Your BecauseGirls creative team is heading to Venice Beach for the holiday weekend. What’s better than being in California? The beach. What’s the greatest thing about being at the beach? Tanning.

Some other people may disagree… But there is nothing like a super sunny beach day and hours to hang out the ocean and the sand. Something about letting your whole body soak in the sun just feels so good! The cool thing is that the sun, although may be the cause of skin cancer (cough cough), it can also give you a beautiful bronze glow. I don’t know about you, but I long all winter for the first summer day when those bikini tan lines start to show.

Tanning can actually be a very strategic operation. If your goal is to tan today, you must start to think of the details:

  • What suit to wear? – The less material the better, duh
  • What side of the body do I need to focus on? – Whatever is still the lightest, duh
  • Most importantly: What tanning oil/lotion do I use?

Bingo. What the heck is the best product? I will swear by –

Banana Boat

Gets you bronze, brown and beautiful in just a few hours of sun soaking pool sides. Now once you master how to position your perfect angles, you come back into the house anxious to see your new skin tone. (Because, duh you need to match that new Tarte foundation) The next step is your after sun care:

Burt’s Bees

Yes honey, this is your perfect combo. Believe it or not, this Burt’s Bees¬†after sun paradise will turn any hard core tan (aka almost burnt) skin tone revived. I was honestly surprised when I found this product and it is actually hard to find! My local Target ran out of it. Works like magic.

Remember to EXFOLIATE and lotion always!!

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