Alright. So let’s talk about coffee. Why? Because for most of us, it is what we look forward to every day during the week. It’s effin’ delicious. If you love coffee, I’m sure that you are familiar with the SB, aka StarBucks. They are mermaid queens of caffeine and sugar creations. Of course with the new year causing excitement, they’ve released a “brand new” coffee beverage. Maybe you’ve heard about it, seen it, or just don’t care and that’s fine too.

What is interesting about this beverage release is the coffee-kingdom’s intention of the flavored drink: not a holiday, not a decadent caffeinated milkshake, but a coffee with purpose. LOL. No, I’m a little bit serious. Their chosen ingredient to put on blast is Cascara. Mascara? No, no, … Cascara. Starbucks is giving the entire nation a literal, sugar-coated lesson about environmentalism and sustainability. If you didn’t know already, Cascara is the shell of the coffee berry. Look it up. SB is attempting to show they’ve put the effort to,

…really do the whole coffee story, full circle.” — says Starbucks”

They’re claiming they are one of the first mass food and beverage providers to use cascara for food rather than fuel or fertilizer. That’s an idea that some may characterize as “hipster”, but in the big picture they are actually working towards a “greener” process with less waste and thinking more environmentally. At least that’s what we’d like to believe.

By boiling the dried cascara shells in sugar and water, you get a sweet syrup flavored by the cascara. Kind of like making tea, but add a ton of sugar and boil that mixture until its sticky like honey. Yah. That’s what they did. Made a sugar syrup flavored with “cascara” to flavor your hot-soy-grande-latte-1-pump-no-foam-morning-pump-me-up. Yes ma’am.

So if you’re curious and want to join in with every basic betch and try the Cascara Latte (the first “a” in cascara is supposed to have an accent, btw) Go right ahead. No one’s judging you. Besides, maybe you are helping save the world by buying into Starbucks environmentalism. Also, don’t forget that when your co-worker gives you a hard time about your cute little SB coffee cup, you can tell them, I just like it black. And get back to work like a bad bish.