I’m not sure why Americans love Cinco de Mayo so much. It’s not really because of the tequila and delicious mexican beer, right? We like May 5th for the camping and the barbecue, drunk old guys, and a great way to pretend like you’re on vacation. Grab your amigas and amigos and don’t turn down for what at today’s Cinco de Mayo fiestas. Since I know most of you will have at least one tequila shot, let’s learn a little bit about it:

Did You Know…?

  • tequila could help you lose weight
    • Ya bitches, guess what, tequila just became your best friend. The 100% agave is what keeps you 100 and I’m sorry, but only 2 shots please. Stimulates metabolism and help dissolve fats. Your welcome
  • it can help you sleep
    • You definitely have a high chance of taking¬†a nap after your taco food coma. Or the one who is gonna¬†cha cha all night and you’ll sleep real good. Hey, you deserve it!
  • it won’t give you a hangover
    • Sure, if you’d like to break your bank with a top shelf shot, you’ll be ready for round 2 Saturday for those post-cinco de mayo fiestas, mis amigas. Bring on a whole weekend of tequila!

May the chips and salsa be with you.


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