Get ready to add these to your Sunday brunch with the girls: Mermosas

Only the sweetest, sexiest, ocean-loving mermaid could come up with something like these mer-tail drinks to sip on. (cough cough, me!) They’ll remind you of the waves, sunshine, and never-ending beach days where all you have to worry about is when your glass is empty.

After a night of blending, mixing, sipping, and pouring – your mer-friend decided these were the best! Even though the sweetness can be a little much, they are SO fun. Besides, all things mermaid have to be sparkly and include bubbles. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll just start to grow some scales after sipping on a few of these:

1.The Lucky One

Green like seaweed and lucky just like the sailor who finds such a siren as you! Blend up some liquor and ice and you have a wavy sea right inside your glass:

  • Blend ice, vodka, and Midori (don’t blend the ice too smooth)
  • Pour into glass and top with Hypnotiq¬†


2.The Flirty One

The mermosa of ALL mermosas! I couldn’t wait until the end to show you. If your girlfriend needs a pick-me-up, pick up these magical beverages and show her just how sparkles can really light up her world:

  • Half glass purple¬†Viniq
  • Half glass champagne (we used this one)


3.The Wild One

Just like the waves in the ocean – wild and free. This mermosa specifically calls to all mermaids with the addition of some coconut island flavors. Let’s go get on island time:


4.The Fancy One

Don’t let the Flirty One fool you. Sparkles are great and all, but this mermosa might even please your mother. This champagne is colored with blueberries! It is SO pretty in a glass. We had to spice it up a bit, but this champagne alone is worth trying out:

Knock yourself out! Pour that bubbly, catch the waves of mermosas, and swim yourself into the weekend. Sparkles, bubbles, and pretty colors are fool-proof ingredients for good vibes. Have fun ladies!

xoxo – Mermaid Off Duty

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