Can Crystals Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Crystals – mystifying, beautiful, and curiously enchanting. These gorgeous stones deserve some attention in my portfolio of raising awareness for self-improvement. I’ve talked about the #slay movement, mindset and manifestation, as well as the future is female trend. All of these topics circle back to a concentric message I’m working on defining. The message that we have our own power to control our own circumstances. The message that women of all ages can find the confidence and find the courage to follow their dreams. These blog topics are not just for my readers, but they are reflections of thoughts and exercises that I am personally exercising, too. Which leads me to this post I’ve been prolonging because of my hesitation to bring up the subject.

Stones and crystals sometimes get a bad rep. Whether that’s because they’re associated with hippy fads, creepy old ladies in boutique shops, or just a phony belief system in their energies. I hope you opened this post with an open mind because you’re curious. Maybe you’ve worked with them before, seen them window shopping, or never even held one in your hand. I’d like to enlighten anyone with all experiences with crystals why these can be added to your mastermind tool box.

Why Crystals?

There is a fascinating history behind crystals and stones. Their use in daily human interaction dates back to Egyptian Pharaoh rule and I’m sure even farther back than that. For hundreds and thousands of years crystals have been used to heal or enhance physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Our ancient ancestries somehow knew or felt that these stones brought about subtle energy influences to their state of mind.

Ancient Egyptians historically used crystals for protection and health. When burying their loved ones, they used to place quartz on their foreheads believing to help guide them on their path to the afterlife. Dancers would wear ruby stones on their belly buttons to enhance their sexuality. Crowns were worn to stimulate the third eye, your crown chakra. Quartz crystals in ancient japan were known to represent a dragon’s heart displaying wisdom and power. Native American Indians discovered the use of crystals for curing mental illnesses and healing powers. The Incas, otherwise famously recognized as descendants of Machu Picchu, considered emeralds so powerful that they would choose to die rather than give up the location of their emerald mines to their enemies.

Royals have used them in crowns, swords, thrones, and as rings and necklaces. There is some who think that maybe jewelry was invented to connect different healing stones to different energetic points on areas of the body. There is this repetitive evidence of their “power” being used across all locations of the globe and each culture separately discovering their use. Each culture found these stones at all different times during the age of the Earth and have used them for similar purposes. Coincidence? I think not.

Do They Actually Work?

Our entire body system is working off of energy, thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions are connected somehow to our body energy. So evidently, our thoughts are energies too. Crystals are known to be the most stable matter in the universe because of how they are formed. Over thousands of years, the underlying earth materials are moving, heating, cooling, and subjected to intense pressure. The Earth material mixtures create crystals inside rocks. Crystals are alive just like everything else in the universe. They grow over time, change shape and change color.

There are associated with healing energy and mindful energy because they are believed to have vibrations, just like the cells in our body. Through our energy centers (better known as, chakras) our bodies translate energies in different ways. Think of them like headaches, sadness, happiness, stress, pain, and thoughts. When we come into contact with a crystal, rumor has it that its vibrations interact with the energies in our body. Crystals are even known to have energies within the science community. Crystals are actually used in clocks, calculators, and laser equipment in the medical industry.

Some say the effects of crystals are pseudoscience (like the placebo effect) but I’m not convinced yet. There hasn’t been a lot of studies I’ve found that prove this hypothesis false, either. So, what’s a girl to do?! Totally believe that this energy thing is real and use it to her advantage.

How to Use Crystals

There are many different ways people use crystals. There are also tons of different crystals to work with. I’ve already done enough research (LOL) so I’m going to go off of personal experience here. Plus, I can’t give you advice on how crystals can help you achieve your goals if I have never tried it myself!

  1. Finding a rock you want to work with – If you’re going to try using crystals, you need some first. If you already have some, great. If not, here’s what I suggest. Either find your local rock shop (adventure time!) OR Etsy has some awesome small business owners with really cute collections. Choosing your rock is totally personal. Take a look at the list I linked up above for crystals meanings, or choose one simply because you like the way it looks. There’s spherical ones, pointy ones, small and large. I like palm sized stones because they fit in my purse.
  2. Get to know its meaning – Believe it or not, crystals tie into what some yogis might be familiar with: chakras. Chakras are our bodies energy centers. The meanings of crystals are related to them. (Coincidence? I think not!) By choosing the crystal with the energy of what you need more focus on, or the energy your need more support with, or simply just more ENERGY of – you can really focus on how that crystal’s energy can connect with yours. For example, Aventurine is known as an abundance stone. Whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I like to work with Aventurine to restore my energy of feeling abundant and whatever is out there waiting for me, I can go and find it.
  3. Use them to fucking SLAY THE DAY – This is the WHOLE POINT why I wanted to write about crystals. This is because I want to share that I’ve used them to get my mindset back on track and how I think you can use them to achieve your goals, too. I don’t know if it is a placebo effect or the energy actually works – I say yes, it does work. After you’ve found a rock you like, get to know it’s meaning and how you need it’s energy, then work with it. Keep it in your pocket, in your purse, or under your pillow. Fun fact: I sleep with my rocks sometimes. But this is a REALLY important part of the message I want you to understand. Whether it’s the energy of the rock or your constant mind-check knowing that the rock is around and emitting the energy you need – you will begin to receive the benefits of believing in this energy. You can begin to channel that energy you’re receiving from the rock and use it to overcome anything that is holding you back. Start working on channeling its energy through your own intentions. Have comfort that the rocks energy is there with you, working to guide you the right way.
  4. Work your way through different rocks – Start with one crystal or stone, get comfortable with it, and then get a new one. Work your way up. I’m starting to shop for 8-10lb crystals now. I started with a little virgo stone set that came in a pouch (Oh yes, zodiac signs can be related as well!) and little trinket stones that were gifts from my mom. We all start somewhere! But take the time to get to know what the crystal energy is and how you can use it to your advantage. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with one stone or crystal and like it’s energy or not, try another stone. For example: I just got a really cute new septarian nodule and wanted to lay down and hold it on my chest while thinking about my day. For whatever reason, I thought this was really weird, but the energy I felt from this little stone just didn’t feel right, it felt too strong. I grabbed a more gentle stone in my collection, a selenite, and I felt way more at ease working with that stone in that moment. Maybe if you’ve worked with rocks before you know what I mean!!! Whatever gets you in your mojo and feeling empowered, work with it and channel those energies into beating your challenges and achieving your goals.

A Little Tangent

To summarize, the underlying history of these sought after rocks is undeniable. The mystery of their energy has captivated humans since the beginning of time. Maybe it’s because of my science background that I truly believe that these energy fields are totally real. Magic isn’t, but physical and psychological energies are. I work in a production environment cleaning semiconductor parts. For those of you not familiar with semiconductors, they are the machines that create microchips. Companies like Intel are forging ahead in technology advancements making microchips that are smaller and smaller that have larger and larger memory capacities. Cue the new iPhones with twice as much memory as they did 5 years ago.

How are they able to advance the technology? By making the features on the microchips smaller and smaller. We are talking nanometers, guys. These machines can lay material like heavy metals (eh hem, crystal descendants) into formations that are smaller than a flake of your split ends. Yes. That small.

If our technology is becoming so advanced because of the ability of science to work with energies so small that we can’t even see them – tell me crystal energies aren’t real because you can’t see them or feel them. Because actual science that has made that addictive phone of yours, all began with technology so small that we can’t even see it. I’m being SUPER generalized here, so don’t quote me on any science facts. However, if this isn’t convincing enough for you to at least gives these rocks a shot, then teach me what YOU believe in.

Share with BecauseGirls your crystal and stone experiences!

Have they worked for you before? Do you currently use them? If not, are you interested? What crystals stones are your favorite? Let us know, we’d love to hear!



Black Friday 2017: Best Amazon Deals

How does it sound to get your Christmas shopping done early?! Take advantage of Black Friday deals and relax for ALL of December instead of just your holiday. The best Black Friday deals can be hard to find with every store throwing coupon ads at your face. You can thank us over fine wine and hot turkey because you don’t have to carb-load for the big day – we’ve done all the research for you! Browse the top finds for 2017 Amazon Black Friday deals and save some money this holiday season. Better yet, all your shopping can done be online. You don’t even have to worry about stepping foot into a store! Oh, and Amazon offers gift wrapping – this might be your easiest holiday season yet!

Let’s get these deals out of the way first. You’ll see in all the other Black Friday articles already that Amazon is really pushing their smart home products. TBH, I didn’t know what they were! You don’t either? Don’t worry I got you covered. If you DO know about Amazon’s tech, maybe your decision to gift some just got a little easier. What I hope you do know is Apple’s Siri function. Amazon pretty much copied Apple and created their own interactive character: Alexa. Just like Siri, you ask Alexa basic questions or say commands and the device performs the request without you having to press any buttons. Most of the time it works. I’m sure if you’ve experienced Siri before, you know what I mean. Amazon claims that Alexa, who “lives” within the Echo product line, learns over time your common questions or commands and will begin to better respond to your voice and how you say things. Pretty cool right? There are 5 different Echo products that all house Alexa (going from cheapest to most expensive): Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. Click here to find their comparison chart how each model out does the other, about half way down the page. Their biggest deal thus far is to start you off easy with the Echo Dot at approximately a 40% price break – that’s pretty good! You can get to know Alexa, tell her what music to play, tell her to order you a pizza, an Uber, or even turn your lights off for you if you have the nifty light bulbs. Echo Dot is also available in a whole bunch of colors to match any personality.

Aside from Amazon offering killer deals on their own products, Black Friday is usually known for being tech-savy with lots of deals on electronics like TVs and computers. However, let’s not be boring and check out some of their photography deals. Yes, real, hand-held photographs are back! For the creative people in your life, this is the coolest vintage camera turned not-so vintage at about 15% off. Meet the Fujifilm Instax Minis. The cute camera has quite a few features like auto-exposure so your pics aren’t too bright or too dark, LED flash, a macro adaptor for close-ups, 5 different camera colors to choose from, and let’s not forget the most important one: a selfie mirror. Yes, you can still take selfies with this thang! Let’s do a throwback and sh shh shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture! (Cue in OutKast)

OK boys, here’s where you can pay attention for a hot minute. Have no idea what to get your mom? Or even any female you know for that matter – here is the best holiday on a budget gift that they are sure to love. These essential oil diffusers are everywhere! Why? They are easy to maintain, super pretty, calming, and can make any room smell like any scent they want! You’ll have to accompany this diffuser with some essential oils to choose from, but they only use a few drops for every use so the little bottles last forever! Give the gift of serenity and you can’t go wrong, especially at discounts up to 40% off. There are a whole bunch of different designs at about the same price tag, so browse Amazons related products to find the perfect one for mom – anyone who needs a chill pill!


Who likes gifts that are for fun? This one is fun AND delicious. For the chocolate-lovers and most importantly, brownie edge-lovers, someone out there loved brownie edges so much that they made a pan that makes all your brownies have edges! It’s non-stick, includes a nylon spatula and brownie recipes for approximately 10% off. Add some candy-canes and these brownies can be considered Christmas cookies – check that off your holiday to-do list!

Just when you thought it was your cheat day, we’re here to remind you it can’t last forever! Amazon plans to give big discounts on New Balance shoes, up to 60% discounts. Don’t scroll just yet – we know it’s not Nike, but have you tried New Balance before? They’re on the come up! From personal experience, I’ve had a pair of New Balance shoe for over a year and I still love them. Here I displayed a pink model (#becausegirls) but there are a TON of New Balance shoes for girls and guys. They do have a sizing guide using length of your foot in inches so it should be easy to pick the size that fits your foot! If they’re not the right size, Amazon should be able to provide free shipping on returns and exchange for a different size. Let’s kick that new year body into shape!


Black Friday on Amazon is supposed to be BIG discounts for 720p, 4K, and smart TVs. Amazon hasn’t released the specific brands that will go on sale (think Samsung or Sony status), but we’re talking up to 60% off  those TVs that choose to offer the discounted listing price on the big day! Keep up to date with Amazon deal alerts through your Amazon app on your phone. Under settings, visit your notifications tab, turn on the “Your Watched and Waitlisted Deals” and get pinged when a product you’ve chosen to watch goes down in price!

If you’re not the TV type, let’s not forget Amazons key to holding all the libraries in the palm of your hand: The Kindle. Maybe you’ve overlooked this item before, but take a second to realize that instead of having to buy a bookstand for all your books and carry those heavy things around, you can have a whole library stored in something as big as a tablet! I’ve personally reconsidered this item because my bookstand is getting full and my luggage is not worth being over weight because I carry books around! Help out the readers in this world and hook them up with the modern way of reading. Amazon has 4 options: Kindle up to 35% off, Kindle Paperwhite up to 25% off, Kindle Voyage, and Kindle Oasis. All feature the no-glare screen, but Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular and Kindle Oasis is waterproof! (P.S. Amazon is going to have sales on Kindle books too! Duh)

What’s better than reading a book, but reading a book with a cup of coffee? I might have to answer with wine but Amazon doesn’t sell wine, YET. I digress – this coffee maker brand will offer up to 20% savings. Now this isn’t just any old coffee maker, this is the way of the future. Why? This coffee maker produces ZERO waste. Aside from your coffee grounds, which are compostable, this offers a method to making coffee without the hassle of coffee filters or those overpriced K-cups. It’s also college dorm size or if your looking to make more space on the kitchen counter. Let’s get caffeinated!

We already talked about vintage photography, how about modern photography? Another killer deal category is mirrorless digital cameras. Photographers are always looking for the next new lens to put their work on the next level, or upgrade their camera too! This bundle offers both. Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless digital camera is being raved about by photographers as an affordable camera that gives professional quality. On Black Friday you can get the camera and two lenses for up to 40% off the bundle. It really doesn’t get any better than that for a superb camera that will not disappoint.

For our next item, you probably have seen these before: Himalayan Salt Lamps. Granted, there is no scientific proof to the claims that Himalayan salt literally cures what you think it might or provide any literal health benefits, BUT, they can definitely help if you want it to. Think yoga meditation, late night pillow talks, calming bubble baths, a night light – these add a nice earthy touch to whatever soothing aura you want to create. Amazon is offering a 7-11 lb. size at about 50% off! I decided to order one up myself to add to my stone and crystal collection – no judging allowed.


There are so many Amazon deals going on for Black Friday! This list should give you a good starting point and capture most if not all of the Amazon Black Friday deals they highlighted for the big day. Amazon is in the know of most of their items, but there are also third party companies selling on Amazon that could advertise their own deals that aren’t publicized so far ahead. Nevertheless, I put together this variety in hopes that there’s something on here that relates to you or whom you’re trying to gift to.

Black Friday does offer some great opportunities to save money – but let’s not forget why we share gifts to our family, friends, and loved ones. This holiday isn’t shared all across the world, but in America it’s when we make exceptions to slow down life and bring everyone together. It’s a time to be thankful for who we have, what we have, and where we are going. We have gratitude for those around us and in turn want to gift to those whom make a difference in our life. Let gifts be a selfless act. They shouldn’t carry weight on your shoulders or break your bank – have Black Friday help just a little bit!

Happy Holidays from BecauseGirls



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Mermaids Drink Mermosas

Get ready to add these to your Sunday brunch with the girls: Mermosas

Only the sweetest, sexiest, ocean-loving mermaid could come up with something like these mer-tail drinks to sip on. (cough cough, me!) They’ll remind you of the waves, sunshine, and never-ending beach days where all you have to worry about is when your glass is empty.

After a night of blending, mixing, sipping, and pouring – your mer-friend decided these were the best! Even though the sweetness can be a little much, they are SO fun. Besides, all things mermaid have to be sparkly and include bubbles. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll just start to grow some scales after sipping on a few of these:

1.The Lucky One

Green like seaweed and lucky just like the sailor who finds such a siren as you! Blend up some liquor and ice and you have a wavy sea right inside your glass:

  • Blend ice, vodka, and Midori (don’t blend the ice too smooth)
  • Pour into glass and top with Hypnotiq 


2.The Flirty One

The mermosa of ALL mermosas! I couldn’t wait until the end to show you. If your girlfriend needs a pick-me-up, pick up these magical beverages and show her just how sparkles can really light up her world:

  • Half glass purple Viniq
  • Half glass champagne (we used this one)


3.The Wild One

Just like the waves in the ocean – wild and free. This mermosa specifically calls to all mermaids with the addition of some coconut island flavors. Let’s go get on island time:


4.The Fancy One

Don’t let the Flirty One fool you. Sparkles are great and all, but this mermosa might even please your mother. This champagne is colored with blueberries! It is SO pretty in a glass. We had to spice it up a bit, but this champagne alone is worth trying out:

Knock yourself out! Pour that bubbly, catch the waves of mermosas, and swim yourself into the weekend. Sparkles, bubbles, and pretty colors are fool-proof ingredients for good vibes. Have fun ladies!

xoxo – Mermaid Off Duty

P.S. You can get your very own “Mermaids Drink Mermosas” shirt at



Mermaid Mafia

Is the childhood fantasy going too far? Mermaids are everywhere! Welcome the fad of everything shiny, beachy, and a little bit sexy. Girls and women everywhere are “hooked” on mermaids. (LOL) But no, seriously. Mermaids are freaking amazing. Their long beachy hair, bright and shiny tail, and usually up to something mischievous or just trying to have fun. Whether mythical creature or not, modern day is embracing “mermaid culture”.

Why? What does that even mean? At BecauseGirls, mermaid stuff is all around good vibes. Our tops are cute and phone cases cuter, but there is a little bit of passion and soul behind making our collection. Your fashion doesn’t just have to be any ol’ t-shirt, but your fashion should be a part of who you are. The release of our Mermaid Collection is a statement for ocean conservation awareness and mermaid culture. The culture? Let’s review:

  • Get Your Tail to the Beach

    • Get your butt out of your comfort zone and go travel. Extend your horizons and do something you’ve never done before or go somewhere you have never been!
  • Be Shore of Yourself

    • Believe in your gut and trust it’s taking you where you want to go. The flow of the ocean is constantly moving, and so will you! If it’s time to switch things up, trust yourself and take a chance.
  • Don’t Get Tide Down

    • Whether from a relationship point of view or a career point of view, don’t let your surroundings make you think you don’t have options! There are so many fish in the sea.
  • Make Waves

    • Be proud of who you are and don’t be afraid to show other people. Waves can look big and scary at first, but once you learn to ride you’ll be searching for bigger ones.
  • Avoid Pier Pressure

    • Lots of mermaids still like to party! I’m not gonna say that’s a bad thing. “Under the Sea” is my jam! Keep the seaweed under control; then there will be more for later. (wink, wink)
  • Keep Your Beach Clean

    • Last, but the MOST important! Your beach – whether that’s your town, city, school, house, workplace, whatever it is – you can make a difference by keeping it clean.
    • How? Mermaid culture is more than just throwing trash away – it’s about being mindful of reducing or eliminating use of non-recyclables. Waste, like single-use plastics, are filling our landfills and our oceans causing major disruption in the world’s ecosystems. Making subtle changes in your life can have the power to make a big difference.

Help spread the mermaid culture with our Mermaid Collection and find your inner ocean goddess!

Mermaid Mafia: wrecking havoc by acting on what you believe in

Hashtag #becausemermaids AND #becausegirls when posting to your social media about how you are taking part in mermaid culture!



Be a Pineapple

Stand Tall

Wear a Crown

Be Sweet on the Inside

Might sound silly, but being a pineapple might be your next slay-phase. The cute phrases are easily relatable and memorable; especially when it’s your go-to summer time snack. Go pick out the juiciest pineapple, add it to your cocktail, and remember these three helpful tips this summer:

  1. Be the best you can be and know you’re trying your best. To “stand tall” can be interpreted various ways, but it’s a characteristic that stands for strength, independence, and grace among a forest of other pineapples. Don’t forget to grow your own way.
  2. Putting a spin on the cute little leaves off the top of a pineapple and calling it a crown might be a stretch, but damn right we are queens and we’ll take it. A crown is earned; it takes patience, respect for yourself and others, and knowing your worth.
  3. No matter what the outside looks like, pokey or rough, there is some juicy delicious fruit just waiting to be exposed. The outside isn’t what matters, its the inside that counts. In the end, your genuine qualities are really why people love you.

Be a Pineapple



Cinco de Drinko

I’m not sure why Americans love Cinco de Mayo so much. It’s not really because of the tequila and delicious mexican beer, right? We like May 5th for the camping and the barbecue, drunk old guys, and a great way to pretend like you’re on vacation. Grab your amigas and amigos and don’t turn down for what at today’s Cinco de Mayo fiestas. Since I know most of you will have at least one tequila shot, let’s learn a little bit about it:

Did You Know…?

  • tequila could help you lose weight
    • Ya bitches, guess what, tequila just became your best friend. The 100% agave is what keeps you 100 and I’m sorry, but only 2 shots please. Stimulates metabolism and help dissolve fats. Your welcome
  • it can help you sleep
    • You definitely have a high chance of taking a nap after your taco food coma. Or the one who is gonna cha cha all night and you’ll sleep real good. Hey, you deserve it!
  • it won’t give you a hangover
    • Sure, if you’d like to break your bank with a top shelf shot, you’ll be ready for round 2 Saturday for those post-cinco de mayo fiestas, mis amigas. Bring on a whole weekend of tequila!

May the chips and salsa be with you.


(we have some taco and tequila shirts, browse here)


Your Sunshine Survival Guide

The perfect day surprisingly takes more effort than you may think. Not only does the preparation begin months in advance, a real sun child will appreciate this approach to achieving the highest level of successful days in the sun. Whether this means at the pool, on the beach, floating down a river, or on a boat – hopefully this can give some well-deserved insight to what goes into the best experience of soul-soaking sunshine.

Your Body Prep:

Yes, ma’am. Here’s when you can have Nike preach in your ear, “Just DO IT”. Just get yourself workin’ out and you’ll thank yourself later. Here’s a good all body workout. This can help you feel totally fab when you get to rep your brand new swimsuit this summer. Not only to boost your confidence, but to show all the haters how much you #slay.

Don’t forget about how us women have to be hair free! Wax that sh** off, or get profesh with that razor.

Your Sun Protection:

You need SPF – I don’t care if you’re black, hispanic, cuban, white, asian – whatever you are, sun causes cancer AND wrinkles. Get a sunscreen special for your face. Protect that gorgeous, flawless face of yours! Then for your body, my favorite recommendation is Banana Boat Tanning Oils. Smells great, 8 SPF gets you a really nice bronze tone, and oils you up for a moisturizing lay-out.

Your Hair Style:

This can all depend on your sunshine-day activity. For the pool, that’s usually low key and you can do your hair however you want. Depending whether you like to swim, you can even glam-up and do that sh** like you about to hit the club. No one’s judging. However, if you’re going to beach or on a boat – be prepared for winds 15+ mph. Braids work great.

Your Sunglasses:

Don’t be blinded by the sun! There are also a stupid amount of options. Find the shape of your face and what style sunglasses look good on you and keep on deck at least 3 different options.

Check out our new summer edition apparel for ALL your sunny days!!



Let’s Talk About Raving

Have you raved before? I bet you have. If you haven’t, you’re either 45 years old saying, “I remember U2 in college”, or you’re a college student who spends too much time playing video games, or broke. Otherwise, I’m sure we all have experienced a rave. Thank God.

If you’re a guy, make sure you follow your “get shredded in one week plan” before the big event. Shirts off and hats back are definitely a girls dream. Sweaty and wet – so gross it’s sexy. Stepping on our toes and too tall for us to see the stage… Okay, maybe ripped sweaty man bodies are not a girls dream during a rave.

Believe it or not, raves are not always flower headbands and light-up shoes kinda fun and dandy. Here’s some reality-checks about raving, no matter how old you are:

  1. Unless you’re pro-ravers, you will lose friends in the group: whether there is too many people, or your friends are party people, the group will get separated and some people are gonna freak out about it
  2. Water will never taste so good after a show – at least the event hosts are getting smart now and promoting use of water backpacks and serving water for free! Remember, it has to be empty upon entry.
  3. There are massive men in this world. They will find you in the crowd of hot and sweaty people and crush you. Unless you are a super-crowd surfer, the crowd will consume you in it’s rave-sweat, and glory.
  4. You might be totally normal, but there are still crazy people out there. Sorry to say, raves and big shows do draw out the crazies from time-to-time. Take this as a kind warning.
  5. If you’re single, remember, everyone there is dtf. Even the blow-up totems and bartenders stuck working the show. Everything is dtf… because that rave love is all around.

So, ladies and gentlemen! The new year is almost here, gym workouts should be ramping up, and you and your friends are ready to party! Rave safe my friends, now go get your dirty party self to a badass show.

Here’s some of our picks for this rave season:

November 18-19, Chandler, Arizona: Goldrush

November 24-26, Skegness, UK: TWSTD

December 3, Surat Thani, Thailand: Full Moon Party

December 7-10, High Springs, Florida: DropItCanYa

December 16, Perols, France: I Love Techno

December 23, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Valhalla





Booze Talk

To all the ladies in the fitfam. To all the ladies in the partyfam. To all the ladies in the workfam. AND, to all the ladies in the IDGFfam: alcohol has calories. Imagine that. When you’re getting ready doing your make-up, doing your hair, DO NOT tell me you are not thinking about the first drink that you will order tonight.

Omg, do I order a vodka tonic? No, no, I think maybe a margarita. Hmm, on second thought, how about a Jameson and ginger? Actually, ehmahgawd, okay no not that. Okay, I’ll go for a vodka soda with lime. But really light on the soda, heavy on the lime, and a lot of vodka.

LMAO. Too much? Whether you are a liquor girl, beer girl, wine girl, or whatever I’m missing; we all love that first drink that says, “YAS queen, whatever you’re doubting, you got this”. Before you know it, off you go. But wait, what about my waistline and the drunk munchies I’m going to indulge on later? That’s where #BG comes in and says, “Hey girl, this is what you gotta do”. If you love to freakin party but want a hot bod too, let’s review some things that girls can do to reduce the effects of our party-lovin habits.


… too bold? Okay, if that’s too bold and you don’t like to workout, we have some alternatives.

First off: YES, drink choice makes a massive, humongous difference. You like Long Islands? Guess what, they are number one for highest calorie drink racking on average 700 calories a pop. Ya, I just choked too. It’s the 3 different types of liquor, sugar infused liquor, and soda. NO BUENO. Also, they rank highest for making a night you will definitely forget, but remember in your bank account in the morning. JSYK.

For those of you who already know that – I’ve decided to find out the least caloric drink that you can still swallow without the probability of you yacking your whole pre-game. That was a lot of work in the first place. For the beer drinkers, light beer has that name for a reason. However, that usually means lower alcohol percentage. Why TF drink a beer that is 3% alcohol. The lowest calorie beer, that still is worth your while would probably be the Michelob Ultra at 95 calories a bottle and 4.2%. Anything past that, you’re above 100 calories a bottle.

Liquor is easy. Stick with the basics: vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, tequila. Mix these with any diet soda. Key word: diet. Keep that extra sugar outta here. Yes, I know… some people say diet soda causes all sorts of issues – just keep it in moderation please, you’ll be fine. And you don’t digest a drink full of real sugar which at this point is worse than fake sugar. Better yet, mix with soda water which is zero calories. Even better, be a bossbabe and get your fav liquor on the rocks. (Only one)

Wine. Bring on the Cabernet. Bring on the Merlot. Stay PG and enjoy some Pinot Grigio. Or how about a Petite Sirah? Wine is a remarkable thing to drink. There is always some heroic story of a winemaker who grew his grapes in soil made of gold. You ever hear about a bottle of water that was filled with cloud droplets filtered through diamonds? Ya, didn’t think so. Wine has culture is what I’m getting at. Instantly classy.

Alright, enough of that – can I have a drink now?




How to Not Dread Mondays

I don’t care how tired you are. Stop pressing snooze, you won’t get any more sleep and feel better 8 minutes from now when your alarm annoyingly rings your basic betch apple alarm again. Get up and attack the morning. Wake TF up and roll out of bed. Get those cozy slippers right by the edge of the bed so you don’t freeze your feet walking to greet your flawless, “I just woke up like this” face in the mirror. Okay, did we get that far? That was Step 1.

Step 2. Whatever gets you buzzin and gets your mind set for the day, whether that’s coffee or your favorite song, make it strong or play it loud. It’s all about getting energized and ready to take on anything life decides to throw at you. Does that mean getting your glam on and hair done? Do that. Does that mean going on a run? Do it. Maybe you just need to call your mom, IDK, but whatever it is, find your fire for the day and let the haters, hate.

Since most of my circle is graduated and can’t be badass and have a easy college schedule again, instead we must learn the 7 to 7 lifestyle. Instead, we must adapt to the working class routine. We’re here ladies. We made it – adulthood. I don’t even think were allowed to say that we’re “adulting” anymore because technically, we are adults. For those of you who don’t have a 7 to 7 and dread Mondays too, that’s okay. You think it’s tough now, just you wait.

There are many events that could throw a curveball to your Monday. For example, you walk outside ready to kill the day and guess what, your car battery is dead. Instantly denied a great start to your Monday. Or better yet, on your way to work in the morning you get in a car accident. Ahmahgawd, that would suck. I hope y’all know how not to drive like a dumb betch. How about, you walk into work and your co-worker immediately hits you with a call-back number for a complaining customer and they don’t know what to do and you have to fix it. Guess what, out of all those problems the world throws at you, you just got the opportunity to beat ’em. Your car battery is dead? Um, we all know how to use Uber. You got in a car accident? Y’all better have car insurance, and I hope to gawd that it wasn’t your fault. You have a problem right as you get into work? Solve it.

At the end of the day, I hope you can reflect on how you responded to the issues thrown your way and are proud of how you dealt with them. If not, think about what you could have done differently. If your Monday was flawless and an amazing day, thank yourself for whatever you do that makes it awesome. Make the best of every day; we are privileged to be here and have the opportunity to do so.






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