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Get to know your BecauseGirls “Slay Ambassador” – Amanda Marie

BecauseGirls is trying something new just for you! We don’t always feel like reading something, so we wanted to try out giving you something to watch and listen to instead. Introducing: The BG Vlog.

Amanda will be covering some of the blogs already written and re-cap the content that we feel are important take-aways. Although our blog covers silly things, like tanning specifics or the latest coffee trend, our blog incorporates some significant personal values that we feel BecauseGirls really stands for. Those are the topics we want to talk to you about and see if you like our little vlogs a little bit more.

TALK to you soon!





Mermaid Mafia

Is the childhood fantasy going too far? Mermaids are everywhere! Welcome the fad of everything shiny, beachy, and a little bit sexy. Girls and women everywhere are “hooked” on mermaids. (LOL) But no, seriously. Mermaids are freaking amazing. Their long beachy hair, bright and shiny tail, and usually up to something mischievous or just trying to have fun. Whether mythical creature or not, modern day is embracing “mermaid culture”.

Why? What does that even mean? At BecauseGirls, mermaid stuff is all around good vibes. Our tops are cute and phone cases cuter, but there is a little bit of passion and soul behind making our collection. Your fashion doesn’t just have to be any ol’ t-shirt, but your fashion should be a part of who you are. The release of our Mermaid Collection is a statement for ocean conservation awareness and mermaid culture. The culture? Let’s review:

  • Get Your Tail to the Beach

    • Get your butt out of your comfort zone and go travel. Extend your horizons and do something you’ve never done before or go somewhere you have never been!
  • Be Shore of Yourself

    • Believe in your gut and trust it’s taking you where you want to go. The flow of the ocean is constantly moving, and so will you! If it’s time to switch things up, trust yourself and take a chance.
  • Don’t Get Tide Down

    • Whether from a relationship point of view or a career point of view, don’t let your surroundings make you think you don’t have options! There are so many fish in the sea.
  • Make Waves

    • Be proud of who you are and don’t be afraid to show other people. Waves can look big and scary at first, but once you learn to ride you’ll be searching for bigger ones.
  • Avoid Pier Pressure

    • Lots of mermaids still like to party! I’m not gonna say that’s a bad thing. “Under the Sea” is my jam! Keep the seaweed under control; then there will be more for later. (wink, wink)
  • Keep Your Beach Clean

    • Last, but the MOST important! Your beach – whether that’s your town, city, school, house, workplace, whatever it is – you can make a difference by keeping it clean.
    • How? Mermaid culture is more than just throwing trash away – it’s about being mindful of reducing or eliminating use of non-recyclables. Waste, like single-use plastics, are filling our landfills and our oceans causing major disruption in the world’s ecosystems. Making subtle changes in your life can have the power to make a big difference.

Help spread the mermaid culture with our Mermaid Collection and find your inner ocean goddess!

Mermaid Mafia: wrecking havoc by acting on what you believe in

Hashtag #becausemermaids AND #becausegirls when posting to your social media about how you are taking part in mermaid culture!



Be a Pineapple

Stand Tall

Wear a Crown

Be Sweet on the Inside

Might sound silly, but being a pineapple might be your next slay-phase. The cute phrases are easily relatable and memorable; especially when it’s your go-to summer time snack. Go pick out the juiciest pineapple, add it to your cocktail, and remember these three helpful tips this summer:

  1. Be the best you can be and know you’re trying your best. To “stand tall” can be interpreted various ways, but it’s a characteristic that stands for strength, independence, and grace among a forest of other pineapples. Don’t forget to grow your own way.
  2. Putting a spin on the cute little leaves off the top of a pineapple and calling it a crown might be a stretch, but damn right we are queens and we’ll take it. A crown is earned; it takes patience, respect for yourself and others, and knowing your worth.
  3. No matter what the outside looks like, pokey or rough, there is some juicy delicious fruit just waiting to be exposed. The outside isn’t what matters, its the inside that counts. In the end, your genuine qualities are really why people love you.

Be a Pineapple



Tan is Always Better

Your BecauseGirls creative team is heading to Venice Beach for the holiday weekend. What’s better than being in California? The beach. What’s the greatest thing about being at the beach? Tanning.

Some other people may disagree… But there is nothing like a super sunny beach day and hours to hang out the ocean and the sand. Something about letting your whole body soak in the sun just feels so good! The cool thing is that the sun, although may be the cause of skin cancer (cough cough), it can also give you a beautiful bronze glow. I don’t know about you, but I long all winter for the first summer day when those bikini tan lines start to show.

Tanning can actually be a very strategic operation. If your goal is to tan today, you must start to think of the details:

  • What suit to wear? – The less material the better, duh
  • What side of the body do I need to focus on? – Whatever is still the lightest, duh
  • Most importantly: What tanning oil/lotion do I use?

Bingo. What the heck is the best product? I will swear by –

Banana Boat

Gets you bronze, brown and beautiful in just a few hours of sun soaking pool sides. Now once you master how to position your perfect angles, you come back into the house anxious to see your new skin tone. (Because, duh you need to match that new Tarte foundation) The next step is your after sun care:

Burt’s Bees

Yes honey, this is your perfect combo. Believe it or not, this Burt’s Bees after sun paradise will turn any hard core tan (aka almost burnt) skin tone revived. I was honestly surprised when I found this product and it is actually hard to find! My local Target ran out of it. Works like magic.

Remember to EXFOLIATE and lotion always!!

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Professional Girls?

Are girls getting the recognition they deserve? Why does it seem women are slower to move up roles within companies? Someone’s getting in trouble at a company where you think they would be up to par during these progressive times – Facebook. Facebook was in the press this week  regarding a claim by a fellow Facebook employee that ran a data study on women in the engineering department. They crunched the numbers between men and women submitting development code to find that more of women’s work was being rejected than men’s.

Even though Facebook claims the study was incomplete and totally inaccurate, the company doesn’t have to disclose pertinent information in their diversity reports that would explain whether this most recent claim is true. Hmm…

My young professional career is still premature. However, it seems like Facebook will just try to sweep this one under the rug. It is a hot topic that young and professional girls today have not reached a closure in the gender wage gap perceived by society. At BecauseGirls, I’d like to think girls and women worldwide can use their intuition, confidence, and drive to go above and beyond societal standards, although with being a successful woman it also takes a supportive narrative mutually between both genders in the workplace.

Is being a young and professional girl easy? In social media, there are a lot of jokes about how being a young professional is so hard. Oh, you have to wake up this morning and have coffee and go to work that is paying for your bills? No, it’s really not that hard. But is being a young women in higher paid roles intimidating, or is it harder to find support by being the only women in a higher role? Sure it is. I think it is harder for a women to move up than men, and that is still visible in the workplace. We need to continue to work harder but smarter, at destroying the societal standard that a woman boss is harder to come by.



Cinco de Drinko

I’m not sure why Americans love Cinco de Mayo so much. It’s not really because of the tequila and delicious mexican beer, right? We like May 5th for the camping and the barbecue, drunk old guys, and a great way to pretend like you’re on vacation. Grab your amigas and amigos and don’t turn down for what at today’s Cinco de Mayo fiestas. Since I know most of you will have at least one tequila shot, let’s learn a little bit about it:

Did You Know…?

  • tequila could help you lose weight
    • Ya bitches, guess what, tequila just became your best friend. The 100% agave is what keeps you 100 and I’m sorry, but only 2 shots please. Stimulates metabolism and help dissolve fats. Your welcome
  • it can help you sleep
    • You definitely have a high chance of taking a nap after your taco food coma. Or the one who is gonna cha cha all night and you’ll sleep real good. Hey, you deserve it!
  • it won’t give you a hangover
    • Sure, if you’d like to break your bank with a top shelf shot, you’ll be ready for round 2 Saturday for those post-cinco de mayo fiestas, mis amigas. Bring on a whole weekend of tequila!

May the chips and salsa be with you.


(we have some taco and tequila shirts, browse here)


You Are What You Eat

I have talked a lot in some of my previous blogs about working out. Although going to the gym and lifting weights are half the battle, your fitness and overall body health depends tremendously on how you feed it. There are a gazillion diets, nutrition plans, meal preparation methods, and all those other food fads. How the hell do you figure out what’s best for you? I’m not an expert, but by growing up with a mom who’s a nutritionist, I’ve gained love and appreciation for good food. Most importantly, how significant it is to our well-being.

First: I don’t care how healthy some “superfood” might be – if it tastes like shit, don’t eat it! If you’re not liking some “healthy” foods that someone somewhere is suggesting, don’t push it. If it doesn’t taste good to you, you’ll always wish you were eating something else and boom, your “diet” is wrecked.

Second:  You’re not on a diet. “Dieting” is so 2000s. You are making a lifestyle change. To see a change, you gotta make a change. I’ve heard stories of people that workout all the time, but they never change up their routine or change what they’re eating and they hit a fitness plateau. The keyword here is: “lifestyle change”. Usually a “diet” means temporary; if you want consistent, long-lasting results in your body or health improvement, it is much more than temporary.

Third: Read the labels. We are in a mass-production, mass-consumer market. How do you think those corporations mass produce food? Yummy. There’s added sugar, added salt, added preservatives, fillers, coloring food dye, added random crap to make that shit taste good. Know what is in the food you buy. Top hitters that are the absolute worst: High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Sodium Nitrite/Nitrate, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, BHA & BHT, and all food dyes. Here gives you some info as to why they are so terrible.

There is so much to learn about nutrition and health, but I hope some of this gives you insight into why food is so important. You are what you eat is a actually a literal phrase. Feed yourself good and you’ll receive the benefit.



Why Does Music Make Us Feel So Good?

With Coachella around the corner and lots of other festival go-ers getting excited for their summertime events, we thought it’d be interesting to discuss why these gatherings are so contagious. There’s music, tons of people, fashion, and all that other fun stuff. Wink Wink. There’s Lollapalooza, EDC, Warped Tour, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch – the list goes on. But why do so many people get SO stoked about these events?

Music is actually still considered a human evolutionary phenomenon. In general, it’s a universal language. English speakers can still dance to spanish music, the tourists in Africa can march to the beat of a drum, but in the end, music is a feeling and a different type of language that all of the human race can understand. If you remember who Bill Nye is, he makes the statement, “certain qualities of music are found in speech that affect behavior in natural ways, which also suggests that musical qualities are buried deep in our evolutionary history”.

Nobody really understands why listening to music can trigger such profoundly rewarding experiences. But in recent studies, it has been linked to — can you guess? — dopamine releases in the brain; i.e. your brain’s pleasure chemical. However, why it’s so tricky to find out how and why music can make us feel so good is because it’s not tangible. You might be able to hold onto a guitar or hit a drum with a stick, but the actual music is created through space and sound. The music is wave lengths being processed through your brain and only YOU can decide if that sound feels good to you.

Ironically, the area of your brain that processes sound is referenced by scientists as the “pleasure center”. Those areas of the brain that ignite when you hear music are involved in processing emotion, learning and memory, and decision-making. Ultimately, music creates an intellectual exercise within your brain. It creates feelings relating to past, current, and future experiences in a whole new way – making each music festival new, exciting, and reaching into emotions we probably haven’t felt before: an addicting pleasure source that we strive to feel more of.


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Your Sunshine Survival Guide

The perfect day surprisingly takes more effort than you may think. Not only does the preparation begin months in advance, a real sun child will appreciate this approach to achieving the highest level of successful days in the sun. Whether this means at the pool, on the beach, floating down a river, or on a boat – hopefully this can give some well-deserved insight to what goes into the best experience of soul-soaking sunshine.

Your Body Prep:

Yes, ma’am. Here’s when you can have Nike preach in your ear, “Just DO IT”. Just get yourself workin’ out and you’ll thank yourself later. Here’s a good all body workout. This can help you feel totally fab when you get to rep your brand new swimsuit this summer. Not only to boost your confidence, but to show all the haters how much you #slay.

Don’t forget about how us women have to be hair free! Wax that sh** off, or get profesh with that razor.

Your Sun Protection:

You need SPF – I don’t care if you’re black, hispanic, cuban, white, asian – whatever you are, sun causes cancer AND wrinkles. Get a sunscreen special for your face. Protect that gorgeous, flawless face of yours! Then for your body, my favorite recommendation is Banana Boat Tanning Oils. Smells great, 8 SPF gets you a really nice bronze tone, and oils you up for a moisturizing lay-out.

Your Hair Style:

This can all depend on your sunshine-day activity. For the pool, that’s usually low key and you can do your hair however you want. Depending whether you like to swim, you can even glam-up and do that sh** like you about to hit the club. No one’s judging. However, if you’re going to beach or on a boat – be prepared for winds 15+ mph. Braids work great.

Your Sunglasses:

Don’t be blinded by the sun! There are also a stupid amount of options. Find the shape of your face and what style sunglasses look good on you and keep on deck at least 3 different options.

Check out our new summer edition apparel for ALL your sunny days!!




When was the last time you went on an adventure? Not like a pool party or a walk around town. Like a real, totally unknown, make you excited adventure. Something that gets your clothes dirty or scrape your knees. Somewhere without cell phone service, or access to your snap story. An adventure that lights up your inner soul to feel full and alive and totally involved with the moment around you. That, is the adventure you should strive to find this spring break or summer time off.

Get a crew who likes this or who wants to adventure. Maybe even a longer trip so that you can spend time with people in a whole new experience. People who can show you cool new ways to do things, a different outlook or different state of mind. When the new frontier appears, you all can awe in wonder together and really take a whole new experience to the next level by living this with people who you’re with.

What matters, is the people

Someone once said to me on a very long trip, “Stop and smell the roses”. I didn’t quite understand until during that trip, it appeared to me it could mean to live in the moment. Stop and soak in where you are at, what is around you, and who you are with. The buildings, the shops, the beaches, the trees, the food — this can be all new to you, but imagine a new experience by yourself. It’s fun for awhile, but not until after some time, it’s not so glamorous. This is what I learned from that man when he shared the simple idea that, “What matters, is the people”. What matters, is the WE.

“We traveled through the Sonoran valley with the  Grand Canyon to our side. Red rocks and blue skies illuminate the horizon and tease us for the trip ahead. We wake up to a bluebird sky and get our gear together for an action-packed day. Snow like butter, glistens aside the mountain in this Utah county. The cold wind rips through our clothes tickling our bones, but we love the feeling anyways. It whistles through the trees and fills the air with noise of pure bliss”.


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