Don’t be salty. Unless the ocean is the cause, you don’t need that negativity in your life! Being “salty” in modern day is when something has happened to upset you in a way where your attitude turns bad. Like when your co-worker hosts a meeting without you when you are the subject matter expert (eh hem… they missed out, not you). Or like when your boss says he’ll host lunch and backs out because of meetings and leaves you with the bill (what a bad role model). How about when you’re out for brunch and your waiter takes 20 minutes to come refill your mimosa? (he obviously doesn’t deserve the 20% tip you were going to leave…)

Do you see a trend yet? Out of all of those salty situations you may have encountered, it all comes full circle. You don’t have to be salty just because something inconvenient may have happened to you. In the end, you are not losing if you don’t let it. In all of those examples, you ended up winning. The cause of the “saltiness” were the ones who actually lost.   Your co-worker will hear it from your boss that you weren’t involved and the team could use some better leadership (eh hem… you). Your boss made a poor first impression to not only you, but the other co-workers he was supposed to lead (you just one-uped your other co-workers). Lastly, the waiter totally lost by not treating his guests as they should and will see that in his tip-out.

POINT BEING: “Salty” is an attitude. It’s an attitude that is negative which means you let something bring you down. Don’t be salty. You can make your day so much easier on yourself if you can look at a situation and see that you are winning when maybe others see it that you lost. Mermaids don’t let opinions of shrimp affect them. Next time you feel salty, look at the situation from a different angle to see how you can come out on top.

The only thing salty in our most recent photo shoot was mermaid hair, seashells in the pool, and salt rimmed rose glasses. Our BecauseMermaids Collection is out! Check out our Behind-The-Scenes quick-vid below of our photo shoot. Keep it real my girls, slay the day, and don’t be salty. #BecauseMermaids