Ladies, meet BUTI YOGA. This yoga style might be your next obsession. Buti is pronounced just like the infamous, “booty”. Perhaps you heard of it before and your impression was a little something like this, “booty what?!” – I had the same question! Little did I know that this new fitness craze goes deeper than just a catchy name. Buti yoga founded by the queen herself, Bizzie Gold, is a fast-paced and empowering tribal style yoga. It combines plyometrics (jumping), vinyasa yoga styles, and tribal dance – get ready to bring out that jungle woman hid deep inside of you!

With high intensity music and energetic instructors, this class is meant to make you SWEAT. The amount of confidence, stress relief, and overall mental high I had leaving that class – I couldn’t imagine not sharing this with other females. Not only is it a killer workout, the roots of this practice go so much deeper than just wanting to lose weight and get six pack abs.

What is Buti Yoga?

Buti is defined from its India descent as, “the cure to something hidden or kept secret”. This emerging practice is looking at traditional yoga a little differently. Instead of concentrating on strict poses, buti is a practice working to let you find your inner strength. The message the buti tribe is trying to release is complete confidence in who you are. All the bad and all the good. In these classes you can expect instructors to have their hair down, tossing it side to side in all its sweaty glory. You can expect women of all ages and all sizes in sports bras repping their belly rolls and stretch marks. This practice is the process of learning how to turn your vulnerability into power, feeling strong from the inside out, loving yourself more, and of course making new friends.

Learning to love the skin you’re in is a tough job. We are constantly observing, looking, comparing all over social media of all these influencers that we are dying to be. When your body is not where you want it or you’re dealing with another low self-esteem part of yourself, it can be exhausting. It’s almost more exhausting to keep wishing, comparing, and beating yourself up on how you’re not this gorgeous fitness model than actually putting that energy into loving yourself more!

Work on turning that negative energy you have against yourself into energy that will uplift you. Use your energy to say, “I have no control over where I am at today, but I can put all my energy towards improving myself from this day forward”. Everyone has a different path. Don’t let someone else’s waver your own. Keep in your lane and know what work YOU need to do.

I have no control over where I am at today, but I can put all my energy towards improving myself from this day forward

Why Do You Need Buti?

In a world overflowing with technology, how do you truly connect? Do you know who you are and who you are determined to become? When all the facades are stripped away and you look in the mirror, what do you see? Buti yoga is on a mission to help you find the cure to identify anything that’s holding you back from within. New students of buti say they find a part of themselves they didn’t know was missing. There’s a feeling created during this flow that emits this energy from a powerful place from within.

Using a spiral-structure technique (SST), buti implements moves and poses treating your body as a cylinder rather than a square. We spend so much time moving on a linear plane, overworking certain muscle groups, and overlooking the deep stabilizers that actually help our bodies move more fluidly and more gracefully. These untapped movements and strengthening flows truly impact our hormones, endocrine system and overall full-body health.

Buti asks each person to bring themselves into the room and try to get one step further along than before you stepped into that class. It’s all about boosting your confidence to the next level and transforming your body from the inside out. By improving how your skin feels against your own skin, you develop another channel to transform your life, let go, and let your body move how it wants to.

Afraid to Try Buti Yoga?

It truly is a tribal network of women making a loving connection to each other and themselves. There is a mutual respect for each others practice in that room and each woman on their own journey. Women want to feel connected and have this sisterhood that they biologically know they need to have. They call this Shakti – the feminine aspect of divine energy. Talk about #SlayTribe in full force!!!

In your first class, you might feel clumsy, uncoordinated, or uncomfortable to to take your shirt off. Keep going. With a room full of loud music and a strong supportive atmosphere, it will be hard to ignore the contagious energy of buti. With the outlook of this movement practice being a time to redefine yourself and connect yourself to your own internal primal energy, I encourage you to give this a shot.

There is no age limit, no size limit, or confidence limit to this practice. If it’s a challenge, you need it to thrive in your life. The older you are, the more important this practice is for you. Go at your own pace and go into it open minded! Discover your inner tribal energy and start making those steps to a more confident, more energetic, and of course – a more healthy YOU!