Being dumb isn’t cute. From someone who has spent countless hours with her head in books, hear this: believe it or not, your blog author here is an Engineer Lead in the semiconductor industry. That’s right – science nerd, study freak, lots of long nights in the library on the bottom floor – you name it. However, if you were to meet me for the first time, I bet that you’d never guess. Why? The personas and stereotypes of women in this field are so overrated. I have a hard time understanding why some people view engineering as this unfamiliar, mysterious way of life. Sure, school and classes are tough, but that’s why we are built to learn. You don’t have to be socially awkward to be able to understand science and math, nor to even just have the curiosity to learn something new.

What I’m trying to say is: you can still be beautiful, love makeup, love shopping, going out with the girls, workout, be all around sexy, and still have brains. Knowledge is not only useful, but it is powerful. You are growing by strides when you advance your knowledge. You are challenging yourself and your potential when you put yourself to the test of learning something new. What happens when you come out the other side? Experiences have been made, new ideas can come to fruition, and you are somewhere new that you haven’t been before.

Then what? You’ve already beaten one challenge, so what next? I will never forget the feeling when I graduated college. After 5 years (yes, it took five) I had finally passed all my classes to be deemed a Chemical Engineer. The weight off my shoulders was literally something I had never felt before. I had achieved something that I bled, sweat, and cried for (literally). I had grown beyond what people thought I couldn’t do and proved all of them wrong. If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you find something you want to achieve and do it. Beat it. Get to where you want to be. No matter how long it takes, as long as you work hard, stay consistent, and keep the vision – you WILL get there.

That may have been one of the greatest lessons from that experience. I want you to really examine yourself: think of your morals, gut-feelings, what makes you happy, how do you feel about where you’re exerting the most energy in your life, what is helping you grow (even if you might not like it), are you asking for help, maybe reach out to a close friend and hear yourself talk about your goals.

Light your fire and let it burn

We all have energy inside of us to get what we want. Find it and run with it, girl. I want you to feel that feeling, and I myself will keep moving towards reaching that feeling again too. Our time is so short, but our potential is SO huge.

XOXO – Amanda

Slay Girl