Everyone has a morning. We all wake up after a nights rest about to start a new day. What does your morning routine look like? Do you have one? Why should we have a morning routine? For a lot of successful people, they claim that how they set up their morning can make or break their day. Just how I talked about thought processes and mindset in this previous blog, your morning routine can play a large part in how you make the most of your time. I think for all of us, we all want to have an awesome day – whether that is meeting up with good friends, having successful meetings at work, or just simply being happy with what the new day brings.

Have you ever experienced when something happens to you in the morning and the rest of the day is burdened by what happened? Maybe you spilled coffee on your outfit in the car before work, maybe you checked your phone right as you woke up and a client canceled last minute for an important event, or even just as simple as you forgot your lunch. Whatever has caused you distress in the morning can make an impact on your mood the rest of the day.

If we can start our morning in a way that sets us up for success, then we’re bound to be able to approach those obstacles in a way that won’t drag us down. If we set up our morning routine for success, this is feeding our confidence for the day ahead. Our confidence is a major key to our success. If you start your day wrong, you are bound to have less confidence. We must work to protect our confidence daily because it is key to having a productive day in whatever we are doing.

I’ve collected some habits that others use in their morning routine to set them up for success. Use these habits to help strengthen your confidence and without a doubt it will translate into the effort you are putting forth in what you want to achieve. You probably won’t use all of these, but take what speaks to you, implement into your morning, and see if your confidence, attitude, and outlook on your day improves:

  • Practice Gratitude: Being grateful is a powerful trait to have. It is a tangent of being humble. Gratitude allows you to set aside the ego, be thankful, and be grateful that you get to wake up today to work towards something
  • Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode: The night before, put your phone on airplane mode. We are constantly being bombarded with notifications. Those could be emails, text messages, or social media updates that should wait until you are ready to consume them. If something goes wrong or a post didn’t get as many likes as you wanted it to, your confidence is already taking a hit. You have already lost focus on yourself. If you wait until you’re ready to consume the content, you can already set up your mindset to be ready to take on those obstacles and your confidence for the day won’t be at risk
  • Set Up Your Focus: Wake up and think about what you want to kick ass at today!! What’s your intention for the day? What do you need to focus on to help you succeed? A lot of influencers believe what we focus on we become. What we focus on we can achieve. I can go into a whole other blog about this topic, which I eventually will, but think about where you need to point your focus to help you have a successful day and what will help contribute to your confidence. That could be focusing on the motivation to get to the gym, focusing on what your going to pitch to your boss today for a promotion – choose what you want to put your energy towards for the day that is going to feed your soul.
  • Get Moving: Not only do we need to feed our soul, we need to feed our body. I used to be a morning gym-goer but lately I’ve liked working out after work. Whatever works for you, moving the body is so important. Awhile ago during travel, I had a conversation with a lovely older lady. We were talking about exercise and she said, “Hun, don’t work out for your body but for your mind”. I think it’s good to understand that working out isn’t just to look good, it is a healthy way for your body to release good endorphins which in turn can really help out your confidence and self-esteem. Then of course eating a healthy balanced diet. I’ve started this crazy ACV drink that I sip on while doing my makeup and it’s actually pretty bomb. LOL
  • It’s Not What You Have to Do, but What You Get to Do: Here is a great example of a mindset shift. By thinking in the way where you have to go to work, you might feel brought down or upset with the fact. But thinking in the way where you get to go to work – bitch, you’re getting paid! Go make a difference today at work! No matter how small. Instead of you have to go to the gym, you get to go to the gym. Bitch, you have legs that can move! You can breathe normally! You ought to be thankful that you get to go to the gym and work on yourself. Same goes for anything else more complicated. Make that switch.

Time to rise and grind, baby. Set up your morning routine so that you start your day off with confidence. Set yourself up for success. Put intention into your morning routine and see how much your day improves and how much more you accomplish. Comment below what else you do for your routine that I didn’t cover here! I’d love to know. Let’s all go kick ass and have a successful day.


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