If you have not tapped into the knowledge contained in podcasts, I’d absolutely recommend dabbling in a few. Podcasts are essentially talk shows conducted by anyone who decides they want to share information with the world. I’ve taken advantage of road trips, airplane rides, and down days at work to really work through some content on some well known podcasts. If you’re a seasoned podcast listener, I may be preaching to the choir. But if you have not started listening to podcasts and want to, below is a list of podcasts I’ve enjoyed listening to. I’ll try and describe in summary the gist of their content. Some shows you might vibe with better than others. Find who you like to listen to and take the time to consume their intellect, reflect how you could use it to your advantage, and go out and implement.

Podcasts you should listen to

The MFCEO Project – Andy Frisella #100to0

Are you really ready to become the mother fuckin’ CEO? Andy is tough, real, practical, and an inspirational speaker. He’s not afraid to tell you right to your face why you are failing. I vibe well with his shows because I have that “real” sort of outlook on life. Some may be offended or might think he’s too critical – but I love that because life is never going to go easy on you. I enjoy most of his longer shows interviewing other distinguished individuals such as:

  • Insanity, Intensity, and Becoming a Peak Performer with Tim Grover – In case you don’t know who Tim Grover is, he was once legendary basketball player Michael Jordan’s life coach. This episode goes deep into competition, relating sports discipline to business discipline, and the intricate relationship you need to have between the balance of your team and your business.
  • Creativity, Conflict, and the Art of Making Millions with Randall Pich – Randall Pich is CEO of LVFT, a fitness lifestyle apparel brand that is killing it right now. He shares his story of growing up in a ghetto lifestyle and how everything in his life was an obstacle trying to deny him success.
  • Money, God, and Maxing Out with Ed Mylett – I’m usually not the “God” type, but Ed is an inspirational older gentleman that has embraced the changing social media platforms and adapting to how he can use it to his advantage. His multi-million dollar mindset is one of the highest paid influencers Andy has featured on his show.
  • Impact Over Income with Navy Seal J.P. Dinnell – I save this one for last because this has been one of my favorite episodes to listen to across all other podcasts. J.P. has a contagious enthusiasm for following through with what he loved to do – protect his country. This discussion reaches through all concepts of how much mindset comes into play and how Navy Seals are one of the most reputable sectors of the military. Absolutely inspiring.

The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk

This podcast will relate to those of you more in the small business or start up atmosphere. Most of his episodes relate to building your empire, legacy, or whatever it is you are pursuing. He is another influencer that is extremely well known for his “cold hard truth” mentality and will challenge you to go beyond your limitations.

  • A Keynote: Freedom Fast Lane Live – Number 70 of his episode list, his keynotes are his public speaking opportunities with certain events around the globe. The topic for this conference was capitalism. He goes into why he invested into Twitter, discusses self-awareness, how to scale things that you are good at, and why it’s so important to invest into your own strengths.
  • Airplane Project Tracks 1-12 – This is an interesting compilation of 5-15 minute discussions, or rants, were Gary gets a little deeper with you on more real life concepts that are applicable to everyone. He isn’t just about business in this series, but more intuitive with your outlook on your life.

Style Your Mind – Cara Alwill Leyba

For all of my slay girls out there, Cara hosts a podcast built for just us. She is bubbly, lovely, and really gets to the point. I do have to say that sometimes I’m not ready for her amount of girly, but I know there are lots of girls out there that would like her style. Most of her episodes are under 20 minutes and deliver a quick pep talk on a certain hot topic she’s into. Cara worked for MTV until she realized she wanted to be a life coach and published her own book, Girl Code. I own it, read it, and loved it. If maybe you don’t like her episodes, I highly recommend the book.

YouTube channels you should watch

  • Leaders Create Leaders by Gerard Adams has completely transformed over the years into an impressive collection of inspirational stories. His guests are reputable business owners making MOVES in the business world. The way he’s developed his video content – the interviews are totally captivating.
  • Absolute Motivation has a massive library of influential people.
  • If you’re like me and love the #bossbabe movement, the CEO of BossBabe, Natalie Ellis, has created a new YouTube channel just recently that shares all her social media tips and tricks.
  • I will also put one more on here that is a littllllle out there – no joke, I found this chick while searching about moving to Maui and she has this energy is that pretty cool. If you want to get down with your hippie self, Larissa Joy shares a very real energy through the camera that some people will vibe with. It’s not for everyone, but like I said in the very beginning – you will find you vibe better with some influencers more than others.

OK, well that ends my list! These podcasts and YouTube channels have TONS of episodes and content for you to absorb. Don’t just listen to listen. Sit down with a notebook, write down what stands out to you, and try and replicate those actions or beliefs in your day-to-day life! See if this way of learning works for you. I know I’ve really enjoyed listening to these influencers speak. I hope that you can raise your intellect to where you feel accomplished with what you’ve done for the day. Sometimes we get down in the routine and feel kind of stagnant in the reality of 9 to 5’s. My advice is whenever you start feeling that way, throw on one of these episodes and I bet that you’re mood will change for the better.

Find the voice that can be a mentor for you and help you through what you’re working on. Besides the ones I listed, there are so many more to explore. Easy access to knowledge has not been more prevalent in any generation prior to ours. It’s time to start taking advantage of the privileges we have for the betterment of our future.