If you have ever once believed that being dumb is cute, you got the wrong idea sister. I have personally witnessed conversations with girls where they choose to comment something like, “Ya, I’m only going to college here because I’m too dumb I couldn’t get into anywhere else. This college let’s everyone in”. Girl. Someone please smack her.

First off, why are you putting yourself down and admitting to everyone in the conversation that you’re dumb? Second, nah betch, it’s just because you’ve decided you can’t work hard enough to learn. At that exact moment, she instantly became unattractive. Why would anyone want to have a conversation with you after that? Being intelligent shows a lot about your character, so let’s take a look at what we think really means to be smart.

  1. Attempt to Learn: If you are not even trying to continuously improve yourself and care about doing so, this is probably your first mistake. This could be as simple as learning about current events and giving you context to have a simple conversation. It also provides you with insight on your own opinions and learning about yourself and what you care about. You don’t need to know everything to be considered smart – but having the power to care about wanting to learn more – that’s sexy.

  2. Don’t Be Afraid of a Deep Conversation: This doesn’t mean being deep about your feelings with another person, like emotionally. Deep, as in, a thorough and thoughtful conversation about a topic both you and the other person have interest in. If you decide to have an hour long conversation of the ingredients in your lipstick, you will definitely learn a lot about what goes on your lips when you apply lipstick. Boom. Learned something today.

  3.  Allow for Mistakes: A mistake usually happens when you try something new and it didn’t work out. Key Phrase: “when you try something new”. This means that you are trying new things and learrrnnning from them. That is awesome. We can grow with our experiences and learn from them. If something didn’t turn out how you thought, make sure to actually reflect on what happened and learn something about yourself. That way you can probably try whatever it is again, and succeed.

  4. Take Care of Yourself: I personally believe that how you take care of yourself really shows how connected you are with yourself at a deeper level. This can be, a face-washing routine, how you style your hair, how you dress yourself, if you can cook. There is different strokes for different folks, but that is what keeps all of us unique and amazing; all with potential to shine through.