I have talked a lot in some of my previous blogs about working out. Although going to the gym and lifting weights are half the battle, your fitness and overall body health depends tremendously on how you feed it. There are a gazillion diets, nutrition plans, meal preparation methods, and all those other food fads. How the hell do you figure out what’s best for you? I’m not an expert, but by growing up with a mom who’s a nutritionist, I’ve gained love and appreciation for good food. Most importantly, how significant it is to our well-being.

First: I don’t care how healthy some “superfood” might be – if it tastes like shit, don’t eat it! If you’re not liking some “healthy” foods that someone somewhere is suggesting, don’t push it. If it doesn’t taste good to you, you’ll always wish you were eating something else and boom, your “diet” is wrecked.

Second:  You’re not on a diet. “Dieting” is so 2000s. You are making a lifestyle change. To see a change, you gotta make a change. I’ve heard stories of people that workout all the time, but they never change up their routine or change what they’re eating and they hit a fitness plateau. The keyword here is: “lifestyle change”. Usually a “diet” means temporary; if you want consistent, long-lasting results in your body or health improvement, it is much more than temporary.

Third: Read the labels. We are in a mass-production, mass-consumer market. How do you think those corporations mass produce food? Yummy. There’s added sugar, added salt, added preservatives, fillers, coloring food dye, added random crap to make that shit taste good. Know what is in the food you buy. Top hitters that are the absolute worst: High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Sodium Nitrite/Nitrate, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, BHA & BHT, and all food dyes. Here gives you some info as to why they are so terrible.

There is so much to learn about nutrition and health, but I hope some of this gives you insight into why food is so important. You are what you eat is a actually a literal phrase. Feed yourself good and you’ll receive the benefit.