Stand Tall

Wear a Crown

Be Sweet on the Inside

Might sound silly, but being a pineapple might be your next slay-phase. The cute phrases are easily relatable and memorable; especially when it’s your go-to summer time snack. Go pick out the juiciest pineapple, add it to your cocktail, and remember these three helpful tips this summer:

  1. Be the best you can be and know you’re trying your best. To “stand tall” can be interpreted various ways, but it’s a characteristic that stands for strength, independence, and grace among a forest of other pineapples. Don’t forget to grow your own way.
  2. Putting a spin on the cute little leaves off the top of a pineapple and calling it a crown might be a stretch, but damn right we are queens and we’ll take it. A crown is earned; it takes patience, respect for yourself and others, and knowing your worth.
  3. No matter what the outside looks like, pokey or rough, there is some juicy delicious fruit just waiting to be exposed. The outside isn’t what matters, its the inside that counts. In the end, your genuine qualities are really why people love you.

Be a Pineapple