energy you need – you will begin to receive the benefits of believing in this energy. You can begin to channel that energy you’re receiving from the rock and use it to overcome anything that is holding you back. Start working on channeling its energy through your own intentions. Have comfort that the rocks energy is there with you, working to guide you the right way.
  4. Work your way through different rocks – Start with one crystal or stone, get comfortable with it, and then get a new one. Work your way up. I’m starting to shop for 8-10lb crystals now. I started with a little virgo stone set that came in a pouch (Oh yes, zodiac signs can be related as well!) and little trinket stones that were gifts from my mom. We all start somewhere! But take the time to get to know what the crystal energy is and how you can use it to your advantage. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with one stone or crystal and like it’s energy or not, try another stone. For example: I just got a really cute new septarian nodule and wanted to lay down and hold it on my chest while thinking about my day. For whatever reason, I thought this was really weird, but the energy I felt from this little stone just didn’t feel right, it felt too strong. I grabbed a more gentle stone in my collection, a selenite, and I felt way more at ease working with that stone in that moment. Maybe if you’ve worked with rocks before you know what I mean!!! Whatever gets you in your mojo and feeling empowered, work with it and channel those energies into beating your challenges and achieving your goals.

A Little Tangent

To summarize, the underlying history of these sought after rocks is undeniable. The mystery of their energy has captivated humans since the beginning of time. Maybe it’s because of my science background that I truly believe that these energy fields are totally real. Magic isn’t, but physical and psychological energies are. I work in a production environment cleaning semiconductor parts. For those of you not familiar with semiconductors, they are the machines that create microchips. Companies like Intel are forging ahead in technology advancements making microchips that are smaller and smaller that have larger and larger memory capacities. Cue the new iPhones with twice as much memory as they did 5 years ago.

How are they able to advance the technology? By making the features on the microchips smaller and smaller. We are talking nanometers, guys. These machines can lay material like heavy metals (eh hem, crystal descendants) into formations that are smaller than a flake of your split ends. Yes. That small.

If our technology is becoming so advanced because of the ability of science to work with energies so small that we can’t even see them – tell me crystal energies aren’t real because you can’t see them or feel them. Because actual science that has made that addictive phone of yours, all began with technology so small that we can’t even see it. I’m being SUPER generalized here, so don’t quote me on any science facts. However, if this isn’t convincing enough for you to at least gives these rocks a shot, then teach me what YOU believe in.

Share with BecauseGirls your crystal and stone experiences!

Have they worked for you before? Do you currently use them? If not, are you interested? What crystals stones are your favorite? Let us know, we’d love to hear!



Why is the Future Female?

To be honest, I didn’t realize “the future is female” is actually linked back to the lesbian movement in the ’70s. Supposedly, anyone older than me associates this statement with the LGBT community. I had NO fucking clue! I thought it was a little like something I’ve been studying lately. My career, to this day, is male-dominated. Working in the engineering community, I see and experience the setbacks women have in this industry. With the tough skin I’ve grown over recent years, I’m getting curious about how I can break through the managerial testosterone barrier. I thought “the future is female” was a movement related to gender equality, mostly in the business and political worlds. So, after doing my research, I now realize why some people have this hesitant attitude towards what “the future is female” is all about.

In my case, it seemed like this is the perfect time to discuss my perception of what I think “the future is female” means. An important take away I want my readers to understand is that I’m not glorifying female domination. Nor am I inferring that women do not need men to procreate. That’s a complete exaggeration to the main message behind “the future is female”. There has been centuries of women oppression. Since the beginning of time, women: did not have the right to vote, were not allowed to open bank accounts, discriminated against for being the gender that must render a child and thus not qualified for a job, are not given equal pay because a women’s work is not considered as valuable as a mans, and whatever other social constructs that has labeled women not as powerful as men.

These facts have beaten down our psychological sanity within our culture. Over centuries of evolution, since we haven’t been successful convincing men that we can indeed be just as educated, just as persuasive, just as confident – even though women are still denied education and not given an equal opportunity to learn more than men – we were essentially forced to take another route to show our significance: by attracting the attention of men using our appearance and sensuality.

We then compete against each other for who has the best boobs, the best butt, the most beautiful face that every man will want. We compete against every woman for that matter, but in the form of envy and jealously. This competition is over something that women everywhere have grown acceptance to willingly go under the knife, endure pain, and risk their bodies to make their features more admirable for this very reason. It is the one thing that men don’t have: boobs and ass.

We’ve glorified the beauty industry so much that it is very apparant the age that girls become sexually active and are wearing makeup is reaching younger and younger. Why? Society has placed the expectation that women are the eye candy of society. Oh no, not successful, confident, and women money-making millionaires. Nope. Its the models, Instagram famous beauties, and trophy wives. Like, “trophy wives” are actually a definition of women in society. You never hear about trophy “husbands”. Only rich husbands. Girls wanna marry rich. Boys wanna marry trophy. Just look at the confused, twisted, fucked up stereotypes society holds women to.

THIS is the very reason that I connect to “the future is female” – because I believe that these are the reasons we need more attention to and the perception of females in executive roles. Society needs to grow the fuck beyond that just because you have huge tits and ass that you’re an amazing woman. I don’t give a shit. It’s so much deeper than that. Just how I’ve continuously been in the same situation over and over and over. “Wow, you don’t look like an engineer” – that’s because no one ever thinks that a beautiful woman can be smart too. That to be smart you have to be introverted, nerd, lame, not attractive. That’s completely bullshit and that’s what I want this generation to see. Being hot but your dumb, is so NOT hot.

We are linked… not ranked – Madame Gandhi

These new types of girls are thirsty for intellectual conversations, but can probably still beat you at your ab circuit in the gym. They can do a blow out on their hair, pull off red lipstick, and still ace a calculus exam. They can dress business professional, look fresh AF, and still walk into a male dominated meeting and run it and they listen. The days are over of just being appealing because of how hot we look in some cut off daisy dukes. The days are beginning where a girl pursuing a STEM degree is recognized as the girl with the most guts, the hardest work ethic, the sharpest one in the room. The days are beginning where women are starting to surpass men in salaries at their jobs. The days are beginning where women are starting to challenge the status quo that has been holding them down since the fucking beginning of time.

Now, this movement is not just about females. This movement is still about the equality of men and women. This movement is going to challenge the very men that thought they didn’t have any competition. This movement is positive, optimistic, and exciting. This is a pivotal moment for the idea of human collaboration to actually work. This world currently is run by men, and I don’t think they understand the actual potential that is actually available to make this world a fucking better place:

  • In America, only 19% of congress are women. That means it is 81% male
  • Women currently hold only 4.8% of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies
  • Less than 30% of the world’s researchers are women
  • 62 million girls are denied an education all over the world
  • Women with full-time jobs still earn only about 77% of their male counterparts’ earnings
  • Women spend at least twice as much time as men on domestic work, and when all work – paid and unpaid – is considered, women work longer hours than men. (The World’s Women 2015)
  • By 2020, there will be 1.4 million open technology jobs in the U.S. and, at the current rate of students graduating with degrees in computer science, men will outnumber women 4:1
  • American women serving in military forces are more likely to be raped by a comrade than killed by an enemy

References found here

“The future is female” means we look at the female archetypes as a way of leadership – Madame Gandhi

So far, we’ve looked too much to the male archetype for influence. Male archetypes have developed colonialism and patriarchy – a very competitive, testosterone driven, hierarchal-triangle driven leadership style – where only one person can win and the rest lose (Madame Gandhi).

The US has never been run by females. Maybe that’s why we have a strong movement of female leadership because we want change and have a compelling belief in trying to see whether female influence is the missing piece. A contagious reason I believe this movement has grown is because of girls and women willingness to collaborate more. For those of us that have been able to tear down the wall of comparison, envy, and jealously, we are starting to see how well collaboration works.

We are linked and not ranked. We need to look to how individual contributions amplify the lives of others and create a prosperous nation when everyone is on the same team. Instead of trying to figure out how to organize and dominate each other to only leave others in oppression, we look to collaboration. Just because you chose to help someone does not prohibit you from progressing faster than them. Nor does it give them a better advantage to beat you. Choosing to collaborate to solve issues or complete a project – all sides win.

Instead of being group forced, angry, fighting, and not asking questions – women listen more than we speak and we are more emotionally intelligent than we are physically strong (Madame Gandhi). The physical attributes are always a plus, but the big picture here is the influence of both gender archetypes needs to be balanced. We need both energies, but we’ve gone too far into the male side of the spectrum. We need to to start to learn from the female energy.

What can we learn from the female energy to provide alternative methods of leadership? Research shows that women have more collaborative, intuitive, nurturing, and empathetic style, while men prefer more top-down, fact-based, linear, and task-oriented approach (Mary-Frances Winters). It should be obvious that we need both. But each side needs to begin learning from the other. Men need to become more comfortable with collaboration. Women need to become more confident when decision-making. Feminism must be the fight for gender equality – a movement inclusive of all genders. It is our challenge to speak out against our old-fashioned culture.

Women: we are gentle, we are loving, we care. But don’t oppress us, don’t shove us aside. Push us far enough and we will get mad. We will push back. This is the future I’m talking about. This is future I believe in and the future I am encouraging. “The future is female” is our moment, this is our time to show our true potential.




Spring Clean Your Life

We are going to review how you can spring clean your diet, your home, and your mind. Being so busy in our startups, our jobs, and just day-to-day life, it’s easy to overlook our health and our state of mind. I think we underestimate how we treat our bodies actually impacts our overall performance. To be able to work at your best, you need clean fuel to support you throughout your day, you need a clear workspace to get things done, and you need a supercharged mindset to attack your goals. Let’s walk through these three vital attributes of your life and how we  can clean them up in preparation for a killer summer:

  1. What you eat – Read WomanCode by Alisa Vitti

    • This book gives every girl of all ages an entire synopsis of how the woman body works chemically, physically, and psychically. Learning to how to use your natural cycle to your advantage has helped countless women get their body, mind, and health back in sync. My biggest take away from her study is how certain foods affect our body and our performance levels when feeding our body right. In the beginning of March, I wasn’t feeding my body well, I was eating junk food for breakfast and lunch, and I felt like a complete P.O.S. (pile of shit). I knew I had to get my eating habits back on track but just didn’t really know where to start. This book was on the list for a book club I joined and my gosh was it a godsend. From my own battles of eating right and scrolling through countless “diet plans” not knowing which is the best for me, this book has given me so much more guidance than any other Pinterest “3 week meal plan”. Please pick up yourself a copy if you want more info!!! But I’m going to summarize Alisa’s 4 day body reset. Perfect for spring cleaning season, let’s spring clean our body! I felt amazing the after the second day and recommend any lady to give this a go. So let’s get into it:
  • For your body spring cleaning, your diet for the four days will consist of –
    • Fruit Salad & Supplements: breakfast every day
    • “Liver Cleansing Medleys”: a better way to think of salads, Alisa coined this term. This will be your lunch every day along with a grain and/or protein as listed in the next bullet
      • Baby Greens, Kale, Bok Choy, Spinach, Green Onions, Cucumber, Celery, Tomato, Carrots
      • Use Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and/or Apple Cider Vinegar as a dressing
    • Grains and Protein: I encourage a plant-based diet, but other proteins are totally OK
      • Brown Rice
      • Quinoa
      • Fish (Salmon, Tilapia, Cod)
      • Beans (lentils, black-eyed peas, chick peas, etc.)
    • Homemade Soups: dinner every day. On the fourth day, you can have your protein and grain mixtures.
      • Find a light veggie soup recipe, like Minestrone or Thai-Style soups. Make sure they do NOT contain any creams. No creams. This soup is meant to be a “clean-sweep” of your digestive system after a busy day (or of your first few months of the year!). Search Pinterest for veggie soups and there are countless options. Just watch the ingredients. You want a veggie and herb filled recipe to capture all those micro-nutrients.
    • Mid Afternoon Snacks and Late Night Cravings: Trust me, I’ve been here! Whether that’s still being stuck at this office and munchies begin, or you feel like you just need something, try these options out first before giving in!
      • Veggies with Hummus (Carrots, Celery, etc.)
      • Fruits from the breakfast list above
      • Hot Tea (Black or Green, but make sure your nighttime tea isn’t caffeinated if you want to get to sleep!)
      • Iced water with some lemon, or infused fruit (throw some crushed berries in there if you have a sweet tooth!)
      • Make sure during this body spring clean that you listen to your body, does it really need what your mind thinks it does? (No, you do not need Hot Cheetos!) Practice listening to your body signals. You might just be dehydrated and need some water.
    • Her book goes into all the details of why these food help your body cleanse itself of toxins, excess “stuff”, and boost your immune system, your mind, and your energy. You might even lose a few pounds! And that’s by eating completely natural and feeding your body the nutrients it needs to operate at its optimum level. I’m still practicing these eating habits and I love how I am feeling – I feel more energized and sometimes even skipping my coffee in the morning, I don’t feel bloated, and have been sleeping more deeply. I highly recommend giving it a shot! By making your body function better, you’re automatically helping your mind think clearer, and in lieu of body and mind being in sync, you can focus on other areas of your life with more intention and more focus.
  1. Where you work

    • Use a Calendar
      • Virtual or Physical! Use your outlook calendar to plan your day-to-day tasks and sync to your phone so you get reminders throughout the week to make sure you stay on track. I’m surprised by some girls who I talk to who seem busier than me and they don’t have a calendar to plan out their clients and meetings! It’s also helpful to have a big calendar you can hang on your wall and write things down. This way every day waking up or before leaving the house, you can see physically what your goals are for the day and the week. It can be fun setting up your month! Get some colored markers or even stickers and beauty up that schedule!
    • Go vertical
      • Use wall space to hang folder pockets to store all your notebooks or get a vertical storage bin to store them. They’re usually sold as magazine holders, but their so helpful to clean up desk space. Especially if you’re a note taker like me!
    • Get a multi-drawer night stand and categorize the drawers
      • Having some drawer space is so easy and pretty affordable. Categorize your drawers so you always know where to find what you’re looking for. You can make a drawer for office supplies, one for hide-away electronics & wires, and for stuff you don’t always want on your desk like staplers, notebooks, etc. It feels so much better when your work space is organized.
    • Rid of paper/clutter often
      • Getting a collection of notes, papers, print out e-books, and notebooks? Go through all of them and either type them up so you have a record of them on your computer or completely throw away! If there’s to-do lists in there, consolidate your list into your calendar and make a central planner so you don’t forget those important action items!
    • Dedicate notebooks to action plans versus notes
      • Maybe this is a planner, maybe this is labeled binders with labeled dividers. Make sure you identify for yourself what are your study notes versus what you need to do. This way you have a clear understanding of what you expect of yourself and create a library of your own collected knowledge!
    • Invest in some high quality electronics (mouse, keyboard, monitors, etc.)
      • I have this monitor that I hook up my laptop too so I have two screens to work off of. Having two screens is totally awesome and makes it so much easier to work with multiple tabs and windows open without having to jump around all of them all the time! Also, it can be really frustrating when you’re trying to get things done and your mouse runs out of battery or loses connection. Having some high quality equipment just makes everything flow smoother and makes you feel more productive. Win, win.
    • Get cute with your desk accessories!
      • Find some that will motivate you everyday. This could be a nice gold pen and pencil holder, a super cute mouse pad, or maybe some desk trinkets or quotes and sayings framed. Having a pretty desk set up not only makes working more fun, it makes a good “thinking space” for you to put those million dollar ideas into action!
  2. How you think

    • If you’ve followed my blog at all, you might now know that I’m really big into mindfulness (LOA) and creating mindsets. I’ve covered a lot of how I think about this in previous blogs (podcasts to listen to). But, maybe I’ll just try speaking candidly here, a little heart to heart. All of us have a story. All our stories are unique and beautiful. No matter if you have had hardships, letdowns, unfortunate events, troublesome times — you are strong in your own individual way and there are people that are there for you. There has been increasing attention to mental health in the online community. Either it has always been a topic of discussion that was hidden, or it is rapidly increasing due to the changing nature of how we communicate and interact with our peers on social platforms. Popularity is now based off a follower count, how many likes someone gets, whoever had the cutest selfie, and so on and so forth. It’s created a fake and delusional perception of how someone values their existence on the platforms. Then there has even been stories of people with huge followings that are just as lonely, mentally unstable, and other unhealthy mental states than others who feel their online presence is not big enough.
    • It is now more important than ever that you get your mindset correct and healthy for your own self. No follower count or instagram fame is the answer. You control your own happiness. You control your perception of your life. It is no one else’s to claim. Now, I don’t want those statements to put you at dis-ease. These statements should make you feel powerful, they should make you realize that you can turn around whatever wrong road you’re going down. My blog on mindsets goes into more detail, but there is a whole process to walk yourself through mentally to help you become aware of your power and then put it into action. Number 1 and Number 2 on this list can help this last step to spring cleaning your life a little easier. Maybe just focus on eating right this week and see how you feel. Maybe you need some extra time to really get to know yourself and knowing when you’re ready to approach your mindset to know how you need to change it. Don’t overwhelm your senses trying to fix all these things at once. Be patient with your process. You are an ever-growing, ever-changing beautiful soul with things to learn from, things to grow from, and time to figure it out.
    • Start a journal, read some books, listen to some podcasts, talk to your friends and family. Make time in your busy schedule for yourself. Maybe you need a hike to get into the great outdoors. Maybe you need a spa day. Maybe you need some time in the gym. In all of the craziness of work, your side hustle, socializing — put yourself and your needs first. You and your health is your longest commitment. You are your greatest investment. You want that expensive foundation? Buy it. You need a weekend getaway? Go there. You need some time away from your work or business? Take that PTO. The time you put investing in yourself will only trickle down into your intentions and your success. Don’t feel bad needing and asking for help. Don’t feel bad having to turn down  the girls night out for some rest. Everything will be there when you get back from your personal break.

I hope that these three areas of your life and the tips I’ve shared have helped you grasp onto where you need to put your attention to. 2018 has just begun and you have all the time you need. Now let’s get this spring cleaning started! If you follow these tips and find that your energy is up, or mindset is getting better, reach out and let us know! We would love to hear your stories and how you’ve learned to operate at your best.

With love, #becausegirls

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The C.E.E.D.

There is definitely a science behind content creation. Whether you like to believe it or not, the human eye has a love for design. If your goal on social platforms is to inspire your audience and serve a purpose with your content, there is an art to learn. Whether you want to motivate others, share your story with others, have them relate to you, or create an impact – this concept is for you. Taking notes from the leader almighty himself, Gerard Adams, he has broken down the formula for social impact into 4 sectors: C.E.E.D.

C – Concepts

E – Experience

E – Execution

D – Distribution

Take for example, this play on words of “ceed” instead of, “seed”. If you want your online presence to flourish, this is the seed you need to plant and nurture. Growing an audience with your work takes time and patience. Just like growing a flower from scratch, it’s not always promising at first. You start with a pot and some dirt, some water and some sunlight, and wait patiently taking care of it every day in hopes that one day you’ll get a flower. Are you trying to grow your social presence? Let’s get into some details of the ingredients that you need to nurture every day in hopes that you will soon bloom into a beautiful expression of what you stand for.

C – Concepts

There are so many social platforms to utilize in order to get your message out there. The big question is, what do you post? Creating content can seem daunting, or maybe you already have the hang of it, but it is what draws your audience in. What sort of content do you like? Is it motivating? Beautiful scenery? Images or text? The opportunities are endless of what sort of imagery or text that you can design to relay your message. A strong underlying theme does however surface as to why you might follow certain businesses or people – usually this is their story. Whether you have a product, service, or experience to offer – your audience wants to have trust in you and be able to relate to you. When you can find a creative way to share your story, whether you are in the middle of your process or at the end, your story can be captivating to your audience and make them more loyal to you. Maybe you have had some hardships in your life and you can share how you’ve overcome those. What are some turning points in your business or mindset that made you make a change? Being able to show your story to your audience makes you vulnerable, but this is when you can begin to show what lessons you’ve learned and how others can learn from your own experience.

E – Experience

You have lived through your own experience, but how do you give that to your audience? What are you giving them to experience? What is their own experience while consuming your content? Creating an experience for your audience is the next important step. Everyone’s time is valuable and they want to spend their time in a meaningful way. Being able to create a valuable experience for your audience will only make them want to come back for more. This could be an awesome workout video, maybe an effective workbook, or a great networking event. Prior to publishing your content or creating something for your audience, Gerard (link to YouTube) asks you to answer these 4 questions as a #gutcheck to your purpose:

  1. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Will this help someone in some way?
  2. What’s in it for them? (Tip: your content is not for you, it is for your audience)
  3. What is the clear take away?
  4. What is the ultimate experience for them? How can they use what you learned and apply it to their life?

After you’ve shared your content, the next important step you can’t forget is to engage. Engagement will let your audience know that you are listening to them, that you’re thankful for their attention and their time. Comment back, DM back, maybe check out their profile and give them a few comments too. Humans want recognition for their work and feel good when it’s received. What goes around comes around. Remember to engage with your audience.

E – Execution

Take action. Actually delivering and taking action on your word is what will gain you credibility. Being consistent with your message and continuing to give your audience the content they crave will make sure your audience sticks around. Consistency is key and being sure to continue sharing your journey and your story is a must. Gerard (link to YouTube) suggests to master one platform. It can be hard to continuously post on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube – ohmygosh it gets to be too much. Focus on one platform and master it, then move to the next. Be sure whatever one you stick to, you keep your consistency and commit to it. A good tip that I feel everyone gets hung up on is: over analyzing what you post. Don’t over analyze!!! Just keep posting good, high-quality content every day. Share your why, be vulnerable, be personal – it’s about sharing your story and how others can learn from you and be more good because of you. Then, show them how to execute just like you. Make sure your message is crystal clear so they know your mission. Whatever you are doing to succeed, show your audience what they need to do too.

D – Distribution

As I said above, Gerard (link to IG) suggests to master one platform. To keep up with your audience you have got to consistently distribute your content. Consistently post, consistently comment, consistently share your story. Once you learn how to scale on one platform, the others can become easier to spread your audience to. It’s really hard to try and consistently post on five different platforms and hope one takes off. Your time is valuable just like who follows you. Focus on one platform (or two), and work to master that one and master your content you are sharing. A lot of platforms make it easy to share the content across all the others. Just be sure that the content you are sharing will vibe well across the platforms.

Get your great ideas out there with endless valuable content, share your story in a compelling way, build your online influence by showing your audience what they can learn from you, and cultivate powerful connections within your network. Don’t over analyze your content, get your message clear, and make your plan how to start building your legacy and your impact. Start growing that CEED!!!

If you’re looking for more motivated people to grow your network, check out BecauseGirls Facebook page, or visit if you want to get involved and share your story with us. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see our content for inspiration. Maybe we are trying to use too many platforms! But, we’ve begun to share our message across all platforms and sharing content to work to grow a community of business-minded girls and women working to improve and succeed in what they do.


All Credits go to Gerard Adams – Watch His Video Here

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Top Tips to Improve Your Personal Brand

Credits go to Marielle Legair for inspiring me to share what I found to be great advice to building your personal brand and why it’s so important for your success

In this new digital world there is more content being released every day than ever before. To put it into perspective, the world population is about 7.6 billion people. The internet counts 3.5 billion users are consistently active, where 3.03 billion of those people are active on social media platforms. Facebook now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users. There are 500 million Tweets sent each day – that’s about 6,000 Tweets every second. On Instagram, around 95 million photos are uploaded each day. There are more than 1 billion Pinterest Boards. More than 400 million Snapchat stories are created per day. On YouTube, 400 hours worth of video content is uploaded every minute. The amount of STUFF out there is absolutely insane! So what do you need to do? You cannot afford to blend in. You must do everything you can in order to stand out – and I’m here to help show you what you can start to do today.

Now is the time…

If you don’t own a business or big into social media, there are still benefits of growing your personal brand for your career. Over 3 million companies have created LinkedIn accounts and 10 million jobs are actively listed on LinkedIn. The career online-space is growing. Establishing yourself as an expert at your craft will improve your credibility. In turn, this creates potential to increase your chance of earning more and being classified as a valuable asset. This can make doors open for you much easier to find a better job or win more clients. No matter your status, if you are not building your reputation, most likely someone else will. Because the world is moving further and further into social media and the online space, if you are not using these platforms to your advantage, you have a higher risk of being passed by for someone else.

Network is Net Worth…

Whether you have a brand, company, blog, or vlog – having a unique brand identity is key to being rememberable. This becomes important once you start working to make connections. Do you have your own domain name? (aka website, so that people can easily find you) Do you have a professional and consistent aesthetic to your image, message, and content? These are parts of your personal brand that play a major role in being able to stand out within your niche market. Work to fine tune this area of your online presence. Most importantly, make sure you are creating and designing your personal brand to how it feels good to YOU. Fake intentions will eventually be exposed and won’t feel “real” to your audience. It sounds so easy, but I know how hard it can be to just be yourself! Social media can eat you up and spit you back out, but being authentic and true to yourself will take you much farther in the long run.

Don’t waste your looks…

Yes ladies, gather up that confidence and realize that you can use your pretty to your advantage. I’m not referring to using yourself to your advantage as a situation like Hooters or dressing scandalous. I’m talking about first impressions and making sure you appear put together. How you carry yourself is just as important as your online presence. We don’t have any Snapchat filters in real life – if you’re gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk. Take notice that a lot of successful people take care of their health, fitness, and style. There’s a reason why they spend so much money and time into their appearance; it’s extremely important to their ability to broadcast their brand and themselves to literally anything that comes their way. Take some time to get yourself a routine where you can get enough rest, eat well, exercise regularly, and mentally be ready every day. This will only further improve your energy to working towards being your best self.

Personal Brand Checklist

Excerpt from Personal Brand Bible for Ambitious Women by Marielle Legair
  • I am clear on what I want to be known for
  • I have created a powerful pitch to explain what I do
  • I have a professional website (or social media platform)
  • I have created a unique, professional brand identity
  • I network well and often
  • I eat a healthy breakfast and stay hydrated throughout the day
  • I move my body each day (cardio, yoga, or weight training, etc.)


Do you know what you need to work on? Take it step by step and ask your friends for help! Don’t know how to get a professional website? Contact me at and I can walk you through our opportunity with WebMVMT to get you started! Want more info on personal branding? Pick up the book, Personal Brand Bible for Ambitious Women, in Amazon for only 10 bucks! Need help networking? Check out BecauseGirls Facebook page and connect with us! There are so many resources for you, you just have to get out there! Have fun building your personal brand!


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