The Summer Solstice is totally underrated. We woke up today to the longest day of the year. It is the day when the Sun shines on the Earth the longest. It marks the journey of the Earth’s orbit around the sun; the changing of our seasons. Even though we consider June, July, and August core summer months, June 21st is when daylight begins to shorten again as we head into winter. Let me give you a little background and then we’ll get into why today is a great day to practice some soul searching.

I’ve always been interested in the Summer Solstice. Being that summer is probably my favorite season, I love enjoying long nights outside in the warm summer air. With the Earth’s position in front of the Sun allowing the most daylight to shine on us, it gives me a tingly feeling inside appreciating this beautiful summer day. After deciding to do some research, I’ve found more cultures actually have great celebrations to honor this day of the year. America’s traditions can seem so shallow after reading all of these wonderful ways other cultures praise the Sun and Earth on the Summer Solstice.

On the Summer Solstice, the sun is at its peak. Earth is as close as it possibly can be to the Sun. In ancient Nordic traditions – think Sweden, Norway, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and the like – they have a name for summer and the time to celebrate it’s warmth: Litha. Their ways of embracing Litha was to spend time outside, allowing the Sun to warm their bodies as they relax outdoors. Their day spent being grateful for the Sun is because the solstice marks this day that darkness will soon return. We are on an everlasting cycle of light and dark. The Summer Solstice is a time of celebrating the union of male and female deities, the Sun and the Earth gods. Celebrations around the globe are full of happiness, love, and lust. To me, that is just purely what summer is all about. It is a time to celebrate life and to celebrate love.

Today is a great day for some soul searching. Why you ask? The Summer Solstice is the point at which the life-giving Sun is at its strongest over the power of the darkness. This is the perfect time to bring light and hope into your life to get support for your toughest problems. As the Nordic traditions do, we can use this time of year to heighten our connection to the Sun and bring our awareness to the beauty and bounty of the Earth, and within us. We can use this time to look within ourselves and access our true abundance. By embracing Litha and letting ourselves time outside to relax in the warmth of the Sun, we can work to rekindle our internal fire and manifest our dreams. Here are a couple traditional Summer Solstice soul searching activities to help you embrace Litha, celebrate your life, and give a little love:

  1. Light Your Internal Fire: Decorate your room or house with candles and let those babies burn. But this time, think about your intention lighting those candles, like you are igniting the light within you and your surroundings
    • What do you need to release in order to manifest more?
    • What is lighting your fire?
    • How do you need to care for your fire in order to let it keep burning?
  2. Heighten Your Awareness of Beauty: Create something with flowers, or anything from nature. Get creative with this one. Make a piece of art with things you find in nature like flower mandalas and crystal grids. Be accepting that perfect does not exist, there is beauty in imperfection
    • What is causing you low self-esteem?
    • Where can you see beauty within your life?
    • What can you be thankful for?
  3. Soak in the Sun’s Abundance: This is a super easy way to take time to focus and look within yourself to tend your confidence and personal abundance. Find a comfy spot outside in the sun to lay down and take some time to let the Sun’s rays seep into your skin, embedding light’s love and healing energy – recharging your body and mind
    • What areas of your body are tired? Your heart? Your head?
    • Why are you doubting yourself?
    • What do you need to grow your confidence?
    • What is holding you back?
    • What support do you need?

Use Litha, the warmth of summer, to comfort your soul on your quest to your greatest desires. Be grateful and mindful of Mother Nature, make sure to spend time with her this summer. Let the light of the Sun bring you comfort and grace. Show the Sun your true self, and grow your confidence in your true abundance. Relax and enjoy this gracious day of summer. You deserve it.

Summer Solstice Prayer –

The Sun god reaches the height of his power,

As all of the plants are now in flower,

The longest day brings us strength and vigour,

As we pursue our aims and goals with rigour.

Love is fulfilled in the warmest of days,

Blessed by the fertilizing Sun god’s rays,

Summer fruits ripen and fill us with pleasure,

In carefree moments we will always treasure.

All of nature is filled with sweet bliss,

Fruitfulness blesses each honey-soaked kiss.

Now is the time of abundance and light,

We rejoice in days so happy and bright,

Knowing that we grow in wisdom and might.


In-Line Text Photo by Tiraya Adam on Unsplash | Cover Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash