Do you find yourself an hour into the Facebook rabbit hole? Scrolling through your Instagram on auto pilot? Maybe watching Snapchat stories just because? Our phones can become our biggest enemy – wasting precious time by scrolling through endless pieces of information. What do you get from scrolling through your Instagram? Are you getting ideas for your next big breakthrough? Like some workout routines, or the next best business move.  Are you gaining experience by following other people’s adventures? Not exactly, and I hope you agree for a good reason.



We are approaching a fine line between sharing our lives or making each other’s lives our own. We become absorbed with Snapchat stories, Twitter comments, Facebook posts, Instagram profiles, and whatever other social media platform you use. Is that how we are building our lives – off social media platforms? It sure seems like it. So, how can we use this to our benefit? We can start to focus on our own life, our own social media influence, and what motivates us to be better. You have the ability to filter out what you see on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Unfollow all the friends you don’t keep in touch with anymore. Why are you stalking their life? You’re definitely are a stalker. Stop that.



Follow Instagram feeds that inspire you, or promote being a better person. Place value on social media platforms and how much they effect your productivity and influence your style, opinions, or friendships. This little tweak in your daily lifestyle could make a huge difference. Unless you don’t partake in social media, (I’m pretty sure everyone does) then you probably would not have found this article. Make your social media interactions be as meaningful as this one 😉



You just might begin to find more meaningful things in your life. We all want to follow our passions, why not make your social media a reflection of that. The amount of time we spend on our devices, we might as well spring clean those technology platforms to ️start using them as tools to charge and power us and our life. So go clean up your Instagram feed and Facebook friends to reflect your life as it is in the here and now – that’s almost as refreshing as spring cleaning your closet too – making more room for new and exciting things. Recharge your social media, recharge yourself.