Are girls getting the recognition they deserve? Why does it seem women are slower to move up roles within companies? Someone’s getting in trouble at a company where you think they would be up to par during these progressive times – Facebook. Facebook was in the press this week  regarding a claim by a fellow Facebook employee that ran a data study on women in the engineering department. They crunched the numbers between men and women submitting development code to find that more of women’s work was being rejected than men’s.

Even though Facebook claims the study was incomplete and totally inaccurate, the company doesn’t have to disclose pertinent information in their diversity reports that would explain whether this most recent claim is true. Hmm…

My young professional career is still premature. However, it seems like Facebook will just try to sweep this one under the rug. It is a hot topic that young and professional girls today have not reached a closure in the gender wage gap perceived by society. At BecauseGirls, I’d like to think girls and women worldwide can use their intuition, confidence, and drive to go above and beyond societal standards, although with being a successful woman it also takes a supportive narrative mutually between both genders in the workplace.

Is being a young and professional girl easy? In social media, there are a lot of jokes about how being a young professional is so hard. Oh, you have to wake up this morning and have coffee and go to work that is paying for your bills? No, it’s really not that hard. But is being a young women in higher paid roles intimidating, or is it harder to find support by being the only women in a higher role? Sure it is. I think it is harder for a women to move up than men, and that is still visible in the workplace. We need to continue to work harder but smarter, at destroying the societal standard that a woman boss is harder to come by.