Girls may be known for being “girly”, but there is a lot behind being a girl. Let’s see who wins, girls or boys?


 1.      Girls wear high heels while boys wear dress shoes. Girls get one point for our pinky toes being sacrificed to make our calves look nice.

2.   Girls have a standard to wear make-up to be able to show our face in public… while boys don’t? Girls get one point for our endless dedication to being beautiful. (And the price of our bathroom counters)

3.     Girls “have the option” to get their nails done…AKA, we need a monthly budget for the salon while boys might need a hair cut. Girls one point because we all know how much moola that salon trip turns into.

4.      Girls need gossip while boys kind of don’t. Okay boys one point.

5.       Girls get free stuff like drinks and food while boys do not. One point for girls.

6.      Girls usually have doors opened for them or encounter chivalrous acts. Two points for boys because yes, it still exists. Thank you.

7.     Girls have to fight to prove their intelligence while boys are expected to be smart. Let’s call this a tie so we can feel bad for the uneducated boys out there. (Too harsh?)

8.     Girls have periods … while boys don’t. Girls get two points for enduring a week of hell on a monthly basis.


All in all… Girls: 7 Boys: 4

These numbers don’t mean anything statistically, but for our argument, girls win.