Girls Who Roast

No, not like the Bieber roast

But, the let me burn some trees roast

Or, the I’m a ganja babe roast

Or, the stiletto stoner kinda roast

Or, the closet smoker type of roast

Whatever gets your eyes red and your mind right, that’s the type of of roast were talkin about.


None of this is from experience of course. Cough cough. But girls definitely put more style and flare into their cheifing habits.

1.Like, bowl packing is definitely an art form. I don’t know about you, but the perfect layers of leafy flower will make your day.

2. How about what type of glass you use? There’s pipes, blunts, “water” pipes, spliffs, bongs. Take your pick. Now as a girl, what is the stigma with girls who smoke – we can’t take a Bong rip? False. But there are definitely chicks who can’t hang with the weed feels. No worries, no judgment here.

3. My gosh though – what about all the types of Mary Jane? No worries, the 21st century has us on lock because we have an app for that. Leafly is like the cosmopolitan of greenery. You have descriptions, pictures, and nice visualizations of the benefits of the strand. It’s great. Girls would probably most definitely dig that app.

4. How about activities during the smoke sesh? The list is endless. Or, just some Netflix, a good pillow and something to drink. Something to drink is super key. And no I don’t mean alcohol – I meant the quench your thirst type. C’mon ladies.

And if you have never tried it, well, like my boss said, “You know, if someone offered I would most definitely try it ” – Share that ganja my stiletto stoners.