Motivational people are easy to find these days: social media, podcasts, audio books, YouTube, and almost anywhere on the internet. Motivational speeches, discussions, visuals, and content of that nature can have some powerful meanings behind them if you let them.

Recently on my drive out to San Diego, I came across an interview on SoundCloud of Gary Vaynerchuk and Cy Wakeman. It’s about an hour long and I had some time to kill. I was so surprised how much I loved this interview. When I was just looking for some inspiration while driving through the desert wastelands, I came across a conversation between two very intuitive and motivational individuals. I’d highly suggest you take a listen for yourself, but I’ll share with you the highlights I noted during their conversation of leadership and reducing drama in the workplace:

the 5 aspects of being an effective leader

  • Adversity

You gotta have some thick skin, girl. Lessons will eventually teach you that having resilience in the face of adversity will be one of your more advantageous strengths. One step to gaining that resilience is knowing your own truth, and that is learning how to block out all the voices of the haters. You get decide whether you deserve your own circumstance. Drama is wasted mindful energy. Focus on results because what gets you success is usually what makes you happy.

  • Accountability

Different people could have a different idea of “what” to be accountable to, whether that be their boss, their mom, their own self; but what you must actually be accountable to is the truth. When people aren’t accountable to the truth, this is where their ego steps in. Ego is different than confidence. Ego is the filter that distorts reality and what creates judgement. Ego is the “creator” of all stories. You could be walking down the hall way and don’t smile at Jill, and she all of a sudden thinks you didn’t smile at her because she didn’t come to your employee lunch and thinks your mad. When really, you didn’t smile because you were on the phone with Joe closing a deal. Ego is different than confidence, where confidence is the “writer” of all stories. Confidence is positive when used correctly.

  • Trutality

I think trutality is a made up word, however, this ties into knowing the truth. You gain leverage as a leader by the historical correctiveness of your actions. This eliminates the situation of someone else using your actions against you. Doing the right thing is doing the right thing, and no one can dispute that. As a leader, you manage the energy of mindsets, not people. Create that leverage for your own interest. If you can practice trutality, you then are being accountable to the truth, and happiness is linked to accountability.

  • Self-Reflection

This is what I do when listening to motivational people. Once you get insight to new ideas or an opportunity to listen to examples of better ways of thinking, acting, working, spending time – then you can look inside yourself and see where you can make improvements. Leader’s have to work at a higher level of thought processes in order to help guide those under them.

  • Self-Awareness

This is the last trait in the conversation, which is sometimes the most difficult. Sometimes we have a hard time being honest with ourself to understand why we are not meeting our goals – like making excuses not to go to the gym, not speaking up in meetings with your boss, going out with friends and then get upset when you have a hangover in the morning – we might have an easy time deciding our flaws, but we’re never honest enough with ourselves to fix them. For example, venting is the “out” of self-reflection. It’s ego’s way of avoiding self-reflection and self-awareness. Self-reflection is how you reach self-awareness. Who would you be without your story? Without your drama story, who would you be? It’s definitely not something you decide overnight, but you can work to think in a reflective way to learn your habits, values, and become aware of how you are or are not using those to grow your own self.

The world is abundant. We have more information at our fingertips than ANY other generation. Become addicted to motivational people and learn your way to success. Hopefully I’ve provided a little step for you during your personal growth to truly believing you can be what you want to be.

XOXO – Slay Girl