How to Manage Long Hair

Does anyone realize the work and effort it takes to have long hair?! When we say long, we’re talkin mid-back and below. No matter the type – course, thin, curly, straight – it is definitely a task. Coming from a girl who has hair practically to her bum, might I add course and curly, it’s a talent to manage that ish. From years of perfecting the no-fail plan for long hair, I’ve collected a couple tips that have helped me keep it long and healthy. Everyone’s hair is different and needs different care, but these may be a couple new things to try!

Number One: Your Conditioner

I have tried probably 20 different conditioners. Every one effected my hair differently. If you don’t like how your hair feels after the shower, find a new conditioner. I use L’Oreal Total Repair EXTREME. Yes, you must go extreme! I find it is the most efficient, cheap detangler. After shampoo and before the rest of shower tasks, I coat my entire lion’s mane and tie it in a bun to the top of my head to soak during the rest of my shower. If you want a higher class hair product, TIGI Bed Head Re-Energize makes a great every day shampoo/conditioner combo with less of “product” feel.


Number Two: How do you Brush?

Bottom to top. Bottom to top. Do you want to save those ends? Please, please be gentle with those little things. Get a simple tooth comb. In the shower with your wet and slimy conditioned hair (after letting it soak), start brushing the bottom ends first, slowly moving the tangles out of your hair, then work up to your roots. This way the tangles at the top have a smoother exit with the ends already being tangle-free. Rinse the wonderful finger-run-through dream.

Number Three: After Shower Hair Care

Brush again. Very gently. Find a nice leave-in treatment or frizz free product with no parabens or icky chemical stuff. One that I use, although it looks like a dildo, After Party by Bed Head TIGI is an awesome product – it can be used on wet or dry hair. Also a random find of mine, Coconut Whipped Creme leave-in conditioner by Renpure. It’s light, smells good, and doesn’t leave a heavy “product” feel in your hair. Good stuff.

Number Four: How you Dry It

Now, this all depends on your hair type. I’ve figured out that mine dries best when I let it lay still at night. (Ok, might sound weird) But if you let it dry over night with a nice pre-sleep conditioner sesh – that shit will be silky smooth in the morning. Disclaimer – if you’re a busy sleeper, this method will not work! Or if you want a nice curl, French braid your damp hair and let it dry in your braid. (Damp, not wet – otherwise your hair will never dry) It will be gorrrrgeous when it’s dried and those curls are flawless!

However, if you’re the type to use hot styling tools, there are SO many options out there. To give you a start, this hair dryer gets rave reviews. My aunt is actually the one who turned me onto this brand and she’s VP of an established retail company who must get ready every sinnggle dayyy. If she swears by it, I’m in. Let’s not forget our beloved straighteners. I’ll go on a whim here and share this new steam technology straightener. It’s a little new to the market but ohmygosh maybe we can finally heat our hair and totally prevent ANY damage. That’s important for long hair goals! Of course my go to is KIPOZI because I know exactly how my hair behaves – I’ve been using it forever! Get to know your hair and try some new products – there is a solution to your hair woes! You just need to find the right products!

*not everyone’s hair is the same or reacts the same, but these have helped at least one hair type!