Good morning, good evening, or whatever time of day it is – I thank you for clicking on this link. Read the whole thing if you like. I hope you do, but if not, that’s ok. Out of a burst of inspiration I’ve decided to write this blog post a little differently. I’m going to flow with what comes to mind and if this works out, this will be published and you’ll be reading the flow right now. There’s a lot of content out there, so let me try to make this time spent on my blog worth your time – because it’s precious.

We’re approaching the new year, usually a time for personal reflection and goal-setting. Don’t get scared away just yet, I don’t want to preach about goal-setting or how to decipher how this past year transpired. I want to get real with the girls out there, or boys too, and ask the question of: how ARE you? Right now, in this week, this day, this moment. How are you? Like personally, like how is your mind-set? How have you reacted to today’s events, how are you in your space? It sounds like such a simple question, I know, but take a second to think about it. I promise I’m going somewhere with this.

For example, I’ll ask myself. Amanda, how are you? Today, I am trying to find the best way to solve a people problem at work. I am working to learn how other people can work well together. I am trying to bust a 10 year negative culture in the workplace with only 2 years of experience. Why? Because I am hopeful that I can turn my company culture around. How am I? I am optimistic, I am hopeful, I am thirsty for change, for improvement, for discovery. How I am today is the combination of this past years events. So really, if you can ask yourself and be honest with yourself how you are, TODAY, that might be the only question you need to ask – you’ll probably get the most relevant answer.

Because our time is so precious, I think that’s why we need more attention to the now, to the in the moment, to the what is coming up. What has happened in the past is already done. It’s gone. It’s all in your head, literally. It’s our time now to look around the corner, over the edge, between the lines. Today and tomorrow and the next day are really what need our attention. We need to be more thoughtful of how we are spending our time. We need to put more intention into what we spend our time on. If we’re more thoughtful and care about what we are putting our effort towards, which takes time, then we’re bound to have a better end result.

So ladies, if there is not a feeling in your gut that you want to succeed at something, that’s cool. You do you boo. But I have this gut wrenching feeling to make something of this time that we have. This sacred, precious time. It can be overwhelming, sad, hard, confusing, even discouraging – but that’s why we need to choose HOW to approach it, react to it, risk it, play with it, or love it. It’s up to us. Cheers to the girls who have spent their time helping BecauseGirls along the way – in our photo shoots, in our videos, in our crazy clothes – we love you. I want to keep up the positivity, the growth, and the inspiration from all the girls who have passed our way and who are to come. This was the insight into #SlayTribe, something that is only just beginning.

Thanks for reading. If you have a little extra time, answer the question in the comments: How are you? I hope you thoughtfully hop into your next moment with intention, with optimism, inspiration, and confidence. We got this. #slaytribe


Found the gorgeous picture from this badass Pinterest account