What girl has not gone to the salon to get her nails done, hair done, brows done; the list goes on. I don’t care if it’s gel, plain polish, or acrylics. I’d like to talk those few that do give in and get our gorgeous, fake nails. Long, square, oval, wolverine-like, you call it. But, there has to be a few of us that dread this trip to the nail salon.

It’s all good when you get that new set. They fit perfectly, they’re bright, shiny, and you walk out feeling like a princess. What happens when that set is done and we all have to get that ish taken off? Perhaps I’ve had one too many bad salon experiences that I had to share the pain of beauty. I’m sure that french tip or mile-long ombre looks good now… just you wait.

The removal of the set. My god. Please, warn your besties of the torture they will endure. This salon may have committed suicide to my beautiful frenchies. I never knew they could rip nail beds to pieces. My gosh, I almost passed out. To you ladies who suffer for fashion, I’m right there with you. In the meantime as I’m writing this entry, I’m waiting for my beloved nails to grow back to get my next set. Why you ask would I want to repeat the torture I’ve already been through? Well of course, because girls are badass and will do anything to show everyone we have the integrity, audacity, and strict dedication to being classy AF… and yes, that includes going to the salon.

Please forgive me that I’m comparing integrity, audacity, and strict dedication to surviving a fake nail set removal. In the big picture however, it’s all about the little things. It’s about the subtle character details that really make you stand out from everyone else. Whether it be your dedication to your family, dedication to your career, or the dedication to your lovely fake nails – we must strive for what we do for ourselves to make ourselves better.