Slay Girls: Vol. 1

Volume 1


Slay Girl Vol. 1: Beyonce Knowles

I’m not sure if anyone has claimed to be the inventor of “slay“, but I’m about to do it for them and say that Beyonce just might be it. When did this all begin? Let’s rewind for a minute and really soak in Beyonce’s journey to the highest point in her career. It didn’t just happen overnight…

If you all don’t remember, Beyonce ruled the 90’s as the leader of Destiny’s Child. The energy doesn’t stop. After becoming one of the top selling girl groups, she made the decision to go her own way and become a multi-platinum solo artist. Let’s put this in a timeline for you, so you can plan out the next couple years and hope to catch up:

In 1992, her group was featured on Star Search, she signed with Columbia in 1997, and in 2001 she started her solo career and married Jay-Z. In 9 years, Beyonce started with a vision and kept going, kept working, kept putting out more and more songs and made top hits. She’s been making music not to just create a song to put on the radio – she is creating songs that are movements and ideas that she believes in.

In 2012 she had Blue Ivy; I’m sure you just thought twice and said, but it’s 2017? Yes, Beyonce has been KILLING IT and she had a kid 5 years ago. Oh ya, and is now currently prego with twins. This women’s persistence, determination and dedication is beyond amazing. Her net worth, racking in at about $450 million, is the result of relentless drive, strength, and so much consistency in her work. A hunger for not only making music, but communicating change.

Her music video, “Formation“, released earlier in 2016 was her turning point. It was also the turning point for many girls and women that received her message. The “slay” movement only began because of Beyonce. I’ll decide for you. I mean, the first line in this song is, “Y’all haters’ corny with that illuminati mess”. Straight up, Beyonce is gonna call you out:

The epitome of “slay” is Beyonce. Carry yourself with confidence, believe in who you are, and never give up for what you desire. Show your worth – don’t talk about it. Act on your dreams – don’t just think about them. Be who YOU are – not what someone thinks you should be.


Side note: She is most definitely NOT going to be at Coachella – who do you think will take her place?


Slay Girls: The Collection

At BecauseGirls, we reference “slay” quite a bit. We have it on our shirts, on our hats, on our leggings; you name it. But why? Over the past year, we have been witnessing the growing strength of a girl-power movement. Whether that was lead by Hillary Clinton running for prez, or Beyonce’s Superbowl performance – the U.S. has finally caught onto the idea that it’s sexy to have a “slay” type of demeanor. Why such the craze? What does “slay” even define? Here’s one of our interpretations:

Slay –  to have succeeded beyond limitations, to positively surpass expectations, to have confidence, to have brilliant purpose, encompass compassion, contagious energy and to dominate

Wow, doesn’t that sound enticing. That’s what the slay movement has brought about: having compassion, having spirit, and working hard to succeed – for yourself & for others. It’s about pushing past the limits you didn’t even know existed.

This movement not only has a meaning, but an image. The image is a part of the word. Maybe your definition of “slay” varies from someone else – that’s okay. At BG, we like bold statements. We like confidence and positive energy. At BG, we like expression. We like the idea that expression will empower us by being put together and by being progressive. The shirt we put on in the morning can be the simple reminder of our potential today, to win. had the priviledge to host our first Slay Girls photoshoot. Follow @becausethreads on IG, like our Facebook page, BecauseThreads, and follow these amazing women who we asked, “What does “slay” mean to you?”:

In tribute to the “slay”,  Slay Girls will be a titled collection of women who show an impressive and distinguished effort to define the true meaning, of “Slay”



Do You Have What it Takes?

2017 is here… Do you have what it takes to make it your year?

Once again, the earth has completed its orbit around the sun and will begin the journey once more. Does it sometimes feel like you’re going in circles? Well, you literally are. In just a few days is when the modern world has decided that this is when you have the chance to renew yourself. So, what you gonna do?

I have high expectations for you. Enough waiting for the right time, the right place, the right people. You’re already running out of time. But right now, reading this, maybe you’ll wake up and realize you got just the right amount of “slay” in you to take yourself to the next level. Sometimes we make promises to better ourselves. You know what is the hardest part? It’s not actually starting to make those changes, but keeping up with them. Do you have what it takes? Most people don’t, and old habits take over the brand new year again.

Take a minute, reflect with me for a second… how did 2016 turn out for you? Good? Well, let’s make it better. Bad? Well, you have nowhere to go but up. So let’s go. What are your goals? Attainable? If your goal is to make 1 million dollars next year, prove me wrong in saying I think you can’t. If you put your mind to it, you’re going to get much farther than if you never believed in yourself in the first place. I mean hey, starting your resolutions are part of the battle. Write them down. Remind yourself what you want and what gives you your fire. Maybe it changes over the year, but that is because you are growing as you adapt and transform. I would expect my girlfriends to change it up, keep growing, experiencing, and adventuring. If you’re not, that’s kind of boring. Who wants to be boring?

Start 2017 with a vision. You have 12 months to create another chapter of YOU. What do you want this chapter to be about? You, your career, friends, family, money… maybe a little bit of everything. Keep a fluid list of your goals, resolutions, and also write down along the way your accomplishments! Making new goals can also mean that you have achieved others. If you’re feeling like you just can’t beat the next bar you set for yourself, reflect back on obstacles you have already overcome. Get that motivation to once again climb the next mountain. Great things take patience. Keep at it. Your time is now.

We’re all about “slay” up in here




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