Have you raved before? I bet you have. If you haven’t, you’re either 45 years old saying, “I remember U2 in college”, or you’re a college student who spends too much time playing video games, or broke. Otherwise, I’m sure we all have experienced a rave. Thank God.

If you’re a guy, make sure you follow your “get shredded in one week plan” before the big event. Shirts off and hats back are definitely a girls dream. Sweaty and wet – so gross it’s sexy. Stepping on our toes and too tall for us to see the stage… Okay, maybe ripped sweaty man bodies are not a girls dream during a rave.

Believe it or not, raves are not always flower headbands and light-up shoes kinda fun and dandy. Here’s some reality-checks about raving, no matter how old you are:

  1. Unless you’re pro-ravers, you will lose friends in the group: whether there is too many people, or your friends are party people, the group will get separated and some people are gonna freak out about it
  2. Water will never taste so good after a show – at least the event hosts are getting smart now and promoting use of water backpacks and serving water for free! Remember, it has to be empty upon entry.
  3. There are massive men in this world. They will find you in the crowd of hot and sweaty people and crush you. Unless you are a super-crowd surfer, the crowd will consume you in it’s rave-sweat, and glory.
  4. You might be totally normal, but there are still crazy people out there. Sorry to say, raves and big shows do draw out the crazies from time-to-time. Take this as a kind warning.
  5. If you’re single, remember, everyone there is dtf. Even the blow-up totems and bartenders stuck working the show. Everything is dtf… because that rave love is all around.

So, ladies and gentlemen! The new year is almost here, gym workouts should be ramping up, and you and your friends are ready to party! Rave safe my friends, now go get your dirty party self to a badass show.

Here’s some of our picks for this rave season:

November 18-19, Chandler, Arizona: Goldrush

November 24-26, Skegness, UK: TWSTD

December 3, Surat Thani, Thailand: Full Moon Party

December 7-10, High Springs, Florida: DropItCanYa

December 16, Perols, France: I Love Techno

December 23, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Valhalla