At BecauseGirls, we reference “slay” quite a bit. We have it on our shirts, on our hats, on our leggings; you name it. But why? Over the past year, we have been witnessing the growing strength of a girl-power movement. Whether that was lead by Hillary Clinton running for prez, or Beyonce’s Superbowl performance – the U.S. has finally caught onto the idea that it’s sexy to have a “slay” type of demeanor. Why such the craze? What does “slay” even define? Here’s one of our interpretations:

Slay –  to have succeeded beyond limitations, to positively surpass expectations, to have confidence, to have brilliant purpose, encompass compassion, contagious energy and to dominate

Wow, doesn’t that sound enticing. That’s what the slay movement has brought about: having compassion, having spirit, and working hard to succeed – for yourself & for others. It’s about pushing past the limits you didn’t even know existed.

This movement not only has a meaning, but an image. The image is a part of the word. Maybe your definition of “slay” varies from someone else – that’s okay. At BG, we like bold statements. We like confidence and positive energy. At BG, we like expression. We like the idea that expression will empower us by being put together and by being progressive. The shirt we put on in the morning can be the simple reminder of our potential today, to win. had the priviledge to host our first Slay Girls photoshoot. Follow @becausethreads on IG, like our Facebook page, BecauseThreads, and follow these amazing women who we asked, “What does “slay” mean to you?”:

In tribute to the “slay”,  Slay Girls will be a titled collection of women who show an impressive and distinguished effort to define the true meaning, of “Slay”