We are going to review how you can spring clean your diet, your home, and your mind. Being so busy in our startups, our jobs, and just day-to-day life, it’s easy to overlook our health and our state of mind. I think we underestimate how we treat our bodies actually impacts our overall performance. To be able to work at your best, you need clean fuel to support you throughout your day, you need a clear workspace to get things done, and you need a supercharged mindset to attack your goals. Let’s walk through these three vital attributes of your life and how we  can clean them up in preparation for a killer summer:

  1. What you eat – Read WomanCode by Alisa Vitti

    • This book gives every girl of all ages an entire synopsis of how the woman body works chemically, physically, and psychically. Learning to how to use your natural cycle to your advantage has helped countless women get their body, mind, and health back in sync. My biggest take away from her study is how certain foods affect our body and our performance levels when feeding our body right. In the beginning of March, I wasn’t feeding my body well, I was eating junk food for breakfast and lunch, and I felt like a complete P.O.S. (pile of shit). I knew I had to get my eating habits back on track but just didn’t really know where to start. This book was on the list for a book club I joined and my gosh was it a godsend. From my own battles of eating right and scrolling through countless “diet plans” not knowing which is the best for me, this book has given me so much more guidance than any other Pinterest “3 week meal plan”. Please pick up yourself a copy if you want more info!!! But I’m going to summarize Alisa’s 4 day body reset. Perfect for spring cleaning season, let’s spring clean our body! I felt amazing the after the second day and recommend any lady to give this a go. So let’s get into it:
  • For your body spring cleaning, your diet for the four days will consist of –
    • Fruit Salad & Supplements: breakfast every day
    • “Liver Cleansing Medleys”: a better way to think of salads, Alisa coined this term. This will be your lunch every day along with a grain and/or protein as listed in the next bullet
      • Baby Greens, Kale, Bok Choy, Spinach, Green Onions, Cucumber, Celery, Tomato, Carrots
      • Use Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and/or Apple Cider Vinegar as a dressing
    • Grains and Protein: I encourage a plant-based diet, but other proteins are totally OK
      • Brown Rice
      • Quinoa
      • Fish (Salmon, Tilapia, Cod)
      • Beans (lentils, black-eyed peas, chick peas, etc.)
    • Homemade Soups: dinner every day. On the fourth day, you can have your protein and grain mixtures.
      • Find a light veggie soup recipe, like Minestrone or Thai-Style soups. Make sure they do NOT contain any creams. No creams. This soup is meant to be a “clean-sweep” of your digestive system after a busy day (or of your first few months of the year!). Search Pinterest for veggie soups and there are countless options. Just watch the ingredients. You want a veggie and herb filled recipe to capture all those micro-nutrients.
    • Mid Afternoon Snacks and Late Night Cravings: Trust me, I’ve been here! Whether that’s still being stuck at this office and munchies begin, or you feel like you just need something, try these options out first before giving in!
      • Veggies with Hummus (Carrots, Celery, etc.)
      • Fruits from the breakfast list above
      • Hot Tea (Black or Green, but make sure your nighttime tea isn’t caffeinated if you want to get to sleep!)
      • Iced water with some lemon, or infused fruit (throw some crushed berries in there if you have a sweet tooth!)
      • Make sure during this body spring clean that you listen to your body, does it really need what your mind thinks it does? (No, you do not need Hot Cheetos!) Practice listening to your body signals. You might just be dehydrated and need some water.
    • Her book goes into all the details of why these food help your body cleanse itself of toxins, excess “stuff”, and boost your immune system, your mind, and your energy. You might even lose a few pounds! And that’s by eating completely natural and feeding your body the nutrients it needs to operate at its optimum level. I’m still practicing these eating habits and I love how I am feeling – I feel more energized and sometimes even skipping my coffee in the morning, I don’t feel bloated, and have been sleeping more deeply. I highly recommend giving it a shot! By making your body function better, you’re automatically helping your mind think clearer, and in lieu of body and mind being in sync, you can focus on other areas of your life with more intention and more focus.
  1. Where you work

    • Use a Calendar
      • Virtual or Physical! Use your outlook calendar to plan your day-to-day tasks and sync to your phone so you get reminders throughout the week to make sure you stay on track. I’m surprised by some girls who I talk to who seem busier than me and they don’t have a calendar to plan out their clients and meetings! It’s also helpful to have a big calendar you can hang on your wall and write things down. This way every day waking up or before leaving the house, you can see physically what your goals are for the day and the week. It can be fun setting up your month! Get some colored markers or even stickers and beauty up that schedule!
    • Go vertical
      • Use wall space to hang folder pockets to store all your notebooks or get a vertical storage bin to store them. They’re usually sold as magazine holders, but their so helpful to clean up desk space. Especially if you’re a note taker like me!
    • Get a multi-drawer night stand and categorize the drawers
      • Having some drawer space is so easy and pretty affordable. Categorize your drawers so you always know where to find what you’re looking for. You can make a drawer for office supplies, one for hide-away electronics & wires, and for stuff you don’t always want on your desk like staplers, notebooks, etc. It feels so much better when your work space is organized.
    • Rid of paper/clutter often
      • Getting a collection of notes, papers, print out e-books, and notebooks? Go through all of them and either type them up so you have a record of them on your computer or completely throw away! If there’s to-do lists in there, consolidate your list into your calendar and make a central planner so you don’t forget those important action items!
    • Dedicate notebooks to action plans versus notes
      • Maybe this is a planner, maybe this is labeled binders with labeled dividers. Make sure you identify for yourself what are your study notes versus what you need to do. This way you have a clear understanding of what you expect of yourself and create a library of your own collected knowledge!
    • Invest in some high quality electronics (mouse, keyboard, monitors, etc.)
      • I have this monitor that I hook up my laptop too so I have two screens to work off of. Having two screens is totally awesome and makes it so much easier to work with multiple tabs and windows open without having to jump around all of them all the time! Also, it can be really frustrating when you’re trying to get things done and your mouse runs out of battery or loses connection. Having some high quality equipment just makes everything flow smoother and makes you feel more productive. Win, win.
    • Get cute with your desk accessories!
      • Find some that will motivate you everyday. This could be a nice gold pen and pencil holder, a super cute mouse pad, or maybe some desk trinkets or quotes and sayings framed. Having a pretty desk set up not only makes working more fun, it makes a good “thinking space” for you to put those million dollar ideas into action!
  2. How you think

    • If you’ve followed my blog at all, you might now know that I’m really big into mindfulness (LOA) and creating mindsets. I’ve covered a lot of how I think about this in previous blogs (podcasts to listen to). But, maybe I’ll just try speaking candidly here, a little heart to heart. All of us have a story. All our stories are unique and beautiful. No matter if you have had hardships, letdowns, unfortunate events, troublesome times — you are strong in your own individual way and there are people that are there for you. There has been increasing attention to mental health in the online community. Either it has always been a topic of discussion that was hidden, or it is rapidly increasing due to the changing nature of how we communicate and interact with our peers on social platforms. Popularity is now based off a follower count, how many likes someone gets, whoever had the cutest selfie, and so on and so forth. It’s created a fake and delusional perception of how someone values their existence on the platforms. Then there has even been stories of people with huge followings that are just as lonely, mentally unstable, and other unhealthy mental states than others who feel their online presence is not big enough.
    • It is now more important than ever that you get your mindset correct and healthy for your own self. No follower count or instagram fame is the answer. You control your own happiness. You control your perception of your life. It is no one else’s to claim. Now, I don’t want those statements to put you at dis-ease. These statements should make you feel powerful, they should make you realize that you can turn around whatever wrong road you’re going down. My blog on mindsets goes into more detail, but there is a whole process to walk yourself through mentally to help you become aware of your power and then put it into action. Number 1 and Number 2 on this list can help this last step to spring cleaning your life a little easier. Maybe just focus on eating right this week and see how you feel. Maybe you need some extra time to really get to know yourself and knowing when you’re ready to approach your mindset to know how you need to change it. Don’t overwhelm your senses trying to fix all these things at once. Be patient with your process. You are an ever-growing, ever-changing beautiful soul with things to learn from, things to grow from, and time to figure it out.
    • Start a journal, read some books, listen to some podcasts, talk to your friends and family. Make time in your busy schedule for yourself. Maybe you need a hike to get into the great outdoors. Maybe you need a spa day. Maybe you need some time in the gym. In all of the craziness of work, your side hustle, socializing — put yourself and your needs first. You and your health is your longest commitment. You are your greatest investment. You want that expensive foundation? Buy it. You need a weekend getaway? Go there. You need some time away from your work or business? Take that PTO. The time you put investing in yourself will only trickle down into your intentions and your success. Don’t feel bad needing and asking for help. Don’t feel bad having to turn down  the girls night out for some rest. Everything will be there when you get back from your personal break.

I hope that these three areas of your life and the tips I’ve shared have helped you grasp onto where you need to put your attention to. 2018 has just begun and you have all the time you need. Now let’s get this spring cleaning started! If you follow these tips and find that your energy is up, or mindset is getting better, reach out and let us know! We would love to hear your stories and how you’ve learned to operate at your best.

With love, #becausegirls

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