Summer Solstice Soul Searching

The Summer Solstice is totally underrated. We woke up today to the longest day of the year. It is the day when the Sun shines on the Earth the longest. It marks the journey of the Earth’s orbit around the sun; the changing of our seasons. Even though we consider June, July, and August core summer months, June 21st is when daylight begins to shorten again as we head into winter. Let me give you a little background and then we’ll get into why today is a great day to practice some soul searching.

I’ve always been interested in the Summer Solstice. Being that summer is probably my favorite season, I love enjoying long nights outside in the warm summer air. With the Earth’s position in front of the Sun allowing the most daylight to shine on us, it gives me a tingly feeling inside appreciating this beautiful summer day. After deciding to do some research, I’ve found more cultures actually have great celebrations to honor this day of the year. America’s traditions can seem so shallow after reading all of these wonderful ways other cultures praise the Sun and Earth on the Summer Solstice.

On the Summer Solstice, the sun is at its peak. Earth is as close as it possibly can be to the Sun. In ancient Nordic traditions – think Sweden, Norway, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and the like – they have a name for summer and the time to celebrate it’s warmth: Litha. Their ways of embracing Litha was to spend time outside, allowing the Sun to warm their bodies as they relax outdoors. Their day spent being grateful for the Sun is because the solstice marks this day that darkness will soon return. We are on an everlasting cycle of light and dark. The Summer Solstice is a time of celebrating the union of male and female deities, the Sun and the Earth gods. Celebrations around the globe are full of happiness, love, and lust. To me, that is just purely what summer is all about. It is a time to celebrate life and to celebrate love.

Today is a great day for some soul searching. Why you ask? The Summer Solstice is the point at which the life-giving Sun is at its strongest over the power of the darkness. This is the perfect time to bring light and hope into your life to get support for your toughest problems. As the Nordic traditions do, we can use this time of year to heighten our connection to the Sun and bring our awareness to the beauty and bounty of the Earth, and within us. We can use this time to look within ourselves and access our true abundance. By embracing Litha and letting ourselves time outside to relax in the warmth of the Sun, we can work to rekindle our internal fire and manifest our dreams. Here are a couple traditional Summer Solstice soul searching activities to help you embrace Litha, celebrate your life, and give a little love:

  1. Light Your Internal Fire: Decorate your room or house with candles and let those babies burn. But this time, think about your intention lighting those candles, like you are igniting the light within you and your surroundings
    • What do you need to release in order to manifest more?
    • What is lighting your fire?
    • How do you need to care for your fire in order to let it keep burning?
  2. Heighten Your Awareness of Beauty: Create something with flowers, or anything from nature. Get creative with this one. Make a piece of art with things you find in nature like flower mandalas and crystal grids. Be accepting that perfect does not exist, there is beauty in imperfection
    • What is causing you low self-esteem?
    • Where can you see beauty within your life?
    • What can you be thankful for?
  3. Soak in the Sun’s Abundance: This is a super easy way to take time to focus and look within yourself to tend your confidence and personal abundance. Find a comfy spot outside in the sun to lay down and take some time to let the Sun’s rays seep into your skin, embedding light’s love and healing energy – recharging your body and mind
    • What areas of your body are tired? Your heart? Your head?
    • Why are you doubting yourself?
    • What do you need to grow your confidence?
    • What is holding you back?
    • What support do you need?

Use Litha, the warmth of summer, to comfort your soul on your quest to your greatest desires. Be grateful and mindful of Mother Nature, make sure to spend time with her this summer. Let the light of the Sun bring you comfort and grace. Show the Sun your true self, and grow your confidence in your true abundance. Relax and enjoy this gracious day of summer. You deserve it.

Summer Solstice Prayer –

The Sun god reaches the height of his power,

As all of the plants are now in flower,

The longest day brings us strength and vigour,

As we pursue our aims and goals with rigour.

Love is fulfilled in the warmest of days,

Blessed by the fertilizing Sun god’s rays,

Summer fruits ripen and fill us with pleasure,

In carefree moments we will always treasure.

All of nature is filled with sweet bliss,

Fruitfulness blesses each honey-soaked kiss.

Now is the time of abundance and light,

We rejoice in days so happy and bright,

Knowing that we grow in wisdom and might.


In-Line Text Photo by Tiraya Adam on Unsplash | Cover Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

The Strapless Bra Everyone Talks About

BecauseGirls Invisible Collection: The Strapless Bra

Calling all women of all ages! This strapless bra is the next underrated must-have wardrobe item! Don’t interpret my persuasiveness for undermining women confidence. Interpret my confidence in our next product as a tip to the women who struggle with fashion-forward outfit envy! I’m talking about backless tops and dresses. I’m talking about strapless tops and dresses when our girls need just a little help! Yes, I am talking about our boobies.

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Whether you have some or not, this sticky bra can really come in handy. You might be asking yourself, “C’mon, is it really that sticky?” … YAS MAMI it is!!! As soon as you know how to stick it specific to your mamas, you’ll be reppin’ some serious #slaygirl secrets behind those to-die-for outfits.

I’ll be specific that this bra isn’t for everyday wear. Let me tell you, I don’t want something stuck to my tits all day every day! This bra is for your Saturday nights with the ladies, this is for your weddings this season, this is for that hot date that you’ve been thinking about an outfit since last week. This is your must-have fashion piece for those moments where you need a solution to flaunt your beautiful boobies.

Another plus to this no-brainer wardrobe fix is that these are so affordable! You thought your happy hour with the girls was a little steep? Slow down on the cocktails and give these sticky bras a shot! We have two colors, a tan bra and black bra, will can you much longer than a gin martini. Your girls will thank you (wink wink)

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BecauseGirls Invisible Collection: The Strapless Bra



Rose Gold Gifts Galore

It’s official – holiday season is here and we’ve done the research for you to find the cutest rose gold gifts for your mom, cousin, sister, daughter-in-law and any female in the family. We love the trend even more because rose gold can sometimes be classified as pink, too! Get ready to add chic and class into their repertoire!

You can’t go wrong by adding style to how they stay on time. Accented Rose Gold-Tone Bangle Watch and Bracelets are the perfect pieces to level-up their Sunday brunch! They’ll also work well during the week to brighten up those AM meetings.

What’s even better than being on time? Having nice hot coffee right by their side. The Corkcicle Tumbler, Gloss Rose Quartz keeps beverages hot or cold. You can let them know Starbucks gives a discount on coffee if they use a reusable cup!



Did note-taking just become my best friend? Rose Gold Diamond Pens can give class a little sass, or provide a motivational vision to encourage putting those ideas to work! Sophisticated can still be sparkly, don’t you think!

These ideas are flowing nicely – partner them up with the Goal-Setter Pink Gold Notebook to house all their money-making ideas for the million-dollar questions. Planning in style is good luck for helping make those success dreams come true!

Watch how sly I am by sneaking in this necessary Wine Decanter. Only does the wine really turn it pink! That might be a reach, but let me promise you, this is the easiest kitchen item to have to come across as fancy. Cheers to that.


What makes a girls wine night even better? Being able to wear their chic, Faux Fur Fluffy Pink Sliders! These are extra special because they can still show off their new pedicure. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we don’t still go to the salon.



Here you go sister! You didn’t think an Apple Watch could be classy? Think again! With this Apple Watch Band, it couldn’t be classier. Rose gold and zirconia stone weave make it comfortable and oh-so cute for any occasion.


Never forget the saying, “Look good, Feel good” – just like how every girl should feel good working out. Give your female a boost in her gym wardrobe and add style with rose gold Wireless Headphones. Not a gym-goer? These have a built-in mic for women on-the-go.

Calling all beauty queens and wanna-be mermaids – Rose Gold Mermaid Brushes are the essential accent to a make-up vanity. Believe it or not, I have these brushes myself and they’re soft, easy to clean, and SUPER cute!


OK, so these are not rose gold. They were just too good to not add to this collection. The Gold Crystal Candle Holders illuminate the candlelight and makes any room just a bit more elegant. They’re the perfect touch of class.


Make your cousin a princess for the day or switch up your sisters “matte faux taupe latte macchiato” basic betch shade with a rose gold Sparkle Nail PolishThis is serious glitter polish guaranteed to sparkle up any gloomy winter day.

Even boss babes still need to sleep! Remind your too-busy family female to take a chill pill and relax with some hot tea in her Pink Eyelashes Coffee Mug. Yes, it can still hold coffee – but these cute eyelashes make a nap sound pretty good!


Help her decorate with modern, geometric rose gold Hanging Succulent Pots. The succulents don’t come with the holders, so you can choose any plant to put in there. However, succulents are a hot trend right now and they’re supposed to be easy to keep alive!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – Rose Gold Silverware. Dinner never tasted SO good before introducing rose gold silverware! Their kitchen will start to be even classier than yours!

To wrap up this rose gold gift list, pun intended, spice up her interior decor with the Luxury Black Marble Clock. Of course with rose gold accents, a clock is a timeless piece for adding luxury style to their home or office.


Remember that gift giving isn’t always about a holiday or having to make a good impression – gift giving is supposed to show your love and care for one another and the gratitude we have for what we do for each other out of love. During this holiday season, I hope you spend time with those you love and share kindness with everyone who comes your way. It’s the least we can do.

Xoxo – Slay Girl



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Tan is Always Better

Your BecauseGirls creative team is heading to Venice Beach for the holiday weekend. What’s better than being in California? The beach. What’s the greatest thing about being at the beach? Tanning.

Some other people may disagree… But there is nothing like a super sunny beach day and hours to hang out the ocean and the sand. Something about letting your whole body soak in the sun just feels so good! The cool thing is that the sun, although may be the cause of skin cancer (cough cough), it can also give you a beautiful bronze glow. I don’t know about you, but I long all winter for the first summer day when those bikini tan lines start to show.

Tanning can actually be a very strategic operation. If your goal is to tan today, you must start to think of the details:

  • What suit to wear? – The less material the better, duh
  • What side of the body do I need to focus on? – Whatever is still the lightest, duh
  • Most importantly: What tanning oil/lotion do I use?

Bingo. What the heck is the best product? I will swear by –

Banana Boat

Gets you bronze, brown and beautiful in just a few hours of sun soaking pool sides. Now once you master how to position your perfect angles, you come back into the house anxious to see your new skin tone. (Because, duh you need to match that new Tarte foundation) The next step is your after sun care:

Burt’s Bees

Yes honey, this is your perfect combo. Believe it or not, this Burt’s Bees after sun paradise will turn any hard core tan (aka almost burnt) skin tone revived. I was honestly surprised when I found this product and it is actually hard to find! My local Target ran out of it. Works like magic.

Remember to EXFOLIATE and lotion always!!

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Why Does Music Make Us Feel So Good?

With Coachella around the corner and lots of other festival go-ers getting excited for their summertime events, we thought it’d be interesting to discuss why these gatherings are so contagious. There’s music, tons of people, fashion, and all that other fun stuff. Wink Wink. There’s Lollapalooza, EDC, Warped Tour, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch – the list goes on. But why do so many people get SO stoked about these events?

Music is actually still considered a human evolutionary phenomenon. In general, it’s a universal language. English speakers can still dance to spanish music, the tourists in Africa can march to the beat of a drum, but in the end, music is a feeling and a different type of language that all of the human race can understand. If you remember who Bill Nye is, he makes the statement, “certain qualities of music are found in speech that affect behavior in natural ways, which also suggests that musical qualities are buried deep in our evolutionary history”.

Nobody really understands why listening to music can trigger such profoundly rewarding experiences. But in recent studies, it has been linked to — can you guess? — dopamine releases in the brain; i.e. your brain’s pleasure chemical. However, why it’s so tricky to find out how and why music can make us feel so good is because it’s not tangible. You might be able to hold onto a guitar or hit a drum with a stick, but the actual music is created through space and sound. The music is wave lengths being processed through your brain and only YOU can decide if that sound feels good to you.

Ironically, the area of your brain that processes sound is referenced by scientists as the “pleasure center”. Those areas of the brain that ignite when you hear music are involved in processing emotion, learning and memory, and decision-making. Ultimately, music creates an intellectual exercise within your brain. It creates feelings relating to past, current, and future experiences in a whole new way – making each music festival new, exciting, and reaching into emotions we probably haven’t felt before: an addicting pleasure source that we strive to feel more of.


Credit for Cover Image


Guess Who’s Back, Cupid’s Back

Love is in the air and all your single friends are whispering – let’s have our own wine night! But for everyone else, February the 14th means hearts and kisses, X’s and O’s, wine and chocolate, and most of all…. you know what I’m thinking.

Valentine’s Day is about showing affection, love and lust; but how do people do that? Couples exchange chocolate and teddy bears, a fancy dinner out, or expensive gifts and jewelry. However you do you and your honeybun, we took a look at what other people say couples would like for Valentine’s:

  1. Forbes surprisingly had something to say about Valentine’s Day. Of course it was about money, but hey, everyone likes money. They summed it up that couples want their honeybuns to get control of their finances. Baboom, crash – those couples are obviously biased and have mo money and mo problems.
  2. For those of you who are travelers, Fortune figured out the best cities to visit based on weather, budget, activities, and all that grown-up stuff. Believe it or not, San Francisco, CA hit #1 and Scottsdale, AZ hit #2. I might be biased, but both of those cities are wildly romantic.
  3. Lastly, it’s not a Valentine’s day unless there is chocolate and wine. Please don’t be basic and get your standard grocery store chocolates! Get a little creative and find a local small business; artisan sweets are much more romantic than store bought. If you live in LA, look here for some yumyums. For the wine, choose red, obvi. Whatever has a fancy label and looks sexy, buy that one.

Have a lovely Valentine’s day ladies!

Oh, and check out our couples t-shirts!!



That One Time at the Nail Salon…

What girl has not gone to the salon to get her nails done, hair done, brows done; the list goes on. I don’t care if it’s gel, plain polish, or acrylics. I’d like to talk those few that do give in and get our gorgeous, fake nails. Long, square, oval, wolverine-like, you call it. But, there has to be a few of us that dread this trip to the nail salon.

It’s all good when you get that new set. They fit perfectly, they’re bright, shiny, and you walk out feeling like a princess. What happens when that set is done and we all have to get that ish taken off? Perhaps I’ve had one too many bad salon experiences that I had to share the pain of beauty. I’m sure that french tip or mile-long ombre looks good now… just you wait.

The removal of the set. My god. Please, warn your besties of the torture they will endure. This salon may have committed suicide to my beautiful frenchies. I never knew they could rip nail beds to pieces. My gosh, I almost passed out. To you ladies who suffer for fashion, I’m right there with you. In the meantime as I’m writing this entry, I’m waiting for my beloved nails to grow back to get my next set. Why you ask would I want to repeat the torture I’ve already been through? Well of course, because girls are badass and will do anything to show everyone we have the integrity, audacity, and strict dedication to being classy AF… and yes, that includes going to the salon.

Please forgive me that I’m comparing integrity, audacity, and strict dedication to surviving a fake nail set removal. In the big picture however, it’s all about the little things. It’s about the subtle character details that really make you stand out from everyone else. Whether it be your dedication to your family, dedication to your career, or the dedication to your lovely fake nails – we must strive for what we do for ourselves to make ourselves better.



But First, Coffee

Alright. So let’s talk about coffee. Why? Because for most of us, it is what we look forward to every day during the week. It’s effin’ delicious. If you love coffee, I’m sure that you are familiar with the SB, aka StarBucks. They are mermaid queens of caffeine and sugar creations. Of course with the new year causing excitement, they’ve released a “brand new” coffee beverage. Maybe you’ve heard about it, seen it, or just don’t care and that’s fine too.

What is interesting about this beverage release is the coffee-kingdom’s intention of the flavored drink: not a holiday, not a decadent caffeinated milkshake, but a coffee with purpose. LOL. No, I’m a little bit serious. Their chosen ingredient to put on blast is Cascara. Mascara? No, no, … Cascara. Starbucks is giving the entire nation a literal, sugar-coated lesson about environmentalism and sustainability. If you didn’t know already, Cascara is the shell of the coffee berry. Look it up. SB is attempting to show they’ve put the effort to,

…really do the whole coffee story, full circle.” — says Starbucks”

They’re claiming they are one of the first mass food and beverage providers to use cascara for food rather than fuel or fertilizer. That’s an idea that some may characterize as “hipster”, but in the big picture they are actually working towards a “greener” process with less waste and thinking more environmentally. At least that’s what we’d like to believe.

By boiling the dried cascara shells in sugar and water, you get a sweet syrup flavored by the cascara. Kind of like making tea, but add a ton of sugar and boil that mixture until its sticky like honey. Yah. That’s what they did. Made a sugar syrup flavored with “cascara” to flavor your hot-soy-grande-latte-1-pump-no-foam-morning-pump-me-up. Yes ma’am.

So if you’re curious and want to join in with every basic betch and try the Cascara Latte (the first “a” in cascara is supposed to have an accent, btw) Go right ahead. No one’s judging you. Besides, maybe you are helping save the world by buying into Starbucks environmentalism. Also, don’t forget that when your co-worker gives you a hard time about your cute little SB coffee cup, you can tell them, I just like it black. And get back to work like a bad bish.




Make-up: YAS “Winter” Queen

Ladies. Winter is here. Enough of that fake tanning and bronzer. That’s so summer.


Time to bring out your winter queen and freeze some of those asshole hearts. Yes, I mean it. Take your make-up regimen into the cold winds of winter! This means getting frosty, adventurous with dark reds, and lots of sparkle. Use some of our favorite winter favorites to get in that cold n’ cozy vibe:


At your Holiday party, those eye brows better be on fleek. It looks put together, sexy, and will accentuate all the other make-up you tried so hard to apply already. The brows seal the deal for the flawless winter look. Try this pencil and spoolie duo. I’ve seen girls try frosty brows, natural brows, bleached brows, you name it. But still, nothing beats perfect brows in every season. If you don’t know how, find your perfect brow here.


Glisten, glow, and highlight. The dewy touch around your inner eyelids can make those eyes shine. Fuel your inner snow queen with this eyeliner and highlighters to add this style to any part of your make-up routine.


You can stay icy and cold like your heart, or warm it up a little! Find a nice pink and rosy color that makes you want to snuggle up with some spiked egg nog by the fire. This helps add color to a soft tone outfit, or a simpler make-up look and still be cheerful and sexy at the same time. There’s so many colors, so have fun with finding the color for you! (P.S. this is an easy stocking stuffer)


Yep, you guessed it: Dark lips. This is such a fun look, and damn, so sexy too. This look does however take some TLC to make it perfect. Your lips need to be nice and conditioned. None of that flaky, dry lips around here. You’ll have chunky flakes of dark red hanging from your face – EW. So, make sure you have a nice lip balm first. Condition up those lips, and then find your fav dark lip shade to get naughty with it this season. Perfect for bringing in the new year and the new you, too. (Don’t forget pencils!)


Do you really want to be a Winter Queen? Snow Princess? Cold-Hearted Betch? Then braids are for you. There are SO many different delicate braid styles you can do, no matter your hair length type. Check out this collection of tutorials to find one for your hair length. We all know that Pinterest is full of them too. Have your hair be the finishing touch to a gorgeous, winter queen style this holiday.




Would You Wear No Make-Up?


Alicia Keys made a pretty bold statement at the VMAs awhile ago: appearing to a celeb-run event with not a trace of make-up on, and she looked really good! Props go to Alicia for keeping it real, ladies.



Do you realize however that it’s also silly that this is what people are talking about? The expected standard is perfection. But what we yet to realize is that there are many forms of this. There is small and large, black and white, tall and short. Each one of us is different but each one of us is the same. My point is, that the drama behind all of this is because of how we look. Girls, we can be god damn proud if we’re looking sexy af, but if you’re trying to pull-off the no make-up look, wear it proud girl, wear it proud. (Who didn’t love Topenga)



We can sometimes look we’re about to throw down the murda business, but it is hard to handle a society that focuses so much on a beauty standard. But I say embrace it. Do whatever works for you and tell everyone else to suck your tits. Simple. Really though, Alicia Keys is setting an amazing example for girls now-a-days. She gets very open with an interview and made the statement,

“I don’t want to cover up anymore,” she wrote in Lenny. “Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.”


Hell ya Alicia! Tell ’em. And there you have it, Alicia has no f***s about the whole scenario. Just her and her cutey Swizz Beatz killin’ it at the VMAs. It was a good show with lots of woman getting the spotlight and that is totally awesome. More woman need to get out there and show the world what you can do. You can be smart and gorgeous at the same time; and being gorgeous doesn’t have to have make-up involved.




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