It’s official – holiday season is here and we’ve done the research for you to find the cutest rose gold gifts for your mom, cousin, sister, daughter-in-law and any female in the family. We love the trend even more because rose gold can sometimes be classified as pink, too! Get ready to add chic and class into their repertoire!

You can’t go wrong by adding style to how they stay on time. Accented Rose Gold-Tone Bangle Watch and Bracelets are the perfect pieces to level-up their Sunday brunch! They’ll also work well during the week to brighten up those AM meetings.

What’s even better than being on time? Having nice hot coffee right by their side. The Corkcicle Tumbler, Gloss Rose Quartz keeps beverages hot or cold. You can let them know Starbucks gives a discount on coffee if they use a reusable cup!



Did note-taking just become my best friend? Rose Gold Diamond Pens can give class a little sass, or provide a motivational vision to encourage putting those ideas to work! Sophisticated can still be sparkly, don’t you think!

These ideas are flowing nicely – partner them up with the Goal-Setter Pink Gold Notebook to house all their money-making ideas for the million-dollar questions. Planning in style is good luck for helping make those success dreams come true!

Watch how sly I am by sneaking in this necessary Wine Decanter. Only does the wine really turn it pink! That might be a reach, but let me promise you, this is the easiest kitchen item to have to come across as fancy. Cheers to that.


What makes a girls wine night even better? Being able to wear their chic, Faux Fur Fluffy Pink Sliders! These are extra special because they can still show off their new pedicure. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we don’t still go to the salon.



Here you go sister! You didn’t think an Apple Watch could be classy? Think again! With this Apple Watch Band, it couldn’t be classier. Rose gold and zirconia stone weave make it comfortable and oh-so cute for any occasion.


Never forget the saying, “Look good, Feel good” – just like how every girl should feel good working out. Give your female a boost in her gym wardrobe and add style with rose gold Wireless Headphones. Not a gym-goer? These have a built-in mic for women on-the-go.

Calling all beauty queens and wanna-be mermaids – Rose Gold Mermaid Brushes are the essential accent to a make-up vanity. Believe it or not, I have these brushes myself and they’re soft, easy to clean, and SUPER cute!


OK, so these are not rose gold. They were just too good to not add to this collection. The Gold Crystal Candle Holders illuminate the candlelight and makes any room just a bit more elegant. They’re the perfect touch of class.


Make your cousin a princess for the day or switch up your sisters “matte faux taupe latte macchiato” basic betch shade with a rose gold Sparkle Nail PolishThis is serious glitter polish guaranteed to sparkle up any gloomy winter day.

Even boss babes still need to sleep! Remind your too-busy family female to take a chill pill and relax with some hot tea in her Pink Eyelashes Coffee Mug. Yes, it can still hold coffee – but these cute eyelashes make a nap sound pretty good!


Help her decorate with modern, geometric rose gold Hanging Succulent Pots. The succulents don’t come with the holders, so you can choose any plant to put in there. However, succulents are a hot trend right now and they’re supposed to be easy to keep alive!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – Rose Gold Silverware. Dinner never tasted SO good before introducing rose gold silverware! Their kitchen will start to be even classier than yours!

To wrap up this rose gold gift list, pun intended, spice up her interior decor with the Luxury Black Marble Clock. Of course with rose gold accents, a clock is a timeless piece for adding luxury style to their home or office.


Remember that gift giving isn’t always about a holiday or having to make a good impression – gift giving is supposed to show your love and care for one another and the gratitude we have for what we do for each other out of love. During this holiday season, I hope you spend time with those you love and share kindness with everyone who comes your way. It’s the least we can do.

Xoxo – Slay Girl



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