I don’t care how tired you are. Stop pressing snooze, you won’t get any more sleep and feel better 8 minutes from now when your alarm annoyingly rings your basic betch apple alarm again. Get up and attack the morning. Wake TF up and roll out of bed. Get those cozy slippers right by the edge of the bed so you don’t freeze your feet walking to greet your flawless, “I just woke up like this” face in the mirror. Okay, did we get that far? That was Step 1.

Step 2. Whatever gets you buzzin and gets your mind set for the day, whether that’s coffee or your favorite song, make it strong or play it loud. It’s all about getting energized and ready to take on anything life decides to throw at you. Does that mean getting your glam on and hair done? Do that. Does that mean going on a run? Do it. Maybe you just need to call your mom, IDK, but whatever it is, find your fire for the day and let the haters, hate.

Since most of my circle is graduated and can’t be badass and have a easy college schedule again, instead we must learn the 7 to 7 lifestyle. Instead, we must adapt to the working class routine. We’re here ladies. We made it – adulthood. I don’t even think were allowed to say that we’re “adulting” anymore because technically, we are adults. For those of you who don’t have a 7 to 7 and dread Mondays too, that’s okay. You think it’s tough now, just you wait.

There are many events that could throw a curveball to your Monday. For example, you walk outside ready to kill the day and guess what, your car battery is dead. Instantly denied a great start to your Monday. Or better yet, on your way to work in the morning you get in a car accident. Ahmahgawd, that would suck. I hope y’all know how not to drive like a dumb betch. How about, you walk into work and your co-worker immediately hits you with a call-back number for a complaining customer and they don’t know what to do and you have to fix it. Guess what, out of all those problems the world throws at you, you just got the opportunity to beat ’em. Your car battery is dead? Um, we all know how to use Uber. You got in a car accident? Y’all better have car insurance, and I hope to gawd that it wasn’t your fault. You have a problem right as you get into work? Solve it.

At the end of the day, I hope you can reflect on how you responded to the issues thrown your way and are proud of how you dealt with them. If not, think about what you could have done differently. If your Monday was flawless and an amazing day, thank yourself for whatever you do that makes it awesome. Make the best of every day; we are privileged to be here and have the opportunity to do so.