Crystals – mystifying, beautiful, and curiously enchanting. These gorgeous stones deserve some attention in my portfolio of raising awareness for self-improvement. I’ve talked about the #slay movement, mindset and manifestation, as well as the future is female trend. All of these topics circle back to a concentric message I’m working on defining. The message that we have our own power to control our own circumstances. The message that women of all ages can find the confidence and find the courage to follow their dreams. These blog topics are not just for my readers, but they are reflections of thoughts and exercises that I am personally exercising, too. Which leads me to this post I’ve been prolonging because of my hesitation to bring up the subject.

Stones and crystals sometimes get a bad rep. Whether that’s because they’re associated with hippy fads, creepy old ladies in boutique shops, or just a phony belief system in their energies. I hope you opened this post with an open mind because you’re curious. Maybe you’ve worked with them before, seen them window shopping, or never even held one in your hand. I’d like to enlighten anyone with all experiences with crystals why these can be added to your mastermind tool box.

Why Crystals?

There is a fascinating history behind crystals and stones. Their use in daily human interaction dates back to Egyptian Pharaoh rule and I’m sure even farther back than that. For hundreds and thousands of years crystals have been used to heal or enhance physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Our ancient ancestries somehow knew or felt that these stones brought about subtle energy influences to their state of mind.

Ancient Egyptians historically used crystals for protection and health. When burying their loved ones, they used to place quartz on their foreheads believing to help guide them on their path to the afterlife. Dancers would wear ruby stones on their belly buttons to enhance their sexuality. Crowns were worn to stimulate the third eye, your crown chakra. Quartz crystals in ancient japan were known to represent a dragon’s heart displaying wisdom and power. Native American Indians discovered the use of crystals for curing mental illnesses and healing powers. The Incas, otherwise famously recognized as descendants of Machu Picchu, considered emeralds so powerful that they would choose to die rather than give up the location of their emerald mines to their enemies.

Royals have used them in crowns, swords, thrones, and as rings and necklaces. There is some who think that maybe jewelry was invented to connect different healing stones to different energetic points on areas of the body. There is this repetitive evidence of their “power” being used across all locations of the globe and each culture separately discovering their use. Each culture found these stones at all different times during the age of the Earth and have used them for similar purposes. Coincidence? I think not.

Do They Actually Work?

Our entire body system is working off of energy, thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions are connected somehow to our body energy. So evidently, our thoughts are energies too. Crystals are known to be the most stable matter in the universe because of how they are formed. Over thousands of years, the underlying earth materials are moving, heating, cooling, and subjected to intense pressure. The Earth material mixtures create crystals inside rocks. Crystals are alive just like everything else in the universe. They grow over time, change shape and change color.

There are associated with healing energy and mindful energy because they are believed to have vibrations, just like the cells in our body. Through our energy centers (better known as, chakras) our bodies translate energies in different ways. Think of them like headaches, sadness, happiness, stress, pain, and thoughts. When we come into contact with a crystal, rumor has it that its vibrations interact with the energies in our body. Crystals are even known to have energies within the science community. Crystals are actually used in clocks, calculators, and laser equipment in the medical industry.

Some say the effects of crystals are pseudoscience (like the placebo effect) but I’m not convinced yet. There hasn’t been a lot of studies I’ve found that prove this hypothesis false, either. So, what’s a girl to do?! Totally believe that this energy thing is real and use it to her advantage.

How to Use Crystals

There are many different ways people use crystals. There are also tons of different crystals to work with. I’ve already done enough research (LOL) so I’m going to go off of personal experience here. Plus, I can’t give you advice on how crystals can help you achieve your goals if I have never tried it myself!

  1. Finding a rock you want to work with – If you’re going to try using crystals, you need some first. If you already have some, great. If not, here’s what I suggest. Either find your local rock shop (adventure time!) OR Etsy has some awesome small business owners with really cute collections. Choosing your rock is totally personal. Take a look at the list I linked up above for crystals meanings, or choose one simply because you like the way it looks. There’s spherical ones, pointy ones, small and large. I like palm sized stones because they fit in my purse.
  2. Get to know its meaning – Believe it or not, crystals tie into what some yogis might be familiar with: chakras. Chakras are our bodies energy centers. The meanings of crystals are related to them. (Coincidence? I think not!) By choosing the crystal with the energy of what you need more focus on, or the energy your need more support with, or simply just more ENERGY of – you can really focus on how that crystal’s energy can connect with yours. For example, Aventurine is known as an abundance stone. Whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I like to work with Aventurine to restore my energy of feeling abundant and whatever is out there waiting for me, I can go and find it.
  3. Use them to fucking SLAY THE DAY – This is the WHOLE POINT why I wanted to write about crystals. This is because I want to share that I’ve used them to get my mindset back on track and how I think you can use them to achieve your goals, too. I don’t know if it is a placebo effect or the energy actually works – I say yes, it does work. After you’ve found a rock you like, get to know it’s meaning and how you need it’s energy, then work with it. Keep it in your pocket, in your purse, or under your pillow. Fun fact: I sleep with my rocks sometimes. But this is a REALLY important part of the message I want you to understand. Whether it’s the energy of the rock or your constant mind-check knowing that the rock is around and emitting the energy you need – you will begin to receive the benefits of believing in this energy. You can begin to channel that energy you’re receiving from the rock and use it to overcome anything that is holding you back. Start working on channeling its energy through your own intentions. Have comfort that the rocks energy is there with you, working to guide you the right way.
  4. Work your way through different rocks – Start with one crystal or stone, get comfortable with it, and then get a new one. Work your way up. I’m starting to shop for 8-10lb crystals now. I started with a little virgo stone set that came in a pouch (Oh yes, zodiac signs can be related as well!) and little trinket stones that were gifts from my mom. We all start somewhere! But take the time to get to know what the crystal energy is and how you can use it to your advantage. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with one stone or crystal and like it’s energy or not, try another stone. For example: I just got a really cute new septarian nodule and wanted to lay down and hold it on my chest while thinking about my day. For whatever reason, I thought this was really weird, but the energy I felt from this little stone just didn’t feel right, it felt too strong. I grabbed a more gentle stone in my collection, a selenite, and I felt way more at ease working with that stone in that moment. Maybe if you’ve worked with rocks before you know what I mean!!! Whatever gets you in your mojo and feeling empowered, work with it and channel those energies into beating your challenges and achieving your goals.

A Little Tangent

To summarize, the underlying history of these sought after rocks is undeniable. The mystery of their energy has captivated humans since the beginning of time. Maybe it’s because of my science background that I truly believe that these energy fields are totally real. Magic isn’t, but physical and psychological energies are. I work in a production environment cleaning semiconductor parts. For those of you not familiar with semiconductors, they are the machines that create microchips. Companies like Intel are forging ahead in technology advancements making microchips that are smaller and smaller that have larger and larger memory capacities. Cue the new iPhones with twice as much memory as they did 5 years ago.

How are they able to advance the technology? By making the features on the microchips smaller and smaller. We are talking nanometers, guys. These machines can lay material like heavy metals (eh hem, crystal descendants) into formations that are smaller than a flake of your split ends. Yes. That small.

If our technology is becoming so advanced because of the ability of science to work with energies so small that we can’t even see them – tell me crystal energies aren’t real because you can’t see them or feel them. Because actual science that has made that addictive phone of yours, all began with technology so small that we can’t even see it. I’m being SUPER generalized here, so don’t quote me on any science facts. However, if this isn’t convincing enough for you to at least gives these rocks a shot, then teach me what YOU believe in.

Share with BecauseGirls your crystal and stone experiences!

Have they worked for you before? Do you currently use them? If not, are you interested? What crystals stones are your favorite? Let us know, we’d love to hear!