To all the ladies in the fitfam. To all the ladies in the partyfam. To all the ladies in the workfam. AND, to all the ladies in the IDGFfam: alcohol has calories. Imagine that. When you’re getting ready doing your make-up, doing your hair, DO NOT tell me you are not thinking about the first drink that you will order tonight.

Omg, do I order a vodka tonic? No, no, I think maybe a margarita. Hmm, on second thought, how about a Jameson and ginger? Actually, ehmahgawd, okay no not that. Okay, I’ll go for a vodka soda with lime. But really light on the soda, heavy on the lime, and a lot of vodka.

LMAO. Too much? Whether you are a liquor girl, beer girl, wine girl, or whatever I’m missing; we all love that first drink that says, “YAS queen, whatever you’re doubting, you got this”. Before you know it, off you go. But wait, what about my waistline and the drunk munchies I’m going to indulge on later? That’s where #BG comes in and says, “Hey girl, this is what you gotta do”. If you love to freakin party but want a hot bod too, let’s review some things that girls can do to reduce the effects of our party-lovin habits.


… too bold? Okay, if that’s too bold and you don’t like to workout, we have some alternatives.

First off: YES, drink choice makes a massive, humongous difference. You like Long Islands? Guess what, they are number one for highest calorie drink racking on average 700 calories a pop. Ya, I just choked too. It’s the 3 different types of liquor, sugar infused liquor, and soda. NO BUENO. Also, they rank highest for making a night you will definitely forget, but remember in your bank account in the morning. JSYK.

For those of you who already know that – I’ve decided to find out the least caloric drink that you can still swallow without the probability of you yacking your whole pre-game. That was a lot of work in the first place. For the beer drinkers, light beer has that name for a reason. However, that usually means lower alcohol percentage. Why TF drink a beer that is 3% alcohol. The lowest calorie beer, that still is worth your while would probably be the Michelob Ultra at 95 calories a bottle and 4.2%. Anything past that, you’re above 100 calories a bottle.

Liquor is easy. Stick with the basics: vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, tequila. Mix these with any diet soda. Key word: diet. Keep that extra sugar outta here. Yes, I know… some people say diet soda causes all sorts of issues – just keep it in moderation please, you’ll be fine. And you don’t digest a drink full of real sugar which at this point is worse than fake sugar. Better yet, mix with soda water which is zero calories. Even better, be a bossbabe and get your fav liquor on the rocks. (Only one)

Wine. Bring on the Cabernet. Bring on the Merlot. Stay PG and enjoy some Pinot Grigio. Or how about a Petite Sirah? Wine is a remarkable thing to drink. There is always some heroic story of a winemaker who grew his grapes in soil made of gold. You ever hear about a bottle of water that was filled with cloud droplets filtered through diamonds? Ya, didn’t think so. Wine has culture is what I’m getting at. Instantly classy.

Alright, enough of that – can I have a drink now?