When Is It Time To Disconnect?

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog. These last few months have been interesting for me. After relentlessly working on this brand for the first half of the year, I hit a road block. It wasn’t necessarily because I ran out of steam or got burn out. It just seemed that I suddenly didn’t feel connected to the “why” I was doing what I was doing. Instead of being excited to create new topics and share my work, it started feeling forced. For any artist or creator, you might relate to this feeling of discouragement when your ideas feel forced instead of having a natural flow.

This ambition of wanting to create value and impact began to become a chore. Why am I doing this? Is this worth my time, my effort, my energy? Is anyone actually gaining anything from my insight? Do I even have the creditability to share my thoughts, let alone feel confident when someones reads them? The answers to my questions were shifting from yes’s… to no’s. I’m not looking for validation from anyone to keep going, rather just sharing this time in my life and why I chose to disconnect. Disconnect to reconnect.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out where I want to spend my energy. While I was holding myself to strong obligations of trying to write one blog every week to just keep pushing out content, it’s very time consuming and mentally draining. Why should I put out bullshit blog posts just to build a portfolio, while at the same time reducing the confidence in myself that I’m not bringing consistent value to my potential readers? Perhaps I’m too hard on myself, but that’s when I knew I had to take a step back.

When I started trying to observe what was worth my attention, I surprised myself of the things I unintentionally forgot about. Like, I didn’t even realize I had forgotten to post on the @becausegirls_ Instagram for an entire month. Who does that? Can you imagine forgetting for a whole month that you hadn’t posted to Instagram? Maybe if you’re not trying to be on social media, sure. But I had been really trying improve our following. I couldn’t believe I had totally shifted my attention elsewhere and literally forgot about the account.

Coming to the realization I had been that disconnected, and became so disconnected so easily – I knew with my heart and soul that it wasn’t worth my energy. I wasn’t soulfully invested to the success of the brand. And that realization really fuckin’ sucked. Now what? I tried to embody the brand, grow the brand, invest in the brand – and all of a sudden I try to shift focus and completely forget all the progress that I made, if any? It really makes you question your intention. That can be a scary thing.

What I chose to shift to my attention to was, myself. When I realized BecauseGirls wasn’t apart of my own focus, I knew I couldn’t progress the brand – at least not alone. BecauseGirls has had quite the journey. Starting out as a basic t-shirt brand, to turning into basic girl graphic tees with a subpar blog written by me, with a declining social media presence – the feeling of failure sets in. Because all of a sudden you realize it’s a one-woman show and no one else notices that the content flow stopped.

It’s in those moments you realize no one else is cheering you on. No one else is pushing you to succeed. No one else cares whether there’s a new blog post, a new social media post, or a new product being released. You are your own cheerleader. If there’s not a fire in your own heart to keep going, no one is going to throw more wood on your fire to help it burn. This was only one of the lessons I learned while taking a break from trying to grow a brand. You must carry your own discipline, your own motivation, and your own intention in what you are doing. If it’s not there, go back to the drawing board – disconnect to reconnect.

We’re in a time where being selfish shouldn’t be a negative thing. It is necessary. Being selfish isn’t the fact that you don’t care about others. It can be the act of having the intention and thoughtfulness to reconnect with your internal fire. If in those moments of selfishness, you can refocus your energy to help get back on track of how to serve yourself healthy and pure reasons of your actions. You can learn how to help serve others better. Or in my case, better serve myself. Like the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

When you’re focusing on something you’re not truly connected to, it drains your energy even faster. It becomes an internal battle of knowing you’re not serving yourself. It becomes an internal battle of holding back your true potential. Gut instincts and intuition are feelings that no one else understands but you. But those feelings are so pure that you know when you’re going against them. It’s completely draining. I’ve come to try and learn these signals to be able to differentiate between burn out, or that what I’m spending my energy on truly isn’t serving my purpose.

In these times, is the chance for growth. It’s the chance to start to learn more about yourself, what you desire, what you want, love, and need more of in your life. Being restless or dissatisfied with the current circumstances isn’t a bad thing. It’s the signal that things need to change – to listen to your intuition, listen your soul’s little voice saying hey, wake up and get after what you really want. Or it’s saying hey, don’t waste your energy on something that isn’t serving you, deeply. Disconnect to reconnect. Everything will still be there when you’re ready for it. At least that’s what I believe.

When you begin to have that level of respect for yourself, to really connect with your internal fire, your souls intuition, and the care you need to have for your own energy – it is then, when you can truly start to shine from the inside out. It is then, when things stop feeling so forced and fake. Protect your energy, enforce your own accountability to yourself, and don’t be ashamed to put yourself first.


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Your Destress To-Do List

What’s causing you stress? What are those things that are making the mind boil and thoughts run wild? We need to figure out what those are first before we can figure out how to destress. Being stressed gets to be too much. It can be exhausting. Stress is also known to cause health problems! If we can figure out how to eliminate stress in our day-to-day, not only will we be happier but we will also benefit in all aspects of our life. We can be more productive, think more clearly, our body will function normally, and we can approach whatever shit life throws at us better.

One thing that causes me stress is my job. Engineering life moves fast, customers expect you to be at their beck and call, and starting my new position as engineering manager I have a lot of people depending on me to make sure things run smoothly. Another stress trigger is running this blog and our ecommerce store. With the pressures of keeping our social media flowing, trying to get you guys fresh content and valuable topics to read about, my plate gets full pretty quick. Not to mention keeping up with my relationship, my family, and myself. My blood pressure is rising just writing about it.

So, coming from a girl whose stress levels are fairly high, I’m always looking for ways to bring my stress levels down. I assume that lots of you also carry a heavy plate, so I wanted to compile my list of ways to destress. It’s imperative to our success to ensure we get a break. The last thing we need is to burn out. Feeling overwhelmed is the absolute worst. It’s mentally and physically draining when we feel like we just can’t do it all. But, I sincerely believe that we can. Doing a self-check from time to time can make all the difference keeping a positive mindset and an elevated motivation.

Your Destress To-Do List

  • Go on a walk – This is my number one go-to. When I can’t figure something out or my thoughts just aren’t flowing like I want them to, I take a break and walk my roommates dog or walk around my facility at work and talk to my technicians. It gives my mind a rest and I usually come back feeling refreshed, ready to take another stab at what I was working on
  • Take a shower, a nice long hot one – This is my number two go-to. There is something therapeutic about taking a moment to care for yourself. Get all the smells from your yummy soaps, hair products, and lather up in your favorite lotion afterwards. Just like trying to align your thoughts when they’re running too fast, cleaning up gives me a sense of starting again with a clean slate
  • Workout, no matter how short the session, just get moving – The mind needs to exercise too. The heart rate needs to elevate. Exercise is world renowned for releasing those feel-good endorphins. Let me tell you, it works every single time. Even if I could only fit in 30 minutes, I walk away from that workout thankful that I gave my body the time it needs away from sitting at a computer or on my phone. Oh, and the sauna afterwards is a dream. Sweat out all the bullshit
  • No shame, have a glass of wine or two – A couple glasses of wine aren’t gonna hurt ya. A nice bottle of red wine actually has some good antioxidants. Don’t beat yourself up treating that hard worked mind and body a little relaxation in a glass. Plus it feels pretty classy. Cheers to us
  • Put on some of your favorite music, the louder the better – Oh my gosh, what would I do without music!? Music is my mood-booster. Throw on the Beyonce, the Cardi B, the deep house beats. Fuel the soul with some good sounds, sing along, and shake that booty your momma gave you. I can’t go anywhere without some headphones
  • Cook yourself a healthy dinner, I highly recommend music to accompany your cook flow – Feeding your body good food feels amazing for all the senses. Your mind feels good knowing your feeding yourself quality fuel, your body feels good absorbing it, and I’m sure your kitchen will smell amazing. Try cooking something new or prep your lunch for the next day. Start a party for yourself and enjoy the time in the kitchen
  • Get those super fresh clean sheets from the dryer and make your bed – Getting into bed with fresh clean sheets is my absolute favorite. Not only do I think it helps me sleep better, there’s something about my dryer sheet scent that just lets me take a huge breath of release finally getting to lie down after a long day (Downy Botanical Mist is the current fav)
  • Go on a hike, get out in nature – Thank Mother Nature for the grand world around us. Getting out in nature is grounding. You get to feel the dirt beneath your feet, breathe in some fresh air, and get a change in scenery. Exploring is exciting and puts at ease all the other reality checks. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and soak in the beauty of our planet
  • Or, find your apartment hot tub & go for a swim – Another favorite of mine. I like to say I’m a part of the hot tub club. Who wants to be in my club?! Swimming is instant relaxation for me. It just feels good. Get that bikini on no matter the season and take a dip
  • Find somewhere in your town that is a prime spot to watch the sunset – Talk about a good time for self-reflection. Sunsets are beautiful. It marks a close to the day. I find that this is my favorite time to reflect on the day while admiring our beautiful sun. This is a good time to practice gratitude, an exercise that helps me accept all the craziness
  • Call your parents/siblings – If they are the kind that will calm you down, give them a ring. I know there are those family members that calling them might stress you out more – don’t do that. Haha. When I’m overflowing from every angle, I like to call my dad. He’s always so calm and makes me feel so much better after spending some time to talk together
  • Read a good book – Take a break from the scrolling and just take time to absorb what you’re reading. I’ve found that it feels amazing to slow down and read at my own pace. We’ve become so accustomed to the constant uploading, new posts, new IG stories – back to back to back. It never stops. Slow down and take in some educational reading. It feels really good
  • Listen to some podcasts – I find it relaxing hearing someone talk to me about something and I can just press play or pause. It also takes my mind off whatever I’m stressing about. I have another blog listing out podcasts I like to listen to. Finding podcasts with topics I enjoy helps me reset my thinking and get a little pep-talk
  • Organize your emails – This might just be me, but I hate having disorganized emails. Clear out that inbox, unsubscribe to those annoying promos and ads. Doing this helps me feel more centered with what I have going on and what I need to do
  • Sit down in a quiet space and write down what you need to do – Stress can sometimes be created unnecessarily. I’m totally guilty of overthinking everything and working myself up for the wrong reasons. Take just a few minutes to sit down with yourself, go through everything your stressing over, make a list, then prioritize and take action
  • Wake up early, like 5am – Okay, not like every morning. I can’t even do that. But, try it one morning. Since its summer, the sun rises pretty early. It’s light by 5:30am, at least here in AZ. Go to a local coffee shop to watch the sunrise and prepare yourself for the day with your beverage of choice, and a notebook or your laptop. Make that list of what you need to do and create an action plan for the day. Nothing feels better than getting a jump start. Plus, I think it’s a good #slaygirl trait to get in the habit of ♡ wink wink ♡

OK, ladies! You ready to lower those stress levels?! If you found this list helpful, I’d be more than happy to know. Better yet, what are some of your favorite ways to destress? Maybe BG should host a destress event. We could all meet up and do something off my list to help us reset. That’s another thing – girls are stronger in numbers. Put the catty shit aside, when like-minds come together and there’s some high quality discussion, count me in.

I’m wishing you all a calm and productive day. Believe in yourself. You can do whatever you put your mind to.


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The C.E.E.D.

There is definitely a science behind content creation. Whether you like to believe it or not, the human eye has a love for design. If your goal on social platforms is to inspire your audience and serve a purpose with your content, there is an art to learn. Whether you want to motivate others, share your story with others, have them relate to you, or create an impact – this concept is for you. Taking notes from the leader almighty himself, Gerard Adams, he has broken down the formula for social impact into 4 sectors: C.E.E.D.

C – Concepts

E – Experience

E – Execution

D – Distribution

Take for example, this play on words of “ceed” instead of, “seed”. If you want your online presence to flourish, this is the seed you need to plant and nurture. Growing an audience with your work takes time and patience. Just like growing a flower from scratch, it’s not always promising at first. You start with a pot and some dirt, some water and some sunlight, and wait patiently taking care of it every day in hopes that one day you’ll get a flower. Are you trying to grow your social presence? Let’s get into some details of the ingredients that you need to nurture every day in hopes that you will soon bloom into a beautiful expression of what you stand for.

C – Concepts

There are so many social platforms to utilize in order to get your message out there. The big question is, what do you post? Creating content can seem daunting, or maybe you already have the hang of it, but it is what draws your audience in. What sort of content do you like? Is it motivating? Beautiful scenery? Images or text? The opportunities are endless of what sort of imagery or text that you can design to relay your message. A strong underlying theme does however surface as to why you might follow certain businesses or people – usually this is their story. Whether you have a product, service, or experience to offer – your audience wants to have trust in you and be able to relate to you. When you can find a creative way to share your story, whether you are in the middle of your process or at the end, your story can be captivating to your audience and make them more loyal to you. Maybe you have had some hardships in your life and you can share how you’ve overcome those. What are some turning points in your business or mindset that made you make a change? Being able to show your story to your audience makes you vulnerable, but this is when you can begin to show what lessons you’ve learned and how others can learn from your own experience.

E – Experience

You have lived through your own experience, but how do you give that to your audience? What are you giving them to experience? What is their own experience while consuming your content? Creating an experience for your audience is the next important step. Everyone’s time is valuable and they want to spend their time in a meaningful way. Being able to create a valuable experience for your audience will only make them want to come back for more. This could be an awesome workout video, maybe an effective workbook, or a great networking event. Prior to publishing your content or creating something for your audience, Gerard (link to YouTube) asks you to answer these 4 questions as a #gutcheck to your purpose:

  1. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Will this help someone in some way?
  2. What’s in it for them? (Tip: your content is not for you, it is for your audience)
  3. What is the clear take away?
  4. What is the ultimate experience for them? How can they use what you learned and apply it to their life?

After you’ve shared your content, the next important step you can’t forget is to engage. Engagement will let your audience know that you are listening to them, that you’re thankful for their attention and their time. Comment back, DM back, maybe check out their profile and give them a few comments too. Humans want recognition for their work and feel good when it’s received. What goes around comes around. Remember to engage with your audience.

E – Execution

Take action. Actually delivering and taking action on your word is what will gain you credibility. Being consistent with your message and continuing to give your audience the content they crave will make sure your audience sticks around. Consistency is key and being sure to continue sharing your journey and your story is a must. Gerard (link to YouTube) suggests to master one platform. It can be hard to continuously post on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube – ohmygosh it gets to be too much. Focus on one platform and master it, then move to the next. Be sure whatever one you stick to, you keep your consistency and commit to it. A good tip that I feel everyone gets hung up on is: over analyzing what you post. Don’t over analyze!!! Just keep posting good, high-quality content every day. Share your why, be vulnerable, be personal – it’s about sharing your story and how others can learn from you and be more good because of you. Then, show them how to execute just like you. Make sure your message is crystal clear so they know your mission. Whatever you are doing to succeed, show your audience what they need to do too.

D – Distribution

As I said above, Gerard (link to IG) suggests to master one platform. To keep up with your audience you have got to consistently distribute your content. Consistently post, consistently comment, consistently share your story. Once you learn how to scale on one platform, the others can become easier to spread your audience to. It’s really hard to try and consistently post on five different platforms and hope one takes off. Your time is valuable just like who follows you. Focus on one platform (or two), and work to master that one and master your content you are sharing. A lot of platforms make it easy to share the content across all the others. Just be sure that the content you are sharing will vibe well across the platforms.

Get your great ideas out there with endless valuable content, share your story in a compelling way, build your online influence by showing your audience what they can learn from you, and cultivate powerful connections within your network. Don’t over analyze your content, get your message clear, and make your plan how to start building your legacy and your impact. Start growing that CEED!!!

If you’re looking for more motivated people to grow your network, check out BecauseGirls Facebook page, or visit if you want to get involved and share your story with us. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see our content for inspiration. Maybe we are trying to use too many platforms! But, we’ve begun to share our message across all platforms and sharing content to work to grow a community of business-minded girls and women working to improve and succeed in what they do.


All Credits go to Gerard Adams – Watch His Video Here

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Law of Attraction

Hop on this helicopter ASAP. Or better yet ladies, hop on this diamond cinderella carriage as soon as you can. Have you heard about this yet? The law of attraction, my friends. The law of attraction. This shit, is cool. This shit is something that is overlooked, underrated, and totally underestimated. Wake up. Toughen up. This world is not nice. Reality will not play nice with you. You must take control of your own destiny. It is absolutely possible. I’m getting kind of intense right now about this law of attraction thing because this shit is real. Believe it.

I’m going to walk through this topic in a way that is constructive for me in hopes that it is just as constructive for you. This concept is building off my last post about designing your life with vision boards. This concept is very similar, but is much more powerful if you actually put your intentions into actions. Let’s deep dive this and get into the details of the law of attraction:

Law of Attraction – the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life

Put even more simply, the law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. This idea is physics, philosophical, and psychological. Being that I have an engineering background, my nerd side drifts towards whether the science is indeed factual. The law of attraction for a long time has been a topic of debate with arguments like: science can’t prove it, it’s not scientifically real, it’s pseudoscience (no scientific evidence). However, slowly as science has progressed, there have been small success studies piecing together some evidence that this theory is scientifically true.

I’m not going to get nitty gritty into the scientific side, I don’t want to bore you with that. But if you want me to get factually detailed, reach out in the comments and let me know! I’ve also linked a few articles if you want to browse on your own. Some people resonate better with the law of attraction when the theory is proven factual and scientifically true. Some of us however might not really need the facts, we just need to understand the power of the mental concept behind this. What I really want to talk about is how you can use the concept, how you can apply it and how to start using the law of attraction to your advantage.

The law of attraction is based on the concept that like attracts like. Things in our universe – objects, people, thoughts, feelings – tend to migrate towards one another if there is something that attracts the other to it. It’s a universal principle in quantum physics. What makes it hard to believe or understand, is that it seems kind of magical. How the hell can I start thinking about a mansion on the oceanside and then it becoming where I live in real life? This is where we have to dig deep with our relationship with our self and our relationship with the universe. Do you believe you can influence your thoughts and actions? Or do you think that the universe makes things happen to you?

The universal truth is, your thoughts do have an effect on your surroundings and events that happen around you. If you are able to come in tune with these relationships, it is then that you can begin to attract things into your life. If you are able to understand the content that you want to attract into your life and you understand the energy you need to expend to bring that content into your life, then we’re talkin’. There are lots of celebrities that have talked about how they feel they’ve successfully used the law of attraction and why they believe in it.

Make a choice of what you want, who you want to be and how you’re going to do it. The universe will get out of your way – Will Smith

  1. Make the Decision – I can’t help but think of Captain Jack Sparrow and his compass. Fun fact, I’m a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan. Remember how he has to decide what he wants first, and then the compass will point him in the right direction? Remember what happened when he couldn’t decide what he wanted? Poor Jack didn’t know what direction to go and his compass was then broken. This is exactly like the law of attraction – you must know what you want before you know what way to go. As long as you have a clear mind and know exactly what you want, finding the direction of where to put your energy towards becomes a lot easier.
  2. Believe in Yourself – If you don’t wholeheartedly believe you deserve what you are seeking, the universe will know and will make it much harder to get what you want. Whatever deep-rooted doubts or fears you have, you must address those with love and forgiveness. Otherwise, those internal negative feelings will compete with the energy you should be releasing to what you desire. The love you have for yourself is very important and will help combat the obstacles that come your way.
  3. Practice Awareness – Throughout your journey, you will probably be approached with the opportunity to try new things. In order to get something you’ve never had you must be willing to try things you’ve never done. Instead of being afraid or having doubt in yourself trying something new, you can be thankful that you’ve been given the opportunity to do something you’ve never done and try your best. This is called gratitude. This mindful practice has been known to help adjust your mindset to make you more open to possibilities. Do not let this concept of how your thoughts attract your surroundings make you feel guilty or ashamed of events that have already happened. If your fears have already manifested negative events in your life, do not feel responsible for your failure. Work on your new awareness with your new thoughts and use gratitude to help accept what has already happened. Focus on where you are now, who you are now, and work with your current and most relevant self.
  4. Take Action – Nope. You can’t just think of things and they’ll happen. You must take action. Go out and start doing what you most desire to do. Take baby steps. Jack Sparrow had to go find his first crew in the bar to be able to sail his ship! He didn’t know a single crew member except for Mr. Gibbs, but he knew he needed a crew to sail to his next destination. Get out of your comfort zone, believe in yourself, and start taking action. Want to fit into a size 2 instead of a size 4? Go buy those jeans in a size 2. Act like you are going to achieve your intention and you are already well on your way to putting that positive energy into what you want. Taking action shouts loud and clear to the universe that you are ready for change.
  5. Persistence & Patience – There is no specific timeline for how long it will take you to manifest what you want in your life. If you feel stuck or impatient, you can revisit these steps along the way. Are you starting to doubt yourself? Return to Step 2. Do you not feel as connected with your direction? Return to Step 1. Are you losing your belief in this concept? Return to Step 3. Above all, the persistence and consistency of energy that you are able to maintain directed to what you want most, will inevitably yield you your result.

You can create your reality. With your energy you put forth, your intention you have within you, and the actions you perform – you can attract the things you want most. But let me be brutally honest, you better be ready to work. You better be ready to put the hours in. You must be focused, committed and dedicated to the one who’s running the show – YOU. You don’t have a coach telling you what to do, you won’t have anyone else making sure you work on your vision. This is purely and indefinitely your own endeavor. And I have absolute confidence in you that you can do it!!!


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You Can Design Your Life: Here’s How

The art of design can be applied in many aspects of our lives. We commonly hear about interior design or fashion design, but I’m going to talk about life design. There is something about thinking of an idea in your mind and then making it come to life. When we can imagine something and then create it, that makes us feel pretty darn good. The same way that you might design an outfit or your room, it all starts with a vision. Some people are familiar with the term, vision boarding. I’ve always been a fan of vision boards even before I knew that is what people called them. I just liked cutting images and phrases out of magazines in high school and making collages because I loved looking at all the beautiful outfits, nice purses, and inspiring words of women I looked up to. Nowadays making vision boards is the cool thing to do. There are a ton of different ways, but here’s some favorites of mine for you to try:

Old-Fashioned Cork Board

It doesn’t get better than having those ideas physically right in your hand. Get some magazines, print out some quotes, use a photo delivery service like FreePrints or Shutterfly for pretty cheap and good quality photos to make your vision collage even more boujee. Get creative one weekend and become so excited about designing your life or your future that this “project” becomes totally fun – it should be! It can be a work in progress too. Just getting the board up on your wall and a few quotes or pictures that you like is the perfect start. You can build upon it as your vision evolves and grows. Build it in a way that it’s your daily reminder of why you are working so hard at what you do. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either. In college, I used to tear the pages out of magazines of all the fitness and fashion models and tape them on my wall until one day it was totally covered with pictures of these beautiful and in shape women. I loved it and served me every day pushing me to keep my goal in front and remind me why the result is worth the extra work. Here’s some examples of my home made ones, nothing glamourous!:


You know what’s so cool about Pinterest? Pinterest actually calls your collections “boards”. Make your vision “board” in your Pinterest app. It’s digital, but as we are in a digital world, Pinterest makes it really easy to add to your vision collection on the go. Even while you are surfing the web and find something you totally love that’s fits your vision – you can pin it to Pinterest and add it to your vision board. It’s a different style than like a cork board collage, but it’s still a way to collect images, phrases, and information in one place that you can reference for inspiration or motivation. Check out my vision board on Pinterest for some inspo if you need a kickstart. (Yes, I even call it my “vision” board)


Haven’t heard of this one before? Neither did I, until I met this amazing fashion and stylist blogger, and haven’t been more excited to make vision boards. Polyvore is actually a shopping and fashion app. It has libraries of designer products like shoes, bags, clothing, even furniture and interior decor. But it allows you to save the product images to a “collection” and you can make a collage, Polyvore calls it a “set”, of all the products you save to your collection. What is so cool is that most products you can find as PNGs and essentially you can make sets that look like those magazine collages we know so well from Cosmopolitan or Vogue of pieces of an outfit. Then, counter in the fact that you can upload your own images, you can use their editor as a super awesome tool to make mini vision boards (aka “sets”). It’s totally awesome, I absolutely love it. When I get some inspiration of what I want or what I am envisioning, I collect all the pieces the best I can and throw them into Polyvore. It’s digital, but being able to think of something and then bring it to life using this first step of manifestation, it feels SO good. It also gives you a tool to share your vision with other people! Sometimes it’s hard to explain what you’re envisioning or what your vibe is, and this is an awesome app to combine all of those and end up with a piece of work you can show people. Here’s an example of some of the sets I put together with this new “palm vibe” I have brewing for the spring season, you can also find my profile in-the-making here:


Take control and design your life. If you are not where you want to be, take action and find those physical affirmations of what you want it to be. Find those pictures of fashion that you love and then try them for yourself. Find those pictures of fitness models and workout plans and put them into action. Create collections of information you want to learn and start finding ways to gain that knowledge. I’ve said before how amazing it is that we have so much information at our fingertips, but it all comes down to how we actually use it and how we put it into action. Have fun with this! It feels SO good to have an idea and then create it. Or maybe you don’t have an idea! – start collecting things anyways, see what your collection starts to become, and I’m sure you’ll start to see a trend with your interests.

I’m always looking for new ways to create and bring ideas to life. If you have other ways that you like to manifest with, please comment below and I’ll give them a shot!

Or better yet, share your creations with us! You can tag @becausegirls_ on Instagram with hashtag, #becausegirlsblog and we’ll take a look or give you a shoutout on our page!

Get out there and start designing your life!




Cover picture credit goes to this wonderful woman – check out her blog too!

Podcasts You Should Listen To

If you have not tapped into the knowledge contained in podcasts, I’d absolutely recommend dabbling in a few. Podcasts are essentially talk shows conducted by anyone who decides they want to share information with the world. I’ve taken advantage of road trips, airplane rides, and down days at work to really work through some content on some well known podcasts. If you’re a seasoned podcast listener, I may be preaching to the choir. But if you have not started listening to podcasts and want to, below is a list of podcasts I’ve enjoyed listening to. I’ll try and describe in summary the gist of their content. Some shows you might vibe with better than others. Find who you like to listen to and take the time to consume their intellect, reflect how you could use it to your advantage, and go out and implement.

Podcasts you should listen to

The MFCEO Project – Andy Frisella #100to0

Are you really ready to become the mother fuckin’ CEO? Andy is tough, real, practical, and an inspirational speaker. He’s not afraid to tell you right to your face why you are failing. I vibe well with his shows because I have that “real” sort of outlook on life. Some may be offended or might think he’s too critical – but I love that because life is never going to go easy on you. I enjoy most of his longer shows interviewing other distinguished individuals such as:

  • Insanity, Intensity, and Becoming a Peak Performer with Tim Grover – In case you don’t know who Tim Grover is, he was once legendary basketball player Michael Jordan’s life coach. This episode goes deep into competition, relating sports discipline to business discipline, and the intricate relationship you need to have between the balance of your team and your business.
  • Creativity, Conflict, and the Art of Making Millions with Randall Pich – Randall Pich is CEO of LVFT, a fitness lifestyle apparel brand that is killing it right now. He shares his story of growing up in a ghetto lifestyle and how everything in his life was an obstacle trying to deny him success.
  • Money, God, and Maxing Out with Ed Mylett – I’m usually not the “God” type, but Ed is an inspirational older gentleman that has embraced the changing social media platforms and adapting to how he can use it to his advantage. His multi-million dollar mindset is one of the highest paid influencers Andy has featured on his show.
  • Impact Over Income with Navy Seal J.P. Dinnell – I save this one for last because this has been one of my favorite episodes to listen to across all other podcasts. J.P. has a contagious enthusiasm for following through with what he loved to do – protect his country. This discussion reaches through all concepts of how much mindset comes into play and how Navy Seals are one of the most reputable sectors of the military. Absolutely inspiring.

The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk

This podcast will relate to those of you more in the small business or start up atmosphere. Most of his episodes relate to building your empire, legacy, or whatever it is you are pursuing. He is another influencer that is extremely well known for his “cold hard truth” mentality and will challenge you to go beyond your limitations.

  • A Keynote: Freedom Fast Lane Live – Number 70 of his episode list, his keynotes are his public speaking opportunities with certain events around the globe. The topic for this conference was capitalism. He goes into why he invested into Twitter, discusses self-awareness, how to scale things that you are good at, and why it’s so important to invest into your own strengths.
  • Airplane Project Tracks 1-12 – This is an interesting compilation of 5-15 minute discussions, or rants, were Gary gets a little deeper with you on more real life concepts that are applicable to everyone. He isn’t just about business in this series, but more intuitive with your outlook on your life.

Style Your Mind – Cara Alwill Leyba

For all of my slay girls out there, Cara hosts a podcast built for just us. She is bubbly, lovely, and really gets to the point. I do have to say that sometimes I’m not ready for her amount of girly, but I know there are lots of girls out there that would like her style. Most of her episodes are under 20 minutes and deliver a quick pep talk on a certain hot topic she’s into. Cara worked for MTV until she realized she wanted to be a life coach and published her own book, Girl Code. I own it, read it, and loved it. If maybe you don’t like her episodes, I highly recommend the book.

YouTube channels you should watch

  • Leaders Create Leaders by Gerard Adams has completely transformed over the years into an impressive collection of inspirational stories. His guests are reputable business owners making MOVES in the business world. The way he’s developed his video content – the interviews are totally captivating.
  • Absolute Motivation has a massive library of influential people.
  • If you’re like me and love the #bossbabe movement, the CEO of BossBabe, Natalie Ellis, has created a new YouTube channel just recently that shares all her social media tips and tricks.
  • I will also put one more on here that is a littllllle out there – no joke, I found this chick while searching about moving to Maui and she has this energy is that pretty cool. If you want to get down with your hippie self, Larissa Joy shares a very real energy through the camera that some people will vibe with. It’s not for everyone, but like I said in the very beginning – you will find you vibe better with some influencers more than others.

OK, well that ends my list! These podcasts and YouTube channels have TONS of episodes and content for you to absorb. Don’t just listen to listen. Sit down with a notebook, write down what stands out to you, and try and replicate those actions or beliefs in your day-to-day life! See if this way of learning works for you. I know I’ve really enjoyed listening to these influencers speak. I hope that you can raise your intellect to where you feel accomplished with what you’ve done for the day. Sometimes we get down in the routine and feel kind of stagnant in the reality of 9 to 5’s. My advice is whenever you start feeling that way, throw on one of these episodes and I bet that you’re mood will change for the better.

Find the voice that can be a mentor for you and help you through what you’re working on. Besides the ones I listed, there are so many more to explore. Easy access to knowledge has not been more prevalent in any generation prior to ours. It’s time to start taking advantage of the privileges we have for the betterment of our future.




A Peek into Arcosanti

There has been more conversation lately about sustainable living. Among ideas of sustainable energy and being environmentally friendly, there is a lifestyle change that we all need to consider to make this happen. Climate change is right in front our face. Whether it is human caused or the course of an Earth cycle, in my opinion it is hard to ignore. Less than usual rain causing humungous wild fires and destruction, increasingly powerful tropical storms and hurricanes unlike anything we’ve seen, and more animal species threatened for extinction than we’ve ever recorded in history due to ecosystems degrading their ability to support life. The top of the food chain is humans – that’s the undeniable fact. In case it’s been awhile since you’ve been in a science class, if the bottom of the food chain is in trouble and diminishing, the top of the food chain might not feel the effect just yet, but it soon will. Either the top of the food chain dies off too, or has to adapt to another lifestyle in order to counteract that it’s current lifestyle is no longer sustainable. This appears to be the state of the Earth – right now.

Arcosanti Vaults Meeting Room Entrance

The incredible thing that we’ve underrated, is that WE have the power to make a difference. Humans are the most capable species on this Earth and we are abusing the privilege of living on a self-sustaining planet. We are exploiting our resources, polluting what is left of them, and ignoring the health and stability of the very system that allows us to have the lifestyle we have. It is incredible to me when it appears leaders, governments, and people of influence in this world are not putting more focus into sustaining the place that we live. Let alone that when the conversation starts talking about sustainability, environmentalism, or communal social groups, that those leaders carry an uninterested undertone. Those are the topics that should be the headlines of our news – the state of the very planet that is letting all of us live at the level we’re at.

Arcosanti Amphitheater: Soleri’s Room

There was one man who decided to do something about it and turn his idea for a solution into something real – Arcosanti. It is a micro-city built by Architect, Paolo Soleri, to test his ideas of restructuring the urban sprawl of cities. This resonated with me as I have been continuously thinking of how to rescue our oceans. The idea came to me various times that the issue is not necessarily top-down – governments laws and restrictions or industrial negative influences – but that it is primarily bottom-up. The individual population has a huge influence in consumer habits, waste production, and contribution to the need for more space, more resources, more of everything to sustain. We may think that growth is enabling us or that bigger is better, when really we are on the path to inhibiting ourselves. Wasted time, resources, and creating more and more waste:

The problem I am confronting is the present design of cities only a few stories high, stretching outward in unwieldy sprawl for miles. As a result, they literally transform the earth, turn farms into parking lots, wasting enormous amounts of time and energy transporting people, goods, & services over their expanses. My solution is urban implosion rather than explosion. –Paolo Soleri, 1977

I went and took a visit for myself. There was something that I observed instantly. It’s something that I feared in that moment, I knew would be so difficult to overcome. It would be one of the most difficult ideas to influence. It may be the very hindrance that contributes to the leaders of the world uninterested undertone. It’s that this lifestyle – although resourceful, communal, and simplistic – is not glamorous. It is not Lamborghini’s and designer handbags. It is not Starbucks and pumpkin spice lattes. It is not a desired lifestyle for many. It almost hurt me a little after seeing this lifestyle, that although this is one way that a community has tried to counter the destruction of the Earth by becoming more resourceful and mindful of the way they use their energy, food and mind – I wouldn’t want to live that way. Thus, because I have the opinion of myself that I am not overly needy of a glam lifestyle, it may have been a little shocking to me that I didn’t think I could live in that society. If I couldn’t, then how the hell am I going to try and convince others to do so?

Community Dining Hall

First of all, this is only one example of a community trying sustainable living. Yes, the architecture is interesting, the message is positive, and the people are absolutely the sweetest and most genuine – but I find it hard for a lot of people in this world to accept the truths behind living sustainably. Smaller living quarters, no exuberant materials, no 5-star restaurants, no shopping malls or massive gyms. The lifestyle is drastically different than what the norm has become, and the norm has unfortunately become a standard from a non-sustainable model.

Arcosanti Living Room

This is when I have to have hope that the people can harness empathy for the Earth and it’s inhabitants – including ourselves. Like I said earlier, this is a bottom-up project. This is going to require us to consider our lifestyle, our use of resources, and our effect to this planet. I have to hope that selfishness will not be the trait that destroys us. Sustainability, environmentalism, and community are not topics to be ignored. They should actually be the forefront of our efforts, they should be admirable, and they are not something to be ashamed of.

Arcosanti Vaults

Even if your daily efforts are to refuse the plastic straw at a restaurant, take your reusable bags to the grocery store, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, or carpool around your city – there are small, individual actions we can take to move towards a global solution. The first step to making a change is awareness – something I hope I’ve shared in this post.


Check out their blog written by the lovely lady in the picture above and leave a comment:


What I’ve Learned Two Years Out of College

Are you still in college? Keep reading. Did you not go to college and thinking about it? Still keep reading…

There is a huge misconception within modern society that not enough people are talking about: the modern education path is outdated.

Let me set some creditability real quick – I’m a Chemical Engineering graduate from an ABET accredited university (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) and just past my two years with my employer in the semiconductor industry. I’ve done my fair share of following modern educational paths to reach the “promised” destination: a job.

There might be some miscommunication by universities that if you follow their educational path that you’ll find happiness and wealth, when really, a job is a job and you could actually just be hardly getting by making it paycheck to paycheck. A mediocre job doesn’t promise you the lifestyle you might imagine. But unfortunately, most college degrees will put you into the mediocre genre.

All that studying, or not studying, will spit you out into a competitive and relentless world. Wake up, honey. You think you can get away with cheating off your partner in class and taking easy classes to get easy credits – you’ll really start to feel the reality of that out of college – it’s called a paycheck. Those big corporations won’t have time for the cheaters or the slackers.

So what’s a mediocre girl to do? First off – you’re not mediocre. You’re actually the most amazing female that has ever walked this Earth. Second, you better get to know yourself and what you’re willing to work for. That’s really the secret right there. In college, they preach to us that these classes are what you need to get a degree and that is what will bring you happiness. I’m calling that BS. A degree is a helping hand into a job. That job, whether it is well paying or not, is not your path to happiness – it’s the path to working for someone else. However, if you’re willing to not go the safe route or willing to go for a degree that isn’t the promised fat paycheck, you are bound to love more of what you do and thus gain more satisfaction with what or who you’re working for.

For example: If you are working towards a degree and you hate your classes, you better get use to it because those are your career options. Unless you are a mastermind at manipulating your resume to essentially fake your skills, you’re stuck with your degree hun. Now, if you love your classes, go you bae, you’re well on your way to being excited about your career after college. If you’re like me however, and are promised by choosing a particular degree that you’re promised a higher pay-out, be warned that you’ll have to learn to love it.

Disclaimer: Yes, you can work your way to change your career towards other avenues… but damn is it hard and damn is it long. You thought college was long? Guess what, people spend YEARS at companies until they get that big raise or get a big level change. Although I’ve been lucky enough to be placed in a company just at the right time to expedite my role a little faster than most, it took more than just 40 hours a week.

If you’re in college, don’t waste your time in bullshit courses. Take classes that actually interest you. Go for a degree that actually interests you. Don’t listen to your mom, your dad, your aunt – listen to yourself. Don’t waste your college tuition on courses that you hate. As long as that end goal is truly what you want, it’s easier to change within the modern education system rather than out of it.

If you’re a drop-out or never went to college, like I said above, a degree is a helping hand. But that doesn’t mean you are totally prohibited from being successful. The same values stand true. Figure out what you want to work for. Money will come later.

No matter your circumstance, your work ethic will rise above anyone who has less. Always strive for more and always strive for being a better you. In the end, there’s only one way to go: UP

Share your success story in the comments whether it be your experience after college or nothing to do with college, how the modern education “path” may have suited you or not, and how you’re making it in the real world. 

Much Love,

XOXO – Slay Girl



Be Addicted to Motivational People

Motivational people are easy to find these days: social media, podcasts, audio books, YouTube, and almost anywhere on the internet. Motivational speeches, discussions, visuals, and content of that nature can have some powerful meanings behind them if you let them.

Recently on my drive out to San Diego, I came across an interview on SoundCloud of Gary Vaynerchuk and Cy Wakeman. It’s about an hour long and I had some time to kill. I was so surprised how much I loved this interview. When I was just looking for some inspiration while driving through the desert wastelands, I came across a conversation between two very intuitive and motivational individuals. I’d highly suggest you take a listen for yourself, but I’ll share with you the highlights I noted during their conversation of leadership and reducing drama in the workplace:

the 5 aspects of being an effective leader

  • Adversity

You gotta have some thick skin, girl. Lessons will eventually teach you that having resilience in the face of adversity will be one of your more advantageous strengths. One step to gaining that resilience is knowing your own truth, and that is learning how to block out all the voices of the haters. You get decide whether you deserve your own circumstance. Drama is wasted mindful energy. Focus on results because what gets you success is usually what makes you happy.

  • Accountability

Different people could have a different idea of “what” to be accountable to, whether that be their boss, their mom, their own self; but what you must actually be accountable to is the truth. When people aren’t accountable to the truth, this is where their ego steps in. Ego is different than confidence. Ego is the filter that distorts reality and what creates judgement. Ego is the “creator” of all stories. You could be walking down the hall way and don’t smile at Jill, and she all of a sudden thinks you didn’t smile at her because she didn’t come to your employee lunch and thinks your mad. When really, you didn’t smile because you were on the phone with Joe closing a deal. Ego is different than confidence, where confidence is the “writer” of all stories. Confidence is positive when used correctly.

  • Trutality

I think trutality is a made up word, however, this ties into knowing the truth. You gain leverage as a leader by the historical correctiveness of your actions. This eliminates the situation of someone else using your actions against you. Doing the right thing is doing the right thing, and no one can dispute that. As a leader, you manage the energy of mindsets, not people. Create that leverage for your own interest. If you can practice trutality, you then are being accountable to the truth, and happiness is linked to accountability.

  • Self-Reflection

This is what I do when listening to motivational people. Once you get insight to new ideas or an opportunity to listen to examples of better ways of thinking, acting, working, spending time – then you can look inside yourself and see where you can make improvements. Leader’s have to work at a higher level of thought processes in order to help guide those under them.

  • Self-Awareness

This is the last trait in the conversation, which is sometimes the most difficult. Sometimes we have a hard time being honest with ourself to understand why we are not meeting our goals – like making excuses not to go to the gym, not speaking up in meetings with your boss, going out with friends and then get upset when you have a hangover in the morning – we might have an easy time deciding our flaws, but we’re never honest enough with ourselves to fix them. For example, venting is the “out” of self-reflection. It’s ego’s way of avoiding self-reflection and self-awareness. Self-reflection is how you reach self-awareness. Who would you be without your story? Without your drama story, who would you be? It’s definitely not something you decide overnight, but you can work to think in a reflective way to learn your habits, values, and become aware of how you are or are not using those to grow your own self.

The world is abundant. We have more information at our fingertips than ANY other generation. Become addicted to motivational people and learn your way to success. Hopefully I’ve provided a little step for you during your personal growth to truly believing you can be what you want to be.

XOXO – Slay Girl





Who Said Dumb Was Cute?

Being dumb isn’t cute. From someone who has spent countless hours with her head in books, hear this: believe it or not, your blog author here is an Engineer Lead in the semiconductor industry. That’s right – science nerd, study freak, lots of long nights in the library on the bottom floor – you name it. However, if you were to meet me for the first time, I bet that you’d never guess. Why? The personas and stereotypes of women in this field are so overrated. I have a hard time understanding why some people view engineering as this unfamiliar, mysterious way of life. Sure, school and classes are tough, but that’s why we are built to learn. You don’t have to be socially awkward to be able to understand science and math, nor to even just have the curiosity to learn something new.

What I’m trying to say is: you can still be beautiful, love makeup, love shopping, going out with the girls, workout, be all around sexy, and still have brains. Knowledge is not only useful, but it is powerful. You are growing by strides when you advance your knowledge. You are challenging yourself and your potential when you put yourself to the test of learning something new. What happens when you come out the other side? Experiences have been made, new ideas can come to fruition, and you are somewhere new that you haven’t been before.

Then what? You’ve already beaten one challenge, so what next? I will never forget the feeling when I graduated college. After 5 years (yes, it took five) I had finally passed all my classes to be deemed a Chemical Engineer. The weight off my shoulders was literally something I had never felt before. I had achieved something that I bled, sweat, and cried for (literally). I had grown beyond what people thought I couldn’t do and proved all of them wrong. If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you find something you want to achieve and do it. Beat it. Get to where you want to be. No matter how long it takes, as long as you work hard, stay consistent, and keep the vision – you WILL get there.

That may have been one of the greatest lessons from that experience. I want you to really examine yourself: think of your morals, gut-feelings, what makes you happy, how do you feel about where you’re exerting the most energy in your life, what is helping you grow (even if you might not like it), are you asking for help, maybe reach out to a close friend and hear yourself talk about your goals.

Light your fire and let it burn

We all have energy inside of us to get what we want. Find it and run with it, girl. I want you to feel that feeling, and I myself will keep moving towards reaching that feeling again too. Our time is so short, but our potential is SO huge.

XOXO – Amanda

Slay Girl




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