Ladies, we have something NEW for YOU! BecauseGirls is looking for inspiring, motivated, ambitious, fun and outgoing females who would like to be featured in our premium editorial, the #SlayTribe. We would like to feature YOU and your story on your journey to success.

You don’t have to be making racks or have super nice cars, you don’t even have to be super established with your brand or business. We want your story of what you have achieved working towards your goals and what you have learned along the way.

Becoming a part of the #SlayTribe means that you’ll be joining a group of creative and aspiring females who are all still on their quest for success. Being a Slay Girl will give you exposure in a group of like-minded women who can help you along the way.

BecauseGirls has worked with women in various industries including: modeling, model-photography, makeup styling, model event planning, photoshoot planning, networking events, fashion, beauty, and even fitness. Our team also has experience in back-end necessities like social media, web-design, and support in personal branding. The #SlayTribe will be a platform for us to get to know the girls we work with and expose you in a collaboration atmosphere to create a community of creativity, support, and motivation.

Being featured in the BecauseGirls premium editorial, the #SlayTribe, is completely FREE –┬áNO catch!

All you need to have is an inspiring story, knowledge you want to share, and a positive and outgoing vibe about what you are doing to succeed!

We also just made an even more exciting addition for you because of your willingness and support for BecauseGirls. You have the option to receive a FREE WEBSITE to help promote yourself or your business! We’ve been able to partner with WebMVMT & SimpleSiteBuilders to bring you the opportunity to grow your online presence.

Here’s what your interview and SlayTribe feature will include:

  1. Film your video interview with our very own #SlayTribe leader
    • We know how an “interview” can sound intimidating! Don’t worry, we share with you the types of questions we ask before hand so that you can prep your answers. This is supposed to be fun and show everyone how amazing you are!
  2. Film some examples of you and your business in action
    • Whether we are talking about your personal brand, your business, or hobbies you have – we’d love to catch you in action doing what you do best to show off your skills! This makes your video interview so much more interesting getting to see some snips of you doing what you love!
  3. Build you your free website
    • Have a website already and it needs a makeover? We can help! Don’t have a website yet? We have hundreds of themes and templates for you to choose from. Pick your domain name (.com) and we’ll take care of the first year of hosting your website. We’ll also help you design your site and could even help you design a logo! We want to help you take your brand, business, blog, or anything about you to the next level!
  4. Distribution of your edited video interview across all platforms with shoutouts to yours: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
  5. Written premium editorial #SlayTribe blog post featuring your interview on our BecauseGirls Blog
    • Not only will you have your own video for distribution, we’ll write up a summary of the interview and what you’re up to. This can be optional for you, but we love our blog and would love to feature you in writing as well!
  6. Instant access to the #SlayTribe closed Facebook Group
    • We have a SlayTribe Facebook group that is growing slowly, but will eventually be a collective and collaborative group of all the ladies and woman that we have featured in our #SlayTribe that you can seek out advice, brainstorm new ideas, find someone to plan events with, collab with – whatever you can think of!

This is all about having fun, exposing your talents, and getting out there! We invite you to be a Slay Girl and join our #SlayTribe! We want to expose your mission so other girls and women are inspired and motivated by your story. We want to help you grow your online presence with a website – something that no other girl gang has offered to their following before! Lastly, we want to create a community of amazing women who support each other so no girl or woman ever has to feel that their voice is not being heard.

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We can’t wait for you to join us!