Are you still in college? Keep reading. Did you not go to college and thinking about it? Still keep reading…

There is a huge misconception within modern society that not enough people are talking about: the modern education path is outdated.

Let me set some creditability real quick – I’m a Chemical Engineering graduate from an ABET accredited university (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) and just past my two years with my employer in the semiconductor industry. I’ve done my fair share of following modern educational paths to reach the “promised” destination: a job.

There might be some miscommunication by universities that if you follow their educational path that you’ll find happiness and wealth, when really, a job is a job and you could actually just be hardly getting by making it paycheck to paycheck. A mediocre job doesn’t promise you the lifestyle you might imagine. But unfortunately, most college degrees will put you into the mediocre genre.

All that studying, or not studying, will spit you out into a competitive and relentless world. Wake up, honey. You think you can get away with cheating off your partner in class and taking easy classes to get easy credits – you’ll really start to feel the reality of that out of college – it’s called a paycheck. Those big corporations won’t have time for the cheaters or the slackers.

So what’s a mediocre girl to do? First off – you’re not mediocre. You’re actually the most amazing female that has ever walked this Earth. Second, you better get to know yourself and what you’re willing to work for. That’s really the secret right there. In college, they preach to us that these classes are what you need to get a degree and that is what will bring you happiness. I’m calling that BS. A degree is a helping hand into a job. That job, whether it is well paying or not, is not your path to happiness – it’s the path to working for someone else. However, if you’re willing to not go the safe route or willing to go for a degree that isn’t the promised fat paycheck, you are bound to love more of what you do and thus gain more satisfaction with what or who you’re working for.

For example: If you are working towards a degree and you hate your classes, you better get use to it because those are your career options. Unless you are a mastermind at manipulating your resume to essentially fake your skills, you’re stuck with your degree hun. Now, if you love your classes, go you bae, you’re well on your way to being excited about your career after college. If you’re like me however, and are promised by choosing a particular degree that you’re promised a higher pay-out, be warned that you’ll have to learn to love it.

Disclaimer: Yes, you can work your way to change your career towards other avenues… but damn is it hard and damn is it long. You thought college was long? Guess what, people spend YEARS at companies until they get that big raise or get a big level change. Although I’ve been lucky enough to be placed in a company just at the right time to expedite my role a little faster than most, it took more than just 40 hours a week.

If you’re in college, don’t waste your time in bullshit courses. Take classes that actually interest you. Go for a degree that actually interests you. Don’t listen to your mom, your dad, your aunt – listen to yourself. Don’t waste your college tuition on courses that you hate. As long as that end goal is truly what you want, it’s easier to change within the modern education system rather than out of it.

If you’re a drop-out or never went to college, like I said above, a degree is a helping hand. But that doesn’t mean you are totally prohibited from being successful. The same values stand true. Figure out what you want to work for. Money will come later.

No matter your circumstance, your work ethic will rise above anyone who has less. Always strive for more and always strive for being a better you. In the end, there’s only one way to go: UP

Share your success story in the comments whether it be your experience after college or nothing to do with college, how the modern education “path” may have suited you or not, and how you’re making it in the real world. 

Much Love,

XOXO – Slay Girl