You might think life lessons from the ocean are a surfer’s excuse to the beach-bum lifestyle, when really the ocean could be wiser than you think. A body of water that is as old as time has made many impressions on human life. Get deep in this wave and see if you can feel the motion of the ocean. These 10 life lessons could be your next excuse to take that beach vacay get-away and learn how to surf:

  1. Be the Observer – To catch the big waves you need to get past the break, you watch for patterns in the waves and look for opportunities of the right time to go to conserve your energy rather than struggle in the break. This relates to life by how it’s important to listen and watch rather than act so your energy isn’t wasted on petty waves in your way. Using observance and introspection to analyze the situation can help make beneficial changes.
  2. It’s Tough Getting Started – Learning anything new takes time, effort, and some real will-power to get comfortable with the new skill. Waking up early to catch the good waves, forcing on a soaking wetsuit, and getting pummeled by some waves as your alarm clock isn’t always the ideal morning time ritual. Apply the struggle to learning other new things, don’t let those obstacles stand in your way to your goal. You’ll miss the best rides if you stay on the beach.
  3. Let Go of Control & Go With the Flow – The ocean rules the ocean and you can’t do anything about it. By accepting the flow and letting go the idea that you can control everything will help you apply this to other areas of your life. Sometimes the energy it takes to try and control an outcome is not worth the effort. Just float. 
  4. Reserve Your Energy & Wait for the Right Wave – Waves can be deceiving just like a lot of opportunities. Sometimes it looks like the perfect wave and you mad-hustle only for the wave to roll beneath and pass you by. If you try and catch every wave – that’s called burn out. Have patience and wait for the wave that feels good to you.
  5. You Have to Lean Over the Edge – When you catch a wave, you have to lean over the top edge of the wave. The wave won’t do all the work for you, you have to work the wave. The same goes for your ambition towards your goals. You can’t expect someone else to do the work for you, otherwise you’ll just be waiting out in that ocean.
  6. Get Back Up When You Fall – This is so true and applies in so many ways. You will fall…a lot. Don’t get down on yourself when this happens and expect it to happen. Then, you can learn from those falls and work to make a change in order to try and fix it.
  7. You Can’t Always Play it Safe – There are risks playing with the ocean. Just like everyday is a risk, trying new things are a risk, and getting out of our comfort zone can feel like a risk. You must take risks in order to reach higher rewards. Don’t be afraid to go for your dreams or an opportunity that seems scary. Normally those are what turn out the best. 
  8. There Are Sharks Out There – There are sharks in the ocean just like there are wolves on Wall Street. You’re probably safer in the ocean at this point. As long as you’re aware of your surroundings, you can’t let sharks stop you from pursuing your dream.
  9. Ground Yourself and Just Hold On – Sometimes you do get caught up in a wave and have no choice but grip as hard as you can into the ocean floor and let the wave crash over you. Hold on tight when things get rough and they will soon pass.
  10. Fully Commit to the Wave – You won’t catch the wave if you don’t decide to fully commit to the wave. If you don’t commit your heart, body, mind and soul into chasing your dreams, then you’ll never get a chance to catch them.


XOXO – Slay Girl



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