Love is in the air and all your single friends are whispering – let’s have our own wine night! But for everyone else, February the 14th means hearts and kisses, X’s and O’s, wine and chocolate, and most of all…. you know what I’m thinking.

Valentine’s Day is about showing affection, love and lust; but how do people do that? Couples exchange chocolate and teddy bears, a fancy dinner out, or expensive gifts and jewelry. However you do you and your honeybun, we took a look at what other people say couples would like for Valentine’s:

  1. Forbes surprisingly had something to say about Valentine’s Day. Of course it was about money, but hey, everyone likes money. They summed it up that couples want their honeybuns to get control of their finances. Baboom, crash – those couples are obviously biased and have mo money and mo problems.
  2. For those of you who are travelers, Fortune figured out the best cities to visit based on weather, budget, activities, and all that grown-up stuff. Believe it or not, San Francisco, CA hit #1 and Scottsdale, AZ hit #2. I might be biased, but both of those cities are wildly romantic.
  3. Lastly, it’s not a Valentine’s day unless there is chocolate and wine.┬áPlease don’t be basic and get your standard grocery store chocolates! Get a little creative and find a local small business; artisan sweets are much more romantic than store bought. If you live in LA, look here for some yumyums. For the wine, choose red, obvi. Whatever has a fancy label and looks sexy, buy that one.

Have a lovely Valentine’s day ladies!

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