We all want to look a certain way. Surprisedly, it does not always correlate to a number on the scale. It’s much more effective to start looking at your shape to decide where you want to work on toning versus just going by the number on the scale to judge your own success in getting the body you want. Coming from a girl that has spent years going up and down with her weight, trying all sorts of different workout regimes to make the number on the scale stick – it just doesn’t work.

We are women, my ladies. Our bodies are constantly changing, especially throughout high school and college years when the pressure to be skinny and fit is at its peak. We have hormonal swings contributing to weight gain (or loss), we are trying new birth controls that will change how our body responds to weight gain, we are maturing in both boobs and ass – which is weight. We are growing into our bodies and you can’t put a number on how your body is going to mature. Granted, I understand that some industries like modeling, competition sports, and other professions that might require a strict weight range. However, for most of us, our body confidence should not be restricted by a number on the scale.

I’ve seen other articles that say a similar message – not to be concerned about your quantitative weight. What I haven’t seen is the alternative of how to judge your success in your fitness journey other than, just to “feel good”. I’ve tried that too, believe me, but it still wasn’t cutting it. In one of my many showers after the gym, usually where I do a lot of creative thinking, I had this epiphany, “I’m not chasing a number, I’m chasing a way I want to look. I want to have great abs and a great ass – it’s all about the actual shape of my body, not how much I weigh”. BOOM.

This concept is one that I feel a lot of us can relate to. We all want to look a certain way, but without proper knowledge of fitness most of us just think it’s about losing weight. No my friends, it’s about working the areas of your body with strength training. It’s about becoming strong. Does cardio and losing weight help? Yes, it sure does. But to get those amazing abs and juicy ass comes with another set of skills: concentrating your energy to putting those muscles to work. This is what I’ve started steering my attention towards and I feel like I have much more direction in knowing what I need to do.

Do you have some belly pudge you want to get rid of? Cardio and killer ab workouts. Do you have some thick thighs you want slimmed up? Cardio and some killer leg workouts. Do you want a nice bubble butt? Squats and lunges, honey. What is included in all of these body desires? Getting sore and moving some iron around. They have nothing to do with being “a certain weight”.

Ok, so now you know you need to start weight lifting – intimidating? Yes, it can be. You have all those muscle men in the weight area of your gym, you don’t know any of the moves or form – don’t let that stop you. Those guys, they are probably impressed to see you in the weight area. Your form, it will get better with practice. Do you need to start with baby weights? You might, but it’s better than not starting at all. There are HUNDREDS of weight training/body weight exercises on Pinterest to follow. There are even apps and YouTube videos that can walk you through a new workout, no problem. Nothing is stopping you, except you.

…stop looking at your weight and start looking at your shape…

Getting back to the main point of this post, stop looking at your weight and start looking at your shape. This is my alternative to stop being obsessed with meeting a certain number on the scale. When I started actually looking at my body and understanding where it needs work, I feel good. Since I’ve made this adjustment I’ve become much more aware of my workouts. I’m putting so much more intention into the moves knowing that I’m working the muscles groups I want to work. I feel more accomplished after the workout, and even the days following because I feel those areas of my body because they’re so SORE (hahaha).

If you’re having issues with finding your success in the gym, give this mindset a shot. It’s been working for me and I plan to continue using it. I want to know your input on this and what work or doesn’t work for you on your fitness journey. What are some of your favorite workouts? Maybe I’ll draft up my routine for you girls and see if you’re into it! Keep your head up darlings. Fitness is a lifestyle. It is a commitment to being your absolute best self. It takes time and patience. You have to enjoy the process.


Cover Photo: Photo by Becca Matimba on Unsplash