I don’t think you’re ready for this
I don’t think you can handle this
‘Cause my body too bootylicious for yo babe

We all know it’s all about that booty! Need some help sculpting the perfect beach bum? We might be able to help, but you have got to want it too. A nice butt does more than make boys drool; oh you didn’t think it has more perks? Oh ya, like cushion those football bleachers, make your office chair more comfortable, and most importantly you display you got some strong ambition behind it! Le’ go.

1.Yes, you guessed it SQUATS.

Don’t get turned away just yet. Some girls get afraid because they think it has to involve weight lifting. It doesn’t have to in the beginning! Just get started. Body squats (just body weight) not only are the first step to building a bootylicious booty, they’re great for flexibility and some cardio. Just make sure you’re getting as low as you can gooo. Start with 4 sets of 25 reps.

2.  Step-Ups (Kinda like stairs but just really tall ones)

Get the tallest step-up platform in that gym and go ham. Adding more elevation fires up more muscles in your bum for faster growth; if you keep up with it of course! Booty building takes patience, just like waiting for your drink at the bar: the reward makes you feel SO good.

3. Glute Bridges

This is an exercise you can do ON THE floor. Drop it drop it low girl. These are perfect for balancing out all those other exercises and get deeper into those booty muscles. Add some weight for more oomf. Or do this after one bottle of wine and scrolling through your Instagram #becausegirls

4. Single-Leg Squats (You might look like a drunk flamingo)

Ya whatever, flamingos are cool, and they’re pink. But yes, it is friggin hard to balance on one leg. This move takes some talent, strength, and balance. But you’ll be building a butt way bigger than any flamingos.

5. Lunges

You can change these up however you like. Go backwards, go sideways, go forwards. Make this move your bee-otch. Add some weight if you feel like it and you are well on your way for a great bum.

Now Go Make That Booty!!!