Yas, sister. Let’s get some too. It’s January and it’s still okay to begin your “new” gym routine. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to get into the new year groove and move on down to rockhard-ab-lane. (You can say I’m lying, but flat stomachs are thee sheeit.) Get your lemon water and let’s get to work.

First things first, when are you going to fit in your ab workout? Think about it. The morning could work because you can wake yourself up with your sweaty, glittery washboard (soon-to-be). OR, if nighttime works better for you, you can get that core warmed up for a nice deep sleep. Take your pick. Let’s start with some quick tips to help your routine:

  1. It’s all about repetition and consistency. You can’t say hey, I have a pool party this weekend and I’m gonna do 500 sit-ups a day until then and expect a beautiful midriff. Nah, sorry. You will still have your non-worked-out belly saying yes, I did enjoy those Hot Cheetos yesterday thankyouverymuch. We don’t wanna be that girl right?! So, none of that. In a couple months, after you commit to starting your ab routine, you will thank your stubborn little self for starting on the journey to eye-turning, hardcore abs.
  2. Nope, it doesn’t take just crunches. (GOOD, we don’t like those anyway) You’re gonna need a combo of calorie burning plus strength building. That means, movement plus resistance. Which means, losing the belly but gaining the abs. Yay! Okay, so how the hell do we do that? We’ll get to that in a minute.
  3. Awh man, the worst and hardest part: watching what you eat. But hold on, bare with me. If you can at all relate to that time you turned into a munchie queen, some people say having the munchies on the reg actually helps with that tummy. (the whole 5-6 small meals throughout the day bs) Hey, it might work for some. Just learn what’s good, what’s bad, and then stay away from the bad. Pretttty simple, but sometimes just annoying af.
  4. Lastly, sleep. Omg that sounds so nice right?! Get your Zz’s and this will benefit in many different ways than just your badass sculpted stomach.

Now to the workouts! Have fun ladies. Get sexy, sculpted, and slay these workouts until you come out on top this summer – it’s only like 3 months away!

Your #1 AB Circuit

Repeat 3 times (2 if you’re a newb)

15-25 reps per move

1. Reverse Crunches

(Check out this guy – gettin it. I bet he does a reverse crunch better than you)

2. Bicycle Crunches

(What wonderful form, copy this boy ladies)

3. Scissor Lifts

(This momma is really reaching here. Lower scissors will add more intensity for your lower abs, JSYK)

4. Cross Body Mountain Climbers (as many as you can for 1 minute)

(Alright, this chick could bring that booty down and flatten that back, but great effort)

5. Plank with Leg Lifts (Hold for 90 seconds)

(OMG, this woman is a champ hands down. You’ll literally have a rock as your core by this point)

6. Side Bends

(Ya bro, build that V!… P.S. you can do these standing too)

Try starting this circuit 3 times a week and keep at it! You go girl, slay girl slay!