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Want to meet other girls with just as much ambition as you?

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Want to learn more? This BecauseGirls blog post gives you a sneak peek into what you can expect for your #SlayTribe interview.

Be a Slay Girl for BecauseGirls!

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The #SlayTribe Mantras:

  • We will support one another on our goals and dreams with ambition
  • We will not judge ourselves based on the success of others – we each have our own story
  • We will surround ourselves only with what elevates us
  • We will follow our intuition with passion and respect others whose may differ
  • We will try new things, go new places, and not be afraid of the outcome
  • We will love ourselves unconditionally

How You Can Embrace the #SlayTribe:

  • Using the hashtag #SlayTribe, if you shoutout @becausethreads, you could be featured on our Instagram page!
  • When BecauseGirls releases new product and/or collections, you can receive notifications first of our local photoshoots before the non-SlayTribe members to claim your spot
  • Join the #SlayTribe Facebook group – a growing community of girl hustlers like yourself



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