BecauseGirls Invisible Collection: The Strapless Bra

Calling all women of all ages! This strapless bra is the next underrated must-have wardrobe item! Don’t interpret my persuasiveness for undermining women confidence. Interpret my confidence in our next product as a tip to the women who struggle with fashion-forward outfit envy! I’m talking about backless tops and dresses. I’m talking about strapless tops and dresses when our girls need just a little help! Yes, I am talking about our boobies.

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Whether you have some or not, this sticky bra can really come in handy. You might be asking yourself, “C’mon, is it really that sticky?” … YAS MAMI it is!!! As soon as you know how to stick it specific to your mamas, you’ll be reppin’ some serious #slaygirl secrets behind those to-die-for outfits.

I’ll be specific that this bra isn’t for everyday wear. Let me tell you, I don’t want something stuck to my tits all day every day! This bra is for your Saturday nights with the ladies, this is for your weddings this season, this is for that hot date that you’ve been thinking about an outfit since last week. This is your must-have fashion piece for those moments where you need a solution to flaunt your beautiful boobies.

Another plus to this no-brainer wardrobe fix is that these are so affordable! You thought your happy hour with the girls was a little steep? Slow down on the cocktails and give these sticky bras a shot! We have two colors, a tan bra and black bra, will can you much longer than a gin martini. Your girls will thank you (wink wink)

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BecauseGirls Invisible Collection: The Strapless Bra