If you haven’t noticed in this blog all my Beyonce references, you will now. It’s been decided that this betch is beyond a role model but a major influencer for a lot of people, most importantly – me! Think for just a minute about yourself – do you have someone you look up to? Whether that’s a fitness model, makeup youtuber, or maybe even a Kardashian (have no shame) – you can really start to grow a vision for yourself with a role model if you don’t know where to start.

Today I want to highlight a specific song of Beyonce’s. You guessed it – Flawless. This song is different than most of her work where there is about a 30 second break in the lyrics where she features whom I thought was an excerpt from a Rosa Parks speech or something… shows how much I know. The speaker is actually a Nigerian writer, Chimamanda, who gives what I think is a very strong, important message. After listening to the song over and over, her words stuck out to me more than ever.

The take-away from her excerpt seemed to be the concept that girls are raised based on competition of their looks – not their qualities, accomplishments, or life goals. Thus, girls turn against each other. Because when faced with a competition of looks, that is a war you will not win. We cannot control who has blonde hair, black skin, green eyes, petite or curvy body types; we are who we are. What defines us genuinely IS our qualities, accomplishments, and life goals – and these are things we CAN control.

Since so much history has already been written of girls competing for attention by their looks, we need to understand the benefits of ridding that competition and begin supporting one another instead. We are collaborators, not competitors. Most importantly, we are not competitors for our looks. If anything, we should be competitors with our success and hard work. Using positive competition versus negative competition can encourage us to go beyond our limitations. As well as, when you bring strong minds together and consider each other as a team, that is when magic really happens. #SLAYtribe