Ladies. Winter is here. Enough of that fake tanning and bronzer. That’s so summer.


Time to bring out your winter queen and freeze some of those asshole hearts. Yes, I mean it. Take your make-up regimen into the cold winds of winter! This means getting frosty, adventurous with dark reds, and lots of sparkle. Use some of our favorite winter favorites to get in that cold n’ cozy vibe:


At your Holiday party, those eye brows better be on fleek. It looks put together, sexy, and will accentuate all the other make-up you tried so hard to apply already. The brows seal the deal for the flawless winter look. Try this pencil and spoolie duo. I’ve seen girls try frosty brows, natural brows, bleached brows, you name it. But still, nothing beats perfect brows in every season. If you don’t know how, find your perfect brow here.


Glisten, glow, and highlight. The dewy touch around your inner eyelids can make those eyes shine. Fuel your inner snow queen with this eyeliner and highlighters to add this style to any part of your make-up routine.


You can stay icy and cold like your heart, or warm it up a little! Find a nice pink and rosy color that makes you want to snuggle up with some spiked egg nog by the fire. This helps add color to a soft tone outfit, or a simpler make-up look and still be cheerful and sexy at the same time. There’s so many colors, so have fun with finding the color for you! (P.S. this is an easy stocking stuffer)


Yep, you guessed it: Dark lips. This is such a fun look, and damn, so sexy too. This look does however take some TLC to make it perfect. Your lips need to be nice and conditioned. None of that flaky, dry lips around here. You’ll have chunky flakes of dark red hanging from your face – EW. So, make sure you have a nice lip balm first. Condition up those lips, and then find your fav dark lip shade to get naughty with it this season. Perfect for bringing in the new year and the new you, too. (Don’t forget pencils!)


Do you really want to be a Winter Queen? Snow Princess? Cold-Hearted Betch? Then braids are for you. There are SO many different delicate braid styles you can do, no matter your hair length type. Check out this collection of tutorials to find one for your hair length. We all know that Pinterest is full of them too. Have your hair be the finishing touch to a gorgeous, winter queen style this holiday.