How does it sound to get your Christmas shopping done early?! Take advantage of Black Friday deals and relax for ALL of December instead of just your holiday. The best Black Friday deals can be hard to find with every store throwing coupon ads at your face. You can thank us over fine wine and hot turkey because you don’t have to carb-load for the big day – we’ve done all the research for you! Browse the top finds for 2017 Amazon Black Friday deals and save some money this holiday season. Better yet, all your shopping can done be online. You don’t even have to worry about stepping foot into a store! Oh, and Amazon offers gift wrapping – this might be your easiest holiday season yet!

Let’s get these deals out of the way first. You’ll see in all the other Black Friday articles already that Amazon is really pushing their smart home products. TBH, I didn’t know what they were! You don’t either? Don’t worry I got you covered. If you DO know about Amazon’s tech, maybe your decision to gift some just got a little easier. What I hope you do know is Apple’s Siri function. Amazon pretty much copied Apple and created their own interactive character: Alexa. Just like Siri, you ask Alexa basic questions or say commands and the device performs the request without you having to press any buttons. Most of the time it works. I’m sure if you’ve experienced Siri before, you know what I mean. Amazon claims that Alexa, who “lives” within the Echo product line, learns over time your common questions or commands and will begin to better respond to your voice and how you say things. Pretty cool right? There are 5 different Echo products that all house Alexa (going from cheapest to most expensive): Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. Click here to find their comparison chart how each model out does the other, about half way down the page. Their biggest deal thus far is to start you off easy with the Echo Dot at approximately a 40% price break – that’s pretty good! You can get to know Alexa, tell her what music to play, tell her to order you a pizza, an Uber, or even turn your lights off for you if you have the nifty light bulbs. Echo Dot is also available in a whole bunch of colors to match any personality.

Aside from Amazon offering killer deals on their own products, Black Friday is usually known for being tech-savy with lots of deals on electronics like TVs and computers. However, let’s not be boring and check out some of their photography deals. Yes, real, hand-held photographs are back! For the creative people in your life, this is the coolest vintage camera turned not-so vintage at about 15% off. Meet the Fujifilm Instax Minis. The cute camera has quite a few features like auto-exposure so your pics aren’t too bright or too dark, LED flash, a macro adaptor for close-ups, 5 different camera colors to choose from, and let’s not forget the most important one: a selfie mirror. Yes, you can still take selfies with this thang! Let’s do a throwback and sh shh shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture! (Cue in OutKast)

OK boys, here’s where you can pay attention for a hot minute. Have no idea what to get your mom? Or even any female you know for that matter – here is the best holiday on a budget gift that they are sure to love. These essential oil diffusers are everywhere! Why? They are easy to maintain, super pretty, calming, and can make any room smell like any scent they want! You’ll have to accompany this diffuser with some essential oils to choose from, but they only use a few drops for every use so the little bottles last forever! Give the gift of serenity and you can’t go wrong, especially at discounts up to 40% off. There are a whole bunch of different designs at about the same price tag, so browse Amazons related products to find the perfect one for mom – anyone who needs a chill pill!


Who likes gifts that are for fun? This one is fun AND delicious. For the chocolate-lovers and most importantly, brownie edge-lovers, someone out there loved brownie edges so much that they made a pan that makes all your brownies have edges! It’s non-stick, includes a nylon spatula and brownie recipes for approximately 10% off. Add some candy-canes and these brownies can be considered Christmas cookies – check that off your holiday to-do list!

Just when you thought it was your cheat day, we’re here to remind you it can’t last forever! Amazon plans to give big discounts on New Balance shoes, up to 60% discounts. Don’t scroll just yet – we know it’s not Nike, but have you tried New Balance before? They’re on the come up! From personal experience, I’ve had a pair of New Balance shoe for over a year and I still love them. Here I displayed a pink model (#becausegirls) but there are a TON of New Balance shoes for girls and guys. They do have a sizing guide using length of your foot in inches so it should be easy to pick the size that fits your foot! If they’re not the right size, Amazon should be able to provide free shipping on returns and exchange for a different size. Let’s kick that new year body into shape!


Black Friday on Amazon is supposed to be BIG discounts for 720p, 4K, and smart TVs. Amazon hasn’t released the specific brands that will go on sale (think Samsung or Sony status), but we’re talking up to 60% off  those TVs that choose to offer the discounted listing price on the big day! Keep up to date with Amazon deal alerts through your Amazon app on your phone. Under settings, visit your notifications tab, turn on the “Your Watched and Waitlisted Deals” and get pinged when a product you’ve chosen to watch goes down in price!

If you’re not the TV type, let’s not forget Amazons key to holding all the libraries in the palm of your hand: The Kindle. Maybe you’ve overlooked this item before, but take a second to realize that instead of having to buy a bookstand for all your books and carry those heavy things around, you can have a whole library stored in something as big as a tablet! I’ve personally reconsidered this item because my bookstand is getting full and my luggage is not worth being over weight because I carry books around! Help out the readers in this world and hook them up with the modern way of reading. Amazon has 4 options: Kindle up to 35% off, Kindle Paperwhite up to 25% off, Kindle Voyage, and Kindle Oasis. All feature the no-glare screen, but Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular and Kindle Oasis is waterproof! (P.S. Amazon is going to have sales on Kindle books too! Duh)

What’s better than reading a book, but reading a book with a cup of coffee? I might have to answer with wine but Amazon doesn’t sell wine, YET. I digress – this coffee maker brand will offer up to 20% savings. Now this isn’t just any old coffee maker, this is the way of the future. Why? This coffee maker produces ZERO waste. Aside from your coffee grounds, which are compostable, this offers a method to making coffee without the hassle of coffee filters or those overpriced K-cups. It’s also college dorm size or if your looking to make more space on the kitchen counter. Let’s get caffeinated!

We already talked about vintage photography, how about modern photography? Another killer deal category is mirrorless digital cameras. Photographers are always looking for the next new lens to put their work on the next level, or upgrade their camera too! This bundle offers both. Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless digital camera is being raved about by photographers as an affordable camera that gives professional quality. On Black Friday you can get the camera and two lenses for up to 40% off the bundle. It really doesn’t get any better than that for a superb camera that will not disappoint.

For our next item, you probably have seen these before: Himalayan Salt Lamps. Granted, there is no scientific proof to the claims that Himalayan salt literally cures what you think it might or provide any literal health benefits, BUT, they can definitely help if you want it to. Think yoga meditation, late night pillow talks, calming bubble baths, a night light – these add a nice earthy touch to whatever soothing aura you want to create. Amazon is offering a 7-11 lb. size at about 50% off! I decided to order one up myself to add to my stone and crystal collection – no judging allowed.


There are so many Amazon deals going on for Black Friday! This list should give you a good starting point and capture most if not all of the Amazon Black Friday deals they highlighted for the big day. Amazon is in the know of most of their items, but there are also third party companies selling on Amazon that could advertise their own deals that aren’t publicized so far ahead. Nevertheless, I put together this variety in hopes that there’s something on here that relates to you or whom you’re trying to gift to.

Black Friday does offer some great opportunities to save money – but let’s not forget why we share gifts to our family, friends, and loved ones. This holiday isn’t shared all across the world, but in America it’s when we make exceptions to slow down life and bring everyone together. It’s a time to be thankful for who we have, what we have, and where we are going. We have gratitude for those around us and in turn want to gift to those whom make a difference in our life. Let gifts be a selfless act. They shouldn’t carry weight on your shoulders or break your bank – have Black Friday help just a little bit!

Happy Holidays from BecauseGirls



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