Get the most of what you give your body. Instead of drinking plain water, get creative and try out some fruit infusions. Not only are you putting a brand new spin on your water for the day, but you’ll also get a cute little snack and the best insta pic of the day! (it will look really cute, I swear) There are so many combinations for anyone that might be fruit picky. Don’t be afraid of trying different herbs as well. They contain those micronutrients that you don’t usually get when following a standard diet. Just stock up on some fresh produce (as you already should), dig out those mason jars (or these awesome infusion bottles), mix your fav combo, and let sit in the fridge overnight for the next day (leave some room for ice, wink wink). We tried some recipes to find the yummy ones for you:

Cucumber Detox – 


What you need: Cucumber, Lemon, Mint, Ginger Root

These ingredients are the be-all end-all for hydration, digestive benefits, detoxifying properties, and refreshing mix to get you going. It’s also one of my favorites. If you don’t feel like lemon that day, keep it mello by just having a cucumber, mint and ginger mix. You’ll only need a teaspoon of ginger so one root can last you awhile. Mix however much you like and store that ish in the fridge for a killer monday morning.


Blueberry Buzzin – 


What you need: Blueberries, a Orange, Cilantro (for the adventurous ones)

My experienced girls out there with well-seasoned palettes – give the cilantro a try. The blueberries and orange slices make for a sweet and scrumptious combo. Oranges are packed with vitamin C and blueberries giving you the necessary antioxidants that help fight free radicals and help flush out built-up toxins. Plus, this cute little snack afterwards really gives this mix a nice touch. Bring a ramekin with you to pour out your goodies. It’s okay, you can add one more item to your already overflowing purse no worries.


Pucker Tummy Tucker – 


What you need: Raspberries, Lemon (Option: Sub Raspberries for Strawberries)

YAS QUEEN. Pucker up buttercup. Lemon water is like, numero uno for helping keep that waistline in check. Lemons contain pectin, a fluid nutrient similar to fiber that helps you feel full longer. Lemon also aids in digestion which can help us ladies on those days when it just feels like we will be bloated forever. It contains vitamin C and helps the body generate collagen, i.e. help your skin. So lemon is pretty much the Bey of citrus. Oh ya, I almost forgot to mention raspberries! They are practically candy, so have at it.

Go hydrate, get a boost in your health regimen, and start your days off right