When was the last time you went on an adventure? Not like a pool party or a walk around town. Like a real, totally unknown, make you excited adventure. Something that gets your clothes dirty or scrape your knees. Somewhere without cell phone service, or access to your snap story. An adventure that lights up your inner soul to feel full and alive and totally involved with the moment around you. That, is the adventure you should strive to find this spring break or summer time off.

Get a crew who likes this or who wants to adventure. Maybe even a longer trip so that you can spend time with people in a whole new experience. People who can show you cool new ways to do things, a different outlook or different state of mind. When the new frontier appears, you all can awe in wonder together and really take a whole new experience to the next level by living this with people who you’re with.

What matters, is the people

Someone once said to me on a very long trip, “Stop and smell the roses”. I didn’t quite understand until during that trip, it appeared to me it could mean to live in the moment. Stop and soak in where you are at, what is around you, and who you are with. The buildings, the shops, the beaches, the trees, the food — this can be all new to you, but imagine a new experience by yourself. It’s fun for awhile, but not until after some time, it’s not so glamorous. This is what I learned from that man when he shared the simple idea that, “What matters, is the people”. What matters, is the WE.

“We traveled through the Sonoran valley with the  Grand Canyon to our side. Red rocks and blue skies illuminate the horizon and tease us for the trip ahead. We wake up to a bluebird sky and get our gear together for an action-packed day. Snow like butter, glistens aside the mountain in this Utah county. The cold wind rips through our clothes tickling our bones, but we love the feeling anyways. It whistles through the trees and fills the air with noise of pure bliss”.