The art of design can be applied in many aspects of our lives. We commonly hear about interior design or fashion design, but I’m going to talk about life design. There is something about thinking of an idea in your mind and then making it come to life. When we can imagine something and then create it, that makes us feel pretty darn good. The same way that you might design an outfit or your room, it all starts with a vision. Some people are familiar with the term, vision boarding. I’ve always been a fan of vision boards even before I knew that is what people called them. I just liked cutting images and phrases out of magazines in high school and making collages because I loved looking at all the beautiful outfits, nice purses, and inspiring words of women I looked up to. Nowadays making vision boards is the cool thing to do. There are a ton of different ways, but here’s some favorites of mine for you to try:

Old-Fashioned Cork Board

It doesn’t get better than having those ideas physically right in your hand. Get some magazines, print out some quotes, use a photo delivery service like FreePrints or Shutterfly for pretty cheap and good quality photos to make your vision collage even more boujee. Get creative one weekend and become so excited about designing your life or your future that this “project” becomes totally fun – it should be! It can be a work in progress too. Just getting the board up on your wall and a few quotes or pictures that you like is the perfect start. You can build upon it as your vision evolves and grows. Build it in a way that it’s your daily reminder of why you are working so hard at what you do. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either. In college, I used to tear the pages out of magazines of all the fitness and fashion models and tape them on my wall until one day it was totally covered with pictures of these beautiful and in shape women. I loved it and served me every day pushing me to keep my goal in front and remind me why the result is worth the extra work. Here’s some examples of my home made ones, nothing glamourous!:


You know what’s so cool about Pinterest? Pinterest actually calls your collections “boards”. Make your vision “board” in your Pinterest app. It’s digital, but as we are in a digital world, Pinterest makes it really easy to add to your vision collection on the go. Even while you are surfing the web and find something you totally love that’s fits your vision – you can pin it to Pinterest and add it to your vision board. It’s a different style than like a cork board collage, but it’s still a way to collect images, phrases, and information in one place that you can reference for inspiration or motivation. Check out my vision board on Pinterest for some inspo if you need a kickstart. (Yes, I even call it my “vision” board)


Haven’t heard of this one before? Neither did I, until I met this amazing fashion and stylist blogger, and haven’t been more excited to make vision boards. Polyvore is actually a shopping and fashion app. It has libraries of designer products like shoes, bags, clothing, even furniture and interior decor. But it allows you to save the product images to a “collection” and you can make a collage, Polyvore calls it a “set”, of all the products you save to your collection. What is so cool is that most products you can find as PNGs and essentially you can make sets that look like those magazine collages we know so well from Cosmopolitan or Vogue of pieces of an outfit. Then, counter in the fact that you can upload your own images, you can use their editor as a super awesome tool to make mini vision boards (aka “sets”). It’s totally awesome, I absolutely love it. When I get some inspiration of what I want or what I am envisioning, I collect all the pieces the best I can and throw them into Polyvore. It’s digital, but being able to think of something and then bring it to life using this first step of manifestation, it feels SO good. It also gives you a tool to share your vision with other people! Sometimes it’s hard to explain what you’re envisioning or what your vibe is, and this is an awesome app to combine all of those and end up with a piece of work you can show people. Here’s an example of some of the sets I put together with this new “palm vibe” I have brewing for the spring season, you can also find my profile in-the-making here:


Take control and design your life. If you are not where you want to be, take action and find those physical affirmations of what you want it to be. Find those pictures of fashion that you love and then try them for yourself. Find those pictures of fitness models and workout plans and put them into action. Create collections of information you want to learn and start finding ways to gain that knowledge. I’ve said before how amazing it is that we have so much information at our fingertips, but it all comes down to how we actually use it and how we put it into action. Have fun with this! It feels SO good to have an idea and then create it. Or maybe you don’t have an idea! – start collecting things anyways, see what your collection starts to become, and I’m sure you’ll start to see a trend with your interests.

I’m always looking for new ways to create and bring ideas to life. If you have other ways that you like to manifest with, please comment below and I’ll give them a shot!

Or better yet, share your creations with us! You can tag @becausegirls_ on Instagram with hashtag, #becausegirlsblog and we’ll take a look or give you a shoutout on our page!

Get out there and start designing your life!




Cover picture credit goes to this wonderful woman – check out her blog too!